JUSCO – V1 Chapter 1 part 5

Translator: Kenar, Crown Princess JUSCO(Kaelpie)    Editor: Yuzuha    TLC: ShimizuA

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We set up a table in the middle of the room and drink tea there.

“Oya, Madam? Isn’t this a confection alongside this tea?”(Paulirifa)

“It’s only an oriental melon Narazuke and turnip Nukazuke[1]. In this local area, this is what you eat when it’s tea time.”(Tomeko)

It was one of those ‘in a village close to the mountain’ sort of thing. I don’t think it’s a good custom. It will only result in high blood pressure due to too much salt being consumed.

However, Princess Pau is interested in it and munches on the pickles.

*munch munch munch…. Slurp, munch munch*(Paulirifa)

While she munched you could hear she slurped the tea.

Meanwhile, Krau, the knightess, is staring at me since a while ago. And with the same red face and teary eyes from before.


She’s quite daunting with an unapproachable aura around her.

Anyway, grandma brings out the main topic when they start enjoying the tea and pickles.

“Uhm, the small one is Pau and the big one is Krau, right? How did you faint in that kind of place?”(Tomeko)

That’s right, huh. That is a good question. I’m curious about it too.

“Indeed, that will be a long story, however….*munch munch*”(Paulirifa)

Princess Pau, stop eating the pickles! Tell us about it properly!

“Actually, we… abandoned our hometown and ran away. Using the “Great Gate’s SowSystem” to run away.”(Paulirifa)

“The Great Gate’s SowSystem?”(Rinichirou)

“Indeed. It’s a gate that leads to a different world. It takes money and effort to build it, however, that kind of technology isn’t strange in our world. And we hide it at the cathedral’s tower for an escape.

Our hometown, The Holy Eis United Kingdom Adelven is a beautiful and peaceful city. However, one day, Orcs from ‘QuercusBlack Forest’ suddenly started a rebellion. ‘QuercusBlack Forest‘ is a place where demon beasts and Demihume(sub-human) reside in, yet Adelven kingdom was eventually caught up in their rebellion because of their terrific momentum. Perhaps by now, my hometown has been destroyed by those barbarian orcs.”(Paulirifa)

“Is that so? It must be tough for you… To think that such a thing happened in Sweden…”(Tomeko)

Grandma, that’s not it! Whatever she says, Sweden isn’t related to this!

Or rather, I understood it vaguely from the beginning but I’m convinced by that story just now. To fully confirm it, I ask Princess Pau.

“In other words, both of you came from another world?”(Rinichirou)

Knights, a princess, and orcs── are these girls coming from a fantasy world?

To my question, the princess said “Indeed.”

“You sure are quick to understand, that saves me some time. My world is called 《Seed’s BudMagical Horizon.》 We rushed to use the still incomplete SowSystem, the Great Gate, to escape. We didn’t even know which another world the gate connected to… and then, we fainted because of the space transfer’s impact and drifted ashore to this world.”(Paulirifa)

I see, there was something like that.

These kids suddenly came into an unknown world, certainly, it should be disheartening for them.

“Munch munch… Hey, doesn’t this have a wonderful taste? May I have more?”(Paulirifa)

… Or not. There doesn’t seem to be a feeling of severity.

But for the time being, I’ll say some comforting lip service.

“I see, that must’ve been difficult in more ways than one. This is the country of JapanNippon on EarthChikyu. Although the difference between our customs and cultures may be hard to work through, you can let me know if there’s anything I can do to──”(Rinichirou)

Before I even finished saying that I’ll help, the princess let out a hysterical scream.

“The Nippon on Chikyu![2] The EarthChikyu is that 《SpheraSpherical Horizon》 right!? The world where the earth is spherical?”(Paulirifa)

“Uhh… While I don’t know what you mean by《SpheraSpherical Horizon》 but the earth is indeed spherical.”(Rinichirou)

“Well, if you say so, then there’s no mistake. Among the myriads of worlds that exist, there is only one《SpheraSpherical Horizon》, an interesting world where the earth is in the shape of a sphere.”(Paulirifa)

Is that so!? The fact that our world is treated as an “interesting world” by people from other worlds is a little shocking.

