JUSCO – V1 Chapter 1 part 3

Translator: Kaelpie    Editor: Yuzuha    TLC: Yomigaeru, ShimizuA

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There was a pull cart[1] left alone, just like that, on the rice paddies’ footpath.

This was also one of those “Just countryside things”, and so for once, I was grateful that it was the countryside. Even if they were girls, they were two human beings, with one wearing armor no less, it would be impossible to return by carrying them on my back.

“My my, well if it isn’t Rinichirou! You picked up something troublesome again, didn’t you?”

At the entrance frowning, while looking at the two people I carried, was a granny wearing a Kappogi[2] over her kimono, Seta Tomeko (72 years old), ── my grandmother.

“Good grief, just like when you were a kid, be it a raccoon cub or some weird bird, you always pick up something strange.”(Tomeko)

“Ah shut it, it can’t be helped since I just happened to find them.”(Rinichirou)

Especially because it’s a person. Unlike a raccoon or a bird, it would be much more troublesome if you abandon a human.

“Hmph… Certainly, since you already found them it can’t be helped. After all, both of them are girls, I can understand why you picked them up. Really, this child is being wrecked by puberty.”(Tomeko)

“Don’t say such detestable things! I didn’t bring them for that reason!”(Rinichirou)

That being said, it would be a lie if I said I was completely free of those feelings.

One of those two who was still unconscious in the pull cart, the “Silver” one, was probably 16 or 17 years old like me. Even though it was dirty from mud and rain, her golden brown hair flowed down to her waist. Pale skin and a face with beautiful features, she really was a beauty.

And she’s wearing armor. A western styled silver polished armor. With an also western styled double-edged sword at her waist. She’s like ○○ and there was only one word I could think of to describe her.

Of course, it’s “Knightess”.

“A girl who seemed to be a knightess” to be exact.

On the other hand, the “Gold” girl, would be the exact image of a “Princess”.

Would she be around 7 or 8 years old? She was only a child but she’s still a beauty ──No, a beautiful little girl. After all, even after being dirtied by the rain and mud, her loveliness couldn’t be hidden.

She had fluffy and wavy glistening golden hair, and her skin seemed to be a transparent-like white, just as snow. Furthermore, she was wearing a dress reminiscent of a wedding gown covered in frills, along with a tiara embed with colorful jewels.──She looked exactly like a gorgeous “Painting of a princess”.

Judging from their facial features, neither of them seemed to be Japanese, but even if you left that part out, their appearance was unusual. The female knight had a sword.

Thinking about it calmly the two were of the type I didn’t wanna get involved with… But as I’ve said before, they are beautiful girls! Suddenly, I had already thoughtlessly brought them to my house.

“It can’t be helped… I will change these children’s clothes. Rinichirou, you spread out a futon in one of the rooms. Really, this grandchild only brings troublesome things.”(Tomeko)

My grandmother complained but in the end she still helped carry the two unconscious girls inside, took off their soaking wet clothes, wiped them off and changed them into yukatas to use as nightgowns.

I lived alone with my grandmother and she had a sharp tongue along with a nasty personality, but she was also kind enough to take care of a collapsed person.

While she was removing and changing their clothes, I laid out a futon in a vacant room. Although we aren’t rich, our house was 4LDK[3] along with a garden. One of the few advantages of the countryside was that houses were large and always had spare rooms.

I could hear the sound of wet clothes rubbing from the other side, but I desperately suppressed my urge to peek.

After about 10 minutes──

“Hey, I’ve finished changing their clothes. But in the end, you brought them over just because you liked them, didn’t you? Especially this armor wearing one that looks like she’s from the cover of that Fairy Blondes from Scandinavia VI: Swedish Big Tits Heaven DVD you’re hiding in the drawer of your desk.”(Tomeko)

“That… I don’t have a DVD like that! Or rather don’t enter another person’s room as you please you hag!”(Rinichirou)

“Then hide it better. Never mind that Rinichirou, come help me. Carry this child to the futon. The blonde pipsqueak is light enough but I can’t carry the Swedish one.”(Tomeko)

I see.

