Free – Chapter 1

Translator: Flowingcloud    TLC: N/A    Editor: Boomer    Proofreader: N/A

Flowingcloud: Very popular novel in Syosetu. I did this teaser for fun a while back, so just enjoy this tiny teaser. If you want to pick it up, message me on Discord: flowingcloud#2601

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In the “Esind Kingdom” is the capital of flowers “Gran Feria.”

In the eastern continent, there is a large fortified city, with the royal castle; backed by the ocean.

In recent years, the districts have been separated. In the royal capital, these districts are generally classified as: the King’s District, Advanced District, Middle Class District, Lower Grade Districts, and the comings and goings from each district (especially the King’s District) is strictly managed.

A noble is a noble, a commoner is a commoner.

The nobility look down. It’s in order for them to despise the lower classes.

The poor also look down. It’s in order to find food scraps, or anything of value.

A noble must be appointed to office by the king. It’s impossible for us. Then at least, in order not to look down, let’s aim for the top as much as possible.

Like this, the people in town work hard through manual labor everyday.

In the corner of that city’s Middle Class district, a signboard is hung.

“General Store: Free Life”

There is a strange detective, who runs this general store, calling for various mysterious cases…

Or not. A good-for-nothing young man (born in our world, Earth) is living idly, running a general store, in this miserable romantic comedy.

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