“I see. So this place is the《SpheraSpherical Horizon》── The Nippon on Chikyu! How fortunate. Because of the atmosphere in the room and the furniture, I thought ‘Could it be?’ but it as I’ve thought, this is definitively a sign from God…”(Paulirifa)

“Princess Pau, do you know about Japan?”(Rinichirou)

“Of course. Our Holy Eis United Kingdom has a diplomatic relationship with your country.”(Paulirifa)

“Diplomatic relations!? With a country from another world? Even though it’s the first time I hear of Eis-whatever Country?”(Rinichirou)

“What? Don’t tell me you have no knowledge about our great country? Even though we exhibited a pavilion in the Aichi EXPO?[3]“(Paulirifa)

Well, I never heard about such a thing. Or rather, was ‘Aichi EXPO’ that Ai-chikyūhaku[4] in 2005? I don’t know whether she was lying or not with such an incomplete old story.

“When our kingdom’s delegation refused to bring their own lunchbox it became quite a big affair; even now the story is still passed down.”(Paulirifa)

You didn’t deliberately pass down that story, did you?

“Come to think of it, in celebration of our EXPO participation, there are still statues of Morizo, Kiccoro, and Cosmoshimaru[5] decorating the great hall of the cathedral.”(Paulirifa)

Apart from Morizo and Kiccoro, isn’t something strange mixed in there?

“Now that the cathedral has fallen to the orcs, they’re no longer safe. Those wild barbarians have undoubtedly plundered all the artwork.”(Paulirifa)

Is it even art in the first place? What do you do with something like that after you’ve plundered it?

“Anyways, that’s why The Holy Eis United Kingdom has a diplomatic relationship with Japan. No, more than that, it’s a country that we yearned for! The so-called Cool Japan![6] It’s a place I wanted to visit for a long time!”(Paulirifa)

For real?It’s hard to believe a story like that. Of course, it doesn’t feel bad to be told someone yearned for your country.

“Aside from that, our national style of apology which Krauzera did earlier, the gedoza, originated from a Japanese anime director when he visited Adelven and apologized for the heartless cruelty of his movie with that pose. Its title was Tales from the Earthsea.[7]”(Paulirifa)

Its origin is relatively recent!? The movie was released in 2006 and the expo was held at around the same time. But being traditional shouldn’t mean that recent!

Incidentally, the knightess Krau was still glaring at me with a red face while groaning── but because her name was suddenly mentioned she pulled herself together.

“Ha… Princess, you’re being careless! If this is the Nippon in《SpheraSpherical Horizon》 it could be a problem. Our existence might be found out by the orcs.”(Krau)

I see. She does have a point.

I’ve never heard of this Eis-whatever country, but since there seem to be cultural interchanges they’re likely to be discovered.

If the orc pursuers come there are only the two of── no Krauz will have to fight alone. It must be even more dangerous than in their original world.

“Even now, we should be moving on to another world.”(Krau)

However, the princess shook her head.

“Nay. Krauzera, this one will not run away.”(Paulirifa)

“Wh──!? Why your Highness!? Even though it’s dangerous!”(Krau)

“I am sick and tired of running away. What’s the point in hiding when wherever I go they will find me anyways? Besides, this one is a daughter of the royal family. The duty of the royal bloodline is to always look towards the future. Fortunately, this is the land of Nippon where the people who kindly help strangers like Rinichirou and this madam live. This must mean we are in luck.”(Paulirifa)

“…What do you mean?”(Krau)

Pau loudly declares. Although she’s an 8-year-old child, she has the air of sophistication associated with the royal bloodline along with the attitude to match.

“Everyone listen! The daughter of Queen Anatoria of Eis and second in line to succeed the throne of the Holy Eis Kingdom, Paulirifa Luca Adelven Jassen declares. We will return to retake our kingdom using the land of Japan as a foothold. ──From this moment on I establish the temporary Holy Eis Kingdom’s government in exile here.

“Oh, Your Highness! What a magnificent…!! I have been waiting for those words!”(Krau)

The female knight is sobbing in tears.

Meanwhile, I and my grandmother exchange looks with each other.

Princess Pau said ‘Establishing a temporary government in exile here’ but…

“Princess, when you say ‘here’ what do you mean specifically? Do you by any chance mean this house?”(Rinichirou)

“Rinichirou, we are at the good part so don’t interrupt. My Rosebud(knight) Krauzera Lou Kotović, I’m appointing you as the first generation prime minister at the dawn of our kingdom’s revival.”(Paulirifa)

“What an honor…!! I don’t deserve this honor!”(Krau)

Forget about that! Answer my question!

