ABM – Chapter 26

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If one were to describe it, the way she moved was like a spider.


She was running with her petite body and took a very low stance, almost like she was crawling on all fours.

Then she kicked off the wall and proceeded to leap forwards from the ceiling. Her third dimensional movement made it hard to grasp the distance and timing.


Also, since when did she know about the knife?

Again, when did she take it?

The knife in the girl’s hand was Shizuru’s.
The scalpel looking knife with a long handle and its scabbard, which was supposed to be attached to the side of his bag.

The handle, scabbard, and bag had the same color, even made with the same material. Rather than saying it was camouflaged, it should have been nearly invisible.. (TN Shimizu: First one is 偽装/gisou and then 擬態/gitai. Both is camouflage, with the latter is closer to the real thing. Quite hard to find word that can applied to a thing.)

One shouldn’t have noticed it at first glance, but the girl noticed it whether it was by coincidence or not.

She noticed it, and took it from Shizuru without him noticing.


“Wha…… !”


The girl that was approaching before Casca’s eyes, jumped backwards at that moment and reached the ceiling after kicking the wall.

The height of the ceiling was about 2 and a half meters. Her jumping power didn’t match her appearance.

The girl landed behind Casca after bouncing from the wall and ceiling several times.

The knife was already positioned to attack Casca’s unprotected back just after she landed.


Shizuru could see her chain movement since his position was a bit farther.


If he were any closer while she was bouncing around, he could have lost her in under  2 seconds.


In short, the opponent wouldn’t have been able to realize that they were being attacked.


They could receive a scar from the sharp blade just by touching it, without putting up a defense nor a response, even if she slashed it without technique.



If ―― the opponent had been an ordinary person.




“Whoa now”


Casca smoothly avoided the knife slash diagonally, even though she was also letting out such a sound effect.


After moving behind the girl, the tall woman looked down towards the little girl.


“What, do ya wanna play? I’m busy so get lost.”


“Wha…… !?”


Her eyes opened wide, not expecting that her attack would be dodged without looking.


But she was unfazed by that. She quickly changed to a backhanded grip, and slashed the knife towards Casca’s legs through her inseam.(ED: I.e. her crotch region)




Casca avoided the slash by raising her leg.


Not grazing anything, the knife just cut into empty air with a swish.


However, there was agility due to being light.


The boot’s sole made a kyuut noise while scraping the floor.


She took a back step without changing her stance.


She bounced from the wall like a ball without looking, and leapt towards Casca attempting to press on her from her back.


There was a knife protruding from under her arm.

She planned to stab with the knife while she hit Casca’s body with a shoulder tackle.


Or she just moved mechanically yet instinctively without having to think about it..


If it was the latter, then that was a fearsome talent.


“Like I said…… What the hell do ‘ya want?!”


However, Casca still didn’t understand what was happening.


She easily caught the girl’s neck and stopped her momentum completely.


Then she slammed the girl to the floor.




“Dashing here and there, shut up! I was already irritated after losing in gambling, and I don’t wanna accidentally tear ‘ya!”


Receiving the impact, the girl’s body filled with pain and anguish as the air was pushed out from her lungs.


She didn’t even know what had happened to her.
―― If it was moving with instinct, then Casca could also do the same.


In addition, there existed a difference in experience between Casca and the girl.


In other words, their age.


If people with the same skill type clashed, the one that has higher experience is superior.


In short, the opponent was at a disadvantage.


“Ku…… Kuh……!”


“Stop struggling! Ah screw it, would ‘ya be quiet if I break 5 or 6 of your bones!?”

Casca slowly raised her other fist while holding down the girl.


Since the tables had suddenly turned, Shizuru decided to butt in.


“Wa…… Wait a second Casca. Could you not do anything to hurt her?”


“Hah!? Hurt or not, this brat started it first you know!”


“Well that’s true……but for now, could you release her first?


Shizuru considered that the girl might’ve had her own reasons.


Suddenly attacking Casca while the girl was also from the slums, somehow he could imagine why.


For example ―― like being involved in bad accident with Casca.


“For starters, do you know someone that might have a grudge to you? Anyone come to mind?”


“… …. There are too many so I don’t remember.”


“So you are to blame here. Just forgive her and I will lend you money okay?”


That being said, Shizuru let out a relieved smiled.


“Tsk…… Okay. Since Shizu is such a good guy, so be grateful ‘ya damn brat.”


Casca grudgingly and reluctantly replied.


Even while still smacking her lips, snorting her nose and spewing some rude words, she still follows Shizuru’s words.


At that moment.




At the same time as the restraints loosened, the girl broke out with all her might.


The girl sprung up and ran away like a hare towards the door that was still open.





-Shizuru, Casca.

Two similar voices that had different pronunciation and nuance echoed inside the clinic.


Although Casca began giving chase after a bit of lag, yet she was already too late.


The back of the girl who ran through the back door that was left open was no longer able be seen.


“That damn brat! I’ll get her! Hey Shizu!”


“I don’t know anything, I just picked that kid up from the slums…… ah”


For now Shizuru just tried to explain it to Casca who was approaching.


Suddenly he realized something.


While scratching his head he murmured.


“How troubling ……. She also took my knife……”