I didn’t really care, but the Swedish actress from the DVD and the girl here wasn’t the same person okay? Grandma wouldn’t make that kind of mistake would she?

Anyways we carried the pair to the futon.

As expected, carrying a girl in a yukata will make my heart beat faster. It’s always a nerve wrecking experience to touch a girl’s body through thin clothes, and on top of that, she was in a yukata! If I’m careless her chest might be revealed.

“Rinichirou hold her from the head side. Grab both of her arms from the back.”(Tomeko)


“By the way, I always say “Upper arms are as soft as tits.””(Tomeko)

“Grandma, why would you tell me that now!?”(Rinichirou)

“I only said it because I just remembered it.”(Tomeko)

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t say it at a time like this! There’s no need to remember that either!

When I grasped the upper arms of the female knight there was a soft feeling… Soft fat under the smooth skin but in the end, I felt some elasticity from the muscles. As you would expect from a female knight. So this was how her breasts felt…

“…No no no no no! Because of what Grandma said my imagination ran wild!”(Rinichirou)

“Is that so? Well, I’m not sorry. By the way, have you noticed yet?”(Tomeko)

“? Notice what?”(Rinichirou)

“Take a closer look at her chest. Unfortunately, it will be disappointing for a big tits enthusiast like you… This child had breastplate armor on her chest and a helmet. Doesn’t it bulge in the shape of breasts? They’re quite large.”(Tomeko)

Oh yeah, it was shaped like that.

“It had a fake bottom. Completely different size from the real contents.”(Tomeko)

Eh? Was that so?

However if she says so, then certainly… It’s hard for me to understand because I wasn’t familiar with how yukatas were, but they’re not that big.

“I know because I saw it while I changed her clothes. This child has, as a matter of fact, small tits… Oh, they’re not quite the same as my old tits. I know because I was a high school nurse until retirement age. These are sporty girls’ signature “Athletic breasts”! Breasts with little fat on rugged pectoral muscles are a characteristic of female athletes!”(Tomeko)

“Grandma stop it! I don’t need to hear an explanation like that!”(Rinichirou)

Or perhaps I should’ve said I wouldn’t understand even if you explained. What kind of boobs are those?

But from my grandmother’s story, I got reminded of the sensation of her upper arm. Does that mean that the “Upper arms feel the same as breasts” theory was true after all!?

“In any case, those type of breasts are usually considered bad. What will you do now? Will you stop helping them because she doesn’t have big tits.”(Tomeko)

“I won’t do something like that! I’m not such a detestable person. I didn’t help her just because I thought she had big tits.”(Rinichirou)

“Is that so? Well, that’s nice to hear. Then carry them to the futon quickly. Don’t just stand there forever.”(Tomeko)

My grandmother was a bad person. She said these things that distracted people.

Although we took our time pointlessly arguing──In the end, we carried the two unconscious girls and laid them down on the futon.

Because there was only one futon for guests, they will have to share it. It will be cramped but better than the footpath between the rice fields.

“suu… suu…”(Princess)

The princess was sleeping peacefully in the futon. She has a peaceful sleeping face of a little girl. On the other hand, the female knight had an expression of anguish.

“U… Uuu…“(Knight)

Her breathing was rough as well. When you’re being chased in your dreams you would occasionally twist your body.

“Oh my, your Swedish girl has unexpectedly bad sleeping habits huh? And yet her sleeping face is still erotic. Look at it Rinichirou.”(Tomeko)

Don’t show it! I do agree it’s an erotic sleeping face!

And then the futon got disarrayed when the knight kicked in her sleep.

I unconsciously reached out to try and rearrange the futon…

──And in that moment!


The female knight shouted.

In broken Japanese, while her eyes opened wide.

All of a sudden!? Moreover why “Die”?

