ABM – Chapter 18

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Tiny footsteps


In one corner of the slums at the capital’s East Ward.

The place where a few days ago, Shizuru and the gang had completed their “job”.


The mountain of piled-up corpses and the sea of flowing blood.

The cold music of the wind brought about an even more eerie atmosphere.

— And then, surrounding the mountain of corpses, were several tens of remains hacked to pieces and spread out all around.


There was a young, clear voice, mixed in with the wind.

On the top of the mountain of corpses, a young girl was standing with bloodied shoeless feet.


“Mother, you said,”


“You said that I’m not wanted. That I should just die. You hit me and said that.”


Her age was around twelve or thirteen, wearing old rags for clothes, and in her hand, she held a knife.


“Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, you said that.”


It was a large sheath knife that was mismatched with her petite body.

Its original color was all but masked over by the clinging blood and flesh; it was already half dulled.

It had been well used to that point.


“That’s why I killed mother. Mother said it’s better if I wasn’t there, but it’s the same thing if mother wasn’t there. So, I granted mother’s wish.”


The moonlight shone on her unkempt short white hair, her pair of light green eyes silently blinking as the girl jumped down from the hill.


She landed stepping on the heads of men wearing guard uniforms


“But it gets lonely. It’s really lonely without mother.”


Hearing the commotion Shizuru had previously caused, several guards gathered.

The one who killed them all was this girl.


“Mother is definitely lonely too, right? Going alone to a dark place after I killed you.”

“That’s why I killed, mother. I killed a lot so that mother has company and doesn’t get lonely.”

“I killed a lot again today. Are you not lonely anymore? Are you still lonely?”

“Of course it’s still not enough. I’m still lonely after all, so mother must be lonely too.”

“But mother. You won’t be lonely anymore soon. I’ll kill lots and lots and pack them all down in the dark dark ground.”

“That way you won’t be lonely anymore, right mother? Yes, you’ll be alright. I’ll definitely do it.”


“So please wait for me, dear mother.”


Staggering, tottering, the young girl muttered *mother, mother, mother* in a daze.


The little killer disappeared down a dark alley.