ABM – Chapter 47

Translator: DC, ShimizuA    Editor: Merp    TLC: Lox, Yomigaeru


One day – Late night

A bar is a place where if you stayed there for a long enough time, you will be surrounded by drunkards. Even more so if they were drinking alcohol.  

“Son-of-a-bitch…… damn those guys…… every last one of ‘em!”

*Don*, Hound banged his fist on the table as he spits a tooth out into a jar. His face and ears had already become a bright red, his eyes were glazed over and lacked focus. 

He was completely drunk.

“I am, I’m the captain ya know!? I’m great ya know, one of Black Maria’s 7 executives!? So why do they treat me cruelly…!”

“I see, I see……”

When the second half of the drinking session came, it was mostly just filled with complaining. Well, even if one called it complaining, it was overwhelmingly contributed to Hound with a ratio around 1 to 9.

This was also the usual scene. Maybe because they couldn’t do it last month, his lamenting was longer than the usual. Of course, this was about Hound.

“Claire won’t listen to what I say and Josette treats people like cockroaches… And that extremely idiotic Roselinde, seriously asked me ‘Who?’ every morning… I’ve had enough with this workplace…!!”

“Yeah, It is tough, isn’t it… I understand, I really understand, those feelings.”

While repeatedly nodding his head in agreement, the triumphant sneer of Casca’s face came to Shizuru’s mind. Often causing problems, or rather, that woman does nothing but cause problems; since he is the one who looks after her, he can fully sympathize with Hound’s feelings himself. But even if one put it like that, in Shizuru case, it mostly concluded with just the words “It can’t be helped”. One’s perception was really a convenient thing to have.

“In the first place, why are there only women……? No, there’s supposed to be an enrollment ratio of about fifty-fifty of men to women, but there are only women…… Why is that? Whyyyyy……”

“Well, isn’t it because ladies are tough mentally?”

If you become an assassin for completely monetary reasons, you absolutely cannot endure with an ordinary mentality. They’ll either see their limit and run or they’ll break and become useless.

It seems like the workplace’s environment is constantly sifting out members.

Therefore, inevitably, only those with a strong will or with an abnormal situation directing them to this job remain as an assassin.

In that respect, women are superior to men is what Shizuru thought, as gathered from previous experiences.

“And recently those people have been calling me ‘Virgin virgin’ you know!? Don’t fuck with me, what’s wrong with being one…!”

“Oh, so it was like that for you, Hound… or rather, that was really awful.”

If there was a ranking about what adult man doesn’t want to be teased by a woman, it was already a top-ranking insult. As expected he couldn’t retort back. Now he wondered how he should console him?

“Ah…… how, how about this. Let’s, yeah, let’s change shops now. There are several acquaintances of yours at the brothel, so let’s, yeah?”

“――I don’t want a pro![1]


Wow, how particular. Well, there are a surprising amount of men that don’t want their first time to be with an escort, it can only be said it’s no use, it just can’t be helped.

“Well then, why don’t you try asking Richelieu?”

“…… No, I’d be killed……”

Is that so…, thought Shizuru as he tilted his head.

But since Hound, who had just sobered up a bit, was shaking his head, he decided to leave it at that.

“Then, what about Cassie?”

“Like I said, I’ll be killed! …… I don’t want a terrifying and unpleasant woman……”

Black Maria’s units had some terrifying women, and the ones with the top records were Richelieu and Casca. Both of them were unnecessarily ill-natured even while their appearances themselves were considered top class.

“Also, a tall woman isn’t to my liking. Especially Casca; it also not so different for you right…?”

“But even Casca unexpectedly also has a lovely side of her you know? For me, somehow she feels like an immature older sister.”

“Immature you said, sometimes you just don’t have any mercy huh… Anyhow, Casca is a no. That’s left Elizabeth with her friendly demeanor, and that rookie with demon eyes… Ludmilla was it?”

Hound shook his head while keep uttering nonsense that he wouldn’t say if he was sober. Anyhow it seems he had accumulated too much stress.

By the way, despite drinking the same amount as Hound, Shizuru wasn’t drunk at all. His body has become unable to absorb alcohol as the result of continuously using healing magic himself.

In addition, he could do trick like intentionally manipulate his blood circulation to redden his face and appeared to be drunk or the opposite, making his face appear pale. If he wants he is also able to increase his bone density and muscle mass as his body fundamental strengthening and there was a possibility that he could grow his nails and hair in an instant.But maybe because it was too far from the original usage of healing magic, it would put a big burden on his body.

“I want to get married soon… I’m longing for a warm family…”

For a normal person, the livelihoods of Shizuru and others were abnormal and vice versa. If so, as they were children that want to be special and adults that filled with the boredom of life who yearned for extraordinary life, there were also unusual people who yearned for the ordinary life.

And Hound was a classic example of them.

“I want to marry… I want to have children… That said, I need to graduate from my virginity first…”

“Putting Ludmilla aside, I don’t think Eliza suited for a marriage partner… she has a troublesome personality and she can’t do any housework.”

Rather than that, Beth would have much more superior properties.

Although a dark and twisted partner would be difficult to get attached to, people self-aware of their abnormality were able to complete domestic work.

However, it would be nearly impossible to gain their favor.

“I see… Shit, I can’t do it anymore… I want to meet and encounter people… master, one more!”

“You have drunk too much Hound… here, drink some water.”