“Hm? What’s wrong Rinichirou? Aha, if that’s the case… ‘If we are here the orcs will pursue us to your house’ Are you worried about that?”(Paulirifa)

No that’s not my main concern── but that’s also a troubling point.

“This house is full of glass doors and you are worried you won’t be able to properly defend this one when the pursuers come. What a kind…”(Paulirifa)

No no, that’s not it at all! I’m worried my grandmother will get caught up in it!

“However, don’t worry. We have Krauzera here. She was a RosebudKnight who even become a topic in AdelvaneCapital. It wasn’t just a talk that she was a mighty warrior when she unsheathed her RozeumWarsword; as she was the famous ‘Rou AuratumKnight of white lily‘,”

“Ha, Your Highness, such words are wasted on me…”

Krau was blushing after being praised.

“Krauzera is quite excellent. Because, thanks to her, this one managed to escape. I have never seen a female knight in Nippon’s eroge that succeeded in the mission of ‘Escaping with the princess from a city attacked by orcs’”(Paulirifa)

Because it was Japanese eroge that’s why!

“Female knights are usually surrounded by the orcs while trying to escape and then they say: ‘Leave this to me and escape with the princess!’ and then after the solitary struggle she is eventually overpowered and raped, which has been established as their reputation. However, we succeeded in escaping from them. She might be the first female knight in history to accomplish such an achievement. Do you understand how outstanding that is?”(Paulirifa)

You don’t have to be so specific! You’re an 8-year-old princess from a different world, so why are you so familiar with eroge!?

“Your Highness, your words are wasted on me…”(Krau)

Also Krau, this wasn’t the time for putting up airs. Don’t be pleased with being praised like that.

“Anyways princess Pau, hear me out! Do you──”(Rinichirou)

“…Oh yeah, I forgot I put some liquor into the narazuke. It must’ve made the lady drowsy. I mean she must’ve been tired after all the stuff that happened today. You should go to bed now… Gufufu”(Tomeko)

Hey, don’t just brush off the issue! Don’t push them to sleep!

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  1. Both are a type of vegetable pickles that using rice lees/barn. Please google it for further information.
    Oriental melon(Korean melon) Narazuke.
    Turnip Nukazuke.
  2. Princess Pau said it in katakana instead of kanji.
  3. Aichi EXPO, or World’s fair (EXPO) 2005, that held in Aichi prefecture. With the theme “Nature’s Wisdom,” each country showed their improvement through their pavilion. For further information, here’s the Wiki Link.
  4. The official name of Aichi EXPO, that mean Love-Earth fair. The name itself was a pun for Aichi prefecture, AI-CHI kyuhaku.
  5. Morizo and Kiccoro are mascots of the Aichi EXPO.
    Cosmoshimaru is the mascot of Tukuba EXPO (1985).
  6. Princess Pau said it in Engrish.
  7. A Ghibli film that released in 2006. The Director is Gorō Miyazaki, son of Hayao Miyazaki. Wiki Link.

7 thoughts on “JUSCO – V1 Chapter 1 part 5”

  1. In grandma Tomeko’s defence, I get why she thought they came from Sweden, after hearing a kid’s depiction of what was essentially an army invasion of mostly military age males/rapists taking over their country. Joggers literally can’t anymore without police escort or else risk getting attacked by migrants.


    1. This novel was created way before the immigrant problem, around 2014, while the Sweden’s immigrant problems start to shows up in the media in late 2016. (I think? I remember that I start saw it along side trump campaign.) So it may not be related to each other. The author may randomly choose Sweden as representative of ‘caucasian nation’.


      1. I consent to that!

        Out of all the European countries with still constitutional monarchies that are [somewhat obscure] but [not too obscure that a grandma may not know about] is Sweden. Monaco would fit the bill, but it’s somewhat a more obscure nation without much relevant news circulating internationally.


  2. My, this is really shaping up to be a fantasy-style weeabo culture eh?
    I just hope it focuses more on the [cultural clash/misunderstandings] and not fall into the pitfall of [Japan is great]. It’s beginning to peep at the edge of that pitfall.


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