“You tachi, you wo try assault me da na!? Like cheap tai eroge ‘Assault the Female Knight’! However, me wa much proud female knight! Get embarrassing assault me rather choose death!”

(You guys, are you trying to assault me!? Like a low price eroge ‘Assaulting the Female Knight’! However, I’m a very proud female knight! I would rather choose death over being assaulted!”)[4]

What was this person saying! And in her speech, why there was a “rape”/“assault” appearing three times!?

And after I went to such lengths to help her, she’s worse than my grandmother. ──Furthermore, she just called herself a knight.

“……You tachi, words wa understand iru na? HippeastrumTranslation stone SeedsMagic ga working i te iru hazuda.”

(……You guys, understand my words? The Hippeastrum Seeds should be working.)

HippeastrumTranslation stone? SeedsMagic?

If I take a closer look I can see a ring emitting faint green light on her left hand’s little finger. Apparently, the jewel on the ring seems to be a thing called a HippeastrumTranslation stone. Her words, which were almost gibberish from the onset, are gradually becoming fluent.

“ A~ a~ … How is it? Do you understand what I’m saying?”(Knight)

“Ah, yes…. I understand…”(Rinichirou)

What I didn’t understand was the “behavior”, not the “words”.

“Can you communicate? Okay. ──Don’t look down on me! Binding me with this rope, do you intend to seal my freedom!?”(Knight)

“Bind? She’s bound? Grandma, you bound her with a rope──”(Rinichirou)

The moment I started speaking, the female knight attacked during that opening…


She rushes out of the futon like a monkey── I had something rope-like wrapped around my neck.

“Hmph, feeling relaxed after using such a loose knot to tie me down. Conversely, I untied it and used it as a weapon.”(Knight)

“TSM[5](grkh… ack)!? This rope…”(Rinichirou)

Am I being strangled!?

But without listening to my words the female knights keeps on talking.

“Listen to me! I am from the capital of The Holy Eis United Kingdom Adelven, I serve as a Rosebud (knight) for the famous “Sovereign Ranunculus” Princess Paulirifa, Krauzera Lou Kotović, aka the “Rou AuratomKnight of White Lily”! Don’t move you bastards. I don’t want to get rough but I will strangle him if you defy me. I am a RosebudKnight who has received advanced combat training. It is easy for me to rob you of your life even with just this rope.”(Krauz)

Kingdom? Princess? RosebudKnight? What on earth was she talking about? What’s more, with the power of SeedsMagic I started to understand the words she spoke. As if it’s a language I knew from the start.

In any case, it seems that she will deliver on that “strangle if you defy me”. She puts more power into the hands holding the rope. A groan leaked out from my throat.

“Grkh… ack…!! Wait, wait! Hear us out…”(Rinichirou)

“No discussion!  Answer my question! Where are we? The war── what happened to the rebellion of the orcs? No! More importantly, where is her Highness the princess! (Krauz)

“TSM(grkh… ack)… The princess is there…” (Rinchirou)

“Her Highness Princess! No way, she was sleeping next to me… But why is she sleeping in those clothes? You bastard, did you harm the princess!? More specifically, did you rape her!?”(Krauz)

“I-it’s not like…“(Rinichirou)

Why did you specifically say rape?

“It’s not? Haha… I guess you were going to say: “Gufufu we haven’t done anything yet.”. Is that all you have to say for yourself!? You intended to hold her highness hostage and rape me!? If I resisted you would threaten to rape her highness instead! Damn it… Even if I’m not helpless I would have no choice but to be raped in that situation…”(Krauz)

What the hell was this person saying? How many times is she gonna say rape?

“Then as you say “Gufufu you seem to understand” because I would say “Do as you please” but as you have your way with me her highness was already raped by your bastard friends until she was broken. “Gufufu as expected, the world famous Rou AuratomKnight of White Lily won’t break so easily. But can you stay sane after you seeing this? The princess you tried so hard to protect… Look at her!” Is that your plan!? I’ve figured it all out!”(Krauz)

“No, like I said…”(Rinichirou)

Why am I being considered a Gufufu character? And then Grandma says a few words.

