JUSCO – V1 Chapter 1 part 4

Translator: Kenar, Kaelpie    Editor: Yuzuhaa    TLC: ShimizuA

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…Ah, that reminds me, if you faint like they do in old manga there will be a “Kyuu” sfx. And the sound of my neck, which got strangled just now, would have a double meaning.

At any rate, this is really ironic. It was unexpected that I would get knocked unconscious since I was helping unconscious girls.


The only saving grace is that I regained my consciousness in 10 minutes. I slowly open my eyelids-

“Oya, have you awakened yet?”(Princess)

There is a princess in a yukata smiling right in front of me. Her golden hair is gently sparkling because of the fluorescent lamp.

“You are…?”(Rinichirou)

“Me? I’m the daughter of Queen Anatoria of Eis and second in line to succeed the throne of the Holy Eis Kingdom, Paulirifa Luca Adelven Jassen. I’m eight years old.”(Paulirifa)

Pauli….what now?

“This name means ‘Paulirifa, the heiress of Jassen household, the lord of Adelven’, and you are the one who saved us, right? If that is the case then I will allow you to call me “Princess Pau”. This is the only reward I can offer.”(Paulirifa)

What’s with that ambiguous reward.

However, this princess Pau is somehow the “Sovereign Ranunculus”, the one who was mentioned by the female knight when she introduced herself.

Indeed, this golden hair and lovely appearance remind me of Ranunculus flower. Her age is eight years old, that means she is around the same age as grade schoolers.

“From hereafter, you can call me as you see fit. By the way, what is your name, person from a foreign country?”(Paulirifa)

“O, Oh… My name is Seta Rinichirou. 16 years old, a high school student.”(Rinichirou)

Since the princess was using formal and archaic speech, I decided to follow the flow and used formal speech too.

“Fumu, Rinichirou correct. That is a good name, perhaps. I do not really understand names from foreign countries all too well. In any case, it seems that my RosebudKnight was being rude to you. It is fine to apologize, correct? However, she didn’t mean any harm. I humbly apologize.”(Paulirifa)

“Is that so?”(Rinichirou)

“Yeah. It was all because I worried about my mistress too much…And just before coming here the mistress made me play a cheap eroge called “Repeatedly Humiliated Female Knight”[1]. Under its influence, I was convinced I would be raped if I was captured. I seem to have suffered a trauma.”(Krauze)  

What kind of reason is that!? Were you that scared? What a nuisance.

“This girl, she didn’t say ‘I’ll kill you’ like the knight from a game? A line that comes from the so-called “Half-baked Female Knight”. ”(Paulirifa)

She did say it. She said ‘I’ll kill you.’

“My RosebudKnight doesn’t usually play eroge so she ended up being affected by them. If she played rape eroge on a daily basis…”(Paulirifa)

Is that really the problem?

“Krauzera, apologize to this person.”(Paulirifa)

“Yes, your Highness… Rinichirou I’m sorry for what happened earlier. Please forgive me…”(Krauze)

Saying that the female knight in a yukata knelt down and bowed her head.

She put both her hands and forehead on the tatami mat in a dogeza.

Well… I don’t know which country these kids came from, but the foreigners also have this way of apologizing.

“How about it Rinichirou? My RosebudKnight is apologizing like this. This is a gedoza. In our homeland of The Holy Eis United Kingdom Adelven this is a traditional apology that shows the highest repentance and remorse. Will you show mercy?”(Paulirifa)

“Hmm, I guess so… Since she is apologizing it’s okay. I forgive her.”(Rinichirou)

“Oh, Is that so! For someone who was almost strangled to death to forgive it with only ‘It’s okay’, what a sucker── I mean, a truly benevolent soul!”(Paulirifa)

…After she said that I feel like I shouldn’t have forgiven her.

“Krauze, introduce yourself again.”(Paulirifa)

“Haa… I am from the capital of The Holy Eis United Kingdom Adelven serving as a RosebudKnight for the famous princess Paulirifa, 16 years old Krauzera Lou Kotović. Also known as “Rou AuratomThe Knight of the White Lily”.

The meaning of my name is “The female knight Krauzera, heiress of the Kotović family lineage”── Though as you are the benefactor of my master and I’ve caused you trouble now I have to atone for it… You can call me “Krauz” for short.”(Krauze)

When the female knight Krau raised her face from the gedoza it was red as a beet. She doesn’t look like a ‘white lily’ at all.

Moreover, she’s glaring at me with tears in her eyes while letting out a groan.


“Rinichirou, forgive Krauze’s red face. She’s still embarrassed about being seen naked.”(Paulirifa)

Well, certainly it would be embarrassing. If I close my eyes I can still vividly see that image. Bare athletic breasts…

“You, Don’t close your eyes! Don’t remember it! Ku… I should have strangled you until the memory disappeared!”(Krauze)

“So, sorry! Like I said I’m sorry!”(Rinichirou)

Anyways, while I was quarreling with the female knight-

“You guys are noisy! It’s the middle of the night!”(Tomeko)

Grandma suddenly appeared from the kitchen. She was carrying a tray with tea.

“I made tea. Let me hear your story.”(Tomeko)

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  1. Kaelpie:

9 thoughts on “JUSCO – V1 Chapter 1 part 4”

  1. If I was him I’d probably serve that knight some overcooked food, salt water, and a towel to sleep on the floor with. Seriously, talk about being an a°°hole. That’s no way to act in front of someone who saved your life.


    1. Honestly, ‘saved her life’ is a bit of a stretch. Yes, he did pick them up from the road and take them home to try and help them.. But they were in no immediate danger really. She does need to be more grateful for his assistance though, yes.


      1. Being in the middle of a rice paddy that might overflow during a thunderstorm while wearing metal armor that will weigh you down seems extremely hazardous to one’s health.


    1. Would explain why there’s eroge and dogeza, if said transported person came from Japan and introduced those things to the other world. I hear Japan even has eroge for portable handheld consoles, instead of only PC in the west. I’m envious.


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