“ … Even Shizuru is this nice! Why is the world this way!!”

Lying down on the table, Hound started to loudly weep. With this, a normally calm person transforming into a stubborn person; the power of drinking is truly frightening.


“Damn it……Women! Women……!”

Hound, who was completely drunk and was muttering incoherently in a half-conscious state, leaned onto Shizuru’s shoulder. In the autumn night wind, the alcohol in their bodies felt pleasantly warm.

“It’s been quite a while since Hound has gotten so drunk…… Well, one way or another, he’s likely the type who stashes alcohol.”

Struggling to carry the tall man on his lonesome, Shizuru made a bitter smile.

For the time being, I cannot leave Hound as he is. The second squad’s base isn’t too far from here, I’ll finish carrying him, one way or another.

While thinking of such things, he walked the main street late at night. Suddenly, from behind him the voice of a woman rang out clearly.

“Oh? Isn’t that Captain Hound right thereー?!

The voice was calling out for Hound. Once again, she attached the command officer title to his name, meaning she was unmistakably a member of Black Maria.

But, while Shizuru titled his head from the unfamiliar voice, he looked over his shoulder. Slightly behind him, she stared at Hound with an unwavering gaze.

“Oi, there’s someone unfamiliar with you! Are you a friend?”

“…… Uuh…… Attila, right……?”

There was a little, petite girl in a suit, perhaps as old as Elizabeth. Hound, upon seeing the girl who Shizuru, of course, had no memory of, called out her name with somewhat dubious pronunciation.

“Shizuru. That person is called “Attila”, they joined about half a moon ag…… agohhh……. urp.”

“If you speak so suddenly, you’ll strain your body, Hound. Look, take a deep breath.”

“I’m feeling sick…..”

As Hound widened his eyes and covered his mouth, Shizuru patted his back. Apparently, the girl Attila was the second squad newbie. Naturally, he’d have no recollection about her.

“Glad to meet you. I am Shizuru, the Sub-Leader of the third squad. Please treat me well.”

“Huh? Ah, yes, Please to meet you… erm, is Captain Hound alright…?”

“I won’t say that he is alright, but at least it wasn’t a big problem. He just drinks too much.”

“Tha heck! Isn’t that a big one!”

Afterwards, Attila who speaks in an unusual way said ‘Leave the rest to me’, received Hound’s big/greatsword from Shizuru and lend her other shoulder to Hound. Somehow she managed to support Hound with her small build even though she was basically dragging his feet along.

“Are you okay? Well I already planned to bring him back to the base though…”

“It would be a problem if he didn’t do it by himself! You’re… um, Shizuru is it…? Do you perhaps know ‘that Shizuru’ that Captain and the others told me?”

“Well, I guess it probably it is. Since I’m the only Shizuru in Black Maria.”

“What a surprise! No, I feel honored, to think that I could meet Boss’s lover in this place!”

“Ahahaha… I’m not really Richelieu’s lover you know.”

What kinds of things did you tell her about my reputation? Shizuru felt a bit complicated.

“ … Well, leaving that aside, could you quickly bring Hound back? Put him down on his bed and let him drink this medicine with a yuzamashi.[2]

“I don’t know what that ‘yuzamashi’ is, but roger that!

“Will this kid will be okay…”


Turning with a bitter smile, Attila accepted a small pill bottle which was full to the brim from Shizuru. Even those ladies aren’t demonic enough to whip a drunkard. Shizuru, at least, was never malicious towards these girls.

“Captain Hound sure has it rough… When I ate dumplings I got from Josette not too long ago, I was out cold for two days straight. But Mister Hound just saying something like, ‘It’s not really that bad.’”

“It wasn’t a metaphor when he said they were treated like cockroaches…”


What kind of workplace makes their subordinates eat Boric Acid dumplings? Sympathy for the Hound was springing forth from deep inside Shizuru’s chest.


“Alright then, around here is enough for us! Hey Captain Hound, thank him!”

“Urgh… Till then, Shizuru…blurp.”


He still anxious, but better to leave it to her. Shizuru who saw Attila that really respected Hound unintentionally let out a chuckle and turned back.

“ … What, so there are some decent kids huh.”  

As he could hear two footsteps with different intervals behind him, Shizuru muttered under his breath.

―― *Snap*

A sound of something breaking resounded after a few steps.

“ …?”

Shizuru turned around. A collapsed small silhouette, that illuminated by the yellow moon under the night sky, were reflected in his eyes.    


It was Attila’s figure that had fallen with her neck broken.

“ … Ah.”

With how it was bent, there was no need to hurry as he certain it was instant death. But Hound who was much closer than Shizuru, stood right at the base of her feet, overlooking her.

――He had a bad habit of wanting to break the thin neck of a woman when he saw one. He still felt the fresh feeling of Attila’s skin and bone in his hand while gazing it with cloudy eyes.


“I have, done it again…”


Even now his weak voice was fleeting out. As if to repent, he uttered those words.


  1. DC: Though I doubt this requires a footnote, I felt it was worth mentioning for those who are lost that pro = escort = professional prostitute. I doubt further clarification is required.
  2. http://teapedia.org/en/Yuzamashi.



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  1. wow, this transformed quickly… I was hoping for Attila to be his first… at least now we know why he is still a virgin, he just kills every woman he meets… that’s unfortunate.


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