“Rinichirou, since she insists why don’t you just rape her? I have a feeling this child actually wants to get raped.”(Tomeko)

Grandma, don’t say needless things! You’re complicating it!

“In any case wait! First, hear us out! But this rope is strangling me right no──”(Rinichirou)

The cloth rope that was 5 cm wide and 2 m long…

── And, at that moment.

“Cease this, Krauze.”(???)

Suddenly a voice which sounded like that of a bird song from a brass instrument resounded.

The voice belonged to the princess who should’ve been asleep. This fuss woke her up. As well as the shine of the Hippeastrum on the little finger.

“Your Highness, you’re safe!”(Krauze)

“No need to worry. More importantly, my RosebudKnight Krauze, release your hand from that person.”(Princess)


“Let him go. These people are probably our lifesavers. You shouldn’t be rude. Also Krauze──”(Princess)


“Isn’t that appearance extremely erotic?”(Princess)


That’s good.

The female knight seemed to finally understand. That’s what I was trying to say just now.

What she was holding wasn’t a rope.

It was an obi[6].

What she wore was a yukata. “The rope binding her” was only tied around her waist to hold the yukata.

And since she took off the obi then naturally── As the princess said, an “erotic appearance”! Her front was in a state of full exposure!

Or perhaps I should have said she was almost naked!! Almost naked!! Neither the top or the bottom had underwear!! Her underwear was removed because it was soaking wet so she was wearing only a yukata as it was!!

(Come to think of it grandma did say something about “athletic breasts” earlier… I couldn’t imagine it just from what she said──)

… I see, so it’s a chest like that.

I understand now. Or I should say it looks good. Were these “breasts with little fat on rugged pectoral muscles are a characteristic of female athletes”?

I could also see the “ribs showing through her side” and “abdominal muscles despite a thin waist” and “slim but well trained antelope-like thighs” among other things. I burned that image into my memory.

When the half-naked female knight notices my gaze, her face turns red till her ears──

“Sto… Stop staring you bastard!”(Krauze)

And let out a voice that was a mixture of a scream and a shout.

Normally you would take your hands of the obi and try to cover yourself with the yukata. But as expected of a Rosebud (knight). She was a soldier that received advanced combat training.

──Grkh… ack

On the contrary, it tightened. My neck.

She pulled on the obi wrapped around my neck with full strength.

My consciousness fades and my vision turned black…

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Kaelpie: That’s it. It’s over. MC died. The End. Bye─


Shimi: Ignore him. There’s still more.


  1. This one.
  2. That full body apron that you often see wore over a kimono.
  3. 4 bedrooms + Living, Dining and Kitchen. A type of living space arrangement in Japan.
  4. Her translation thingy is slowly adjusting so she talks but it sounds disjointed.
  5. (Kaelpie: Get it? Because they’re chokers.) (Shimi: I don’t get it…)(Kaelpie: It’s a LOL joke.)(Shimi: Don’t put a joke inside the chapter please…)
  6. Kimono sash.

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    1. Considering those rings translated what they were saying…maybe their fantasy world side has eroge or something similar? That’s a reach though- It’s more likely just an in joke that readers would understand the pop culture reference to. No doubt there will be more references. In the future.

      Also, his grandma is quite the bitch. I bet grandpa isn’t around anymore because he croaked sooner after having to deal with all her shit over the years.


      1. Eh, I think she’s amusing. I wouldn’t say a bitch. Just that she has no tact or mental filter, so she just says everything that pops into her head.


  1. Eh what is Lalatina doing here? Well it’s unknown(?) so far that if she likes pain, but it seems like she wants to go out the same way…


  2. Read all available chapters/parts in one go, and I can already tell that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this. Now if only the manga of this would get picked up by a scanlation group.


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