ABM – Chapter 51

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Distributing the Work

Two days had passed after Sam the information broker brought in the request. All members of the 3rd squad of Black Maria had gathered in the hideout living room.

“Well then, let’s start talking about our jobs.”

*clang clang*. Mary rang the handbell at Shizuru’s announcement.

Although, there wasn’t any particular meaning behind it.

“The requests that Sam took this time were 15 in total. It is twice the usual amount, but I judged that it is still in the range that we could handle.”

In most cases, the number of requests that Sam accepted as the 3rd squad intermediary was about 7 to 8. However, this time, it was 15. To put it simply, from those who could only shout loudly that they want someone killed, there were other people who could pay the great cost to put it into practice.

Thinking about that frankly, Shizuru personally wasn’t really happy about it, but as an assassination group, it was a delightful thing.

“I’ll divide it like I always do but, if you have any complaints, I don’t mind hearing it.”

“Please give me lucrative guys that don’t care about their surroundings, Shizu. It doesn’t suit me to think about where I have to move… fuh.”

Casca expressed her opinion while applying manicure on her nails and with her feet on the table. Naturally, even without her telling him, Shizuru knew that she was unsuitable for tailing and ambushing jobs.

“Just gimme the ones where it’s good enough for me to charge in and beat ’em to death. I’ll kick their asses and be back before the day is through!”

“What a savage…”

Ludmilla disgustedly muttered under her breath. She said it in low voice since Casca might have hit her if she heard that.

“Ahaha… Of course, I’ll hand over those kinds of request to you, Casca. Seven cases in all, good luck with that.”

“Great! Now I don’t have to worry about alcohol expenses in the meantime!

She’s gonna borrow from Shizuru again when she gets into trouble,’ thought everyone there, but they couldn’t say it. Even if they pointed that out, she would have snapped at them.

“It’s okay to kill them right? Then, I’m gonna go right now!”

“Eh? Ah…”

Casca immediately grabbed the targets’ photos and their information that has been gathered in two days after the request mediation and then dashed out from the hideout without stopping. Unable to reach her, Shizuru stood there dumbfounded with his hand reaching towards her disappearing back.

She had gone even before hearing anything about what kind of person the target was or where their stronghold was located. Usually speaking, her brutish tendencies came back with consequences.

“… Sorry, Lady. For now, how about you go after Casca so she won’t do anything reckless?”

“Roger that, my beloved. But I can’t make promises since Casca herself is already like a nonsensical being.”

“Ah right, it as you said~! It feels like everyday Captain Casca never thinks at all ~”

Eliza laughed at the words Lady said while she shook her head in her human form. In the matter of impulsiveness, Lady, who had the urge to kill just from seeing blood, didn’t have a place to laugh at other people.

Everyone in the room thought about that too but were also unable to say it.

If pointing it out cause any improvement, then Beth, who was always forced to take remedial measures, wouldn’t have been sulking so much.


“Uhm…… Somehow, one person and one beast have already left, so can I continue?”

Once again Shizuru took hold of the atmosphere in the room after glancing to the hole opened by the two empty seats. And from eight requests left, he gave four to Eliza.

“This is for you, Eliza. Can I ask you to let Beth do the other half?”

“I understand! Hey Beth, respond properly!”

“――Ha. So basically we’re told to kill people for only one gold or so, right? Gross.”

“――So, reply properly Beth! Because it’s really not charming!”

Eliza and Beth began to argue into a hand mirror. Why can’t you talk together in an easier way? Shizuru let out a mixed sigh and drooped his shoulders; Mary, who sat on his knee, looked up with a concerned expression.

“… Mother, does something hurt? Is it painful? If I kill someone, make them fall apart, will the pain go away?  Will it not hurt anymore?”

“Hm? Ahh no, it’s okay Mary, since this happens every time.”

Although the way she spoke was unsettling, he was happy that she was concerned for him. Shizuru stroked Mary’s head as she affectionately hugged his knee.

In an instant, Mary’s face turned beet-red and she looked downwards in embarrassment.

Bashfully, she said in a small voice to Shizuru-

“…  Mother… I also, want to work.”

“Hm… well… you’re right. Then Mary, this time you will do these ones with me okay.”

Truthfully speaking, he was somewhat reluctant to let her kill as well. Along with a mixed smile, Shizuru picked up three requests and showed them to Mary.

――At any rate, with this, Caska and Lady had seven requests, and Elizabeth had four. And, with Shizuru and Mary there with three items, one remained.

“…… Do I only get one?”

“Well, yes. However, this one is especially difficult.”

Frankly speaking, Shizuru thought that these requests specifically should be given to the fourth squad. Given that the organizational structure of Black Maria is divided up that each squad is in charge of one district, it’s acceptable to do so. When the third squad has to work in the western district, they had to speak to Richelieu and the fourth squad captain in advance first.

Yet, after Shizuru thought about it, he decided to let Ludmilla choose. He thought that it would be unfair to pass this request elsewhere without saying anything to Ludmilla.

“It’s up to you as to whether you take it or not, Ludmilla.”
“……You’re really putting on airs today. What are the contents……?”
“The clients are a dozen of the eastern district resident who signed it jointly. The target is an aristocrat.”


Ludmilla’s eyes opened wide; She didn’t expect Shizuru’s words. It’s justified, however. It was because aristocratic requests were usually dropped at the first opportunity.

“―― Give it to me!”

Plucking the request from Shizuru’s hands, her eyes grew even wider as they crept over the contents of the letter. And, as she looked at the name jotted down ―― air leaked from within Ludmilla’s throat.

“Count…… Garland……!!”

It wasn’t just an ‘I have heard that name.’ Even for Ludmilla, who hated all of the aristocracies, he was someone who she detested more than the others.

No way――No way――

“――To think that the chance has come to me this soon ……!!”

Unknowingly, Ludmilla’s lips curved upwards. Rejuvenated with delight and resurrected hatred. Her shoulders quivered as her jumbled emotions blended together; Shizuru asked about something that she remembered.

“Ludmilla, how is it? You’re free to decide ―― I don’t mind.”

In the middle of Shizuru talking, his nape was gripped. He, using both hands, grabbed Mary, who reflexively whipped out her knife, in a remonstrating manner.

“……It goes without saying, I’m gonna take it.”

Ludmilla grabbed Shizuru’s nape with a sneer. It was the distorted smile of which a person possessed by the thought of vengeance.

“I will kill him…… I’ve seen it in my dreams; it’s a long-awaited opportunity! I won’t miss this chance, don’t you agree!?”

Ludmilla replied with bite-like intensity, bringing her face so close to his that not even a sigh could escape while baring her fangs.

And Shizuru could only comply with a brief comment.

“……Is that so? I understand.”
He reciprocated with a calm, gentle voice, which was no different from his usual tone.




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  1. Thanks for the chapters. Flash back soon?

    Btw, typo:
    /Given that the organizational structure of Black Maria is divided up /do/ that each squad is in charge of one district, it’s acceptable to do so./


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