JUSCO – V1 Chapter 2 Part 4

Translator: Kaelpie    Editor: Yuzuha    Proofreader: Ozlarus    TLC: Yomigaeru

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Octopus aliens continue to shoot their ray guns without rest.

Like a warning shot, it appears that they don’t intend to hit us on purpose. The rays hit the wall and ceiling. Yet, the furniture and electronics aren’t broken.

By the way, I’m still tied up with the cord while tossing around the tatami mat in a considerably dangerous situation, because I can’t move, and I can’t escape if they decide to shoot seriously.

Incidentally, Princess Pau is laying down behind me as if I were a shield. As expected, isn’t that terrible?

Eventually, before long──

[MartiansMulti-legged infantry class, cease-fire!]

Along with that command, the rays suddenly stop.

And from behind the octopus, two more people appear.

(They are…!!)

I know those two people. I met them plenty of times at Miya’s house.

One is a little seven-year-old girl, younger than the princess. She is characterized by her brown skin, pleasant sleepy expression, and a dress made of metallic materials.

The other person(?) is a volleyball-sized capsule of metal and glass floating lightly in the air.

At first glance, it’s just a machine, but when you look closely at the glass part you can see a whole brain there that appears to be human-like. Perhaps it’s a cyborg.

And then Brain Capsule spoke in an electronic voice.


[Attention, please! These just now were warning shots! We are the people of the Galactic Military Empire Hasture’s legitimate provisional government. Currently freeloading at the Miyato residence! I am the honorable Minister Wii! As the Minister of War, I am the general! These troops are mass-produced multi-legged infantry type species! And introducing the eighth imperial princess Fau, legitimate successor to the Empire! Everybody, lower your heads! Watch yourselves!](Wii)


The seven-year-old eight princess sticks out her chest with a pompous expression.

The Galactic Military Empire Hasture.

It’s a nation that possesses great military strength as one of the major powers in the universe and controls 67% of the territory of this Milky Way galaxy. I remember hearing a story about it, but to think there really was such a nation.

Eighth Princess Fau and Minister Wii lost a power struggle within their galactic empire, and after that became freeloaders.

But why is the exiled government of a galactic empire attacking my house?

“You! Why were you shooting rays at my house!?”(Rinichirou)

“…Miya ordered me to. …『I want you to interrupt Rinichirou’s marriage』.”(Fau)

Miya did?

[Eighth Princess, wasn’t that supposed to be a secret?](Wii)

“…Oh right. …Oh no, that was a slip of the tongue. We’re just attacking for some reason. For reals.”(Fau)

I don’t get it. You don’t just attack someone’s house “for some reason”.

[Ahh, my poor unfortunate Eighth Imperial Princess. If only you had succeeded the Emperor’s throne at that time, you would not have been forced to carry out such errand-girl work.](Wii)

“…Don’t cry, old man. It’s not your fault.”(Fau)

Talk about that after leaving. It’s not important.

That’s when I notice Miya is peeking from behind the shade of the stone lantern in the garden. What are you looking at while hiding like that?

“Miya, I see you! What’s going on here!?”(Rinichirou)

“I-I don’t have anything special to do with this! I just, well… it’s not like I got jealous and came here just to interrupt Rin’s wedding or anything! Don’t misunderstand!”(Miya)

Then why are you here!? Or wait, in that case, do something about the aliens(these guys)!

Listening to Miya’s story, Princess Pau nods ‘aha’ with a convinced face.

“Hmmm, so that’s what it was. Rinichirou you’re unexpectedly popular aren’t you? Isn’t she just like the 『Jealous Childhood Friend Heroine』I see often in late night anime?”(Paulirifa)

“Eh? What made you think that? Didn’t Miya say herself she isn’t jealous?”(Rinichirou)

“Tha… That’s right! I don’t like Rin at all!”(Miya)

“Hahaha, Rinichirou is just as dense as the main character of an anime. And also Miya here is “the childhood friend heroine that will ultimately fall short (AKA. the stalking horse)”. As expected from Nihon of the《SpheraSpherical Horizon》. It’s just like that late night anime.”(Paulirifa)

So… what anime was on her mind just now?

“Haha, This is without a doubt true “Cool Japan”… In that case, as the representatives of the《SeedBedMagical Horizon》, I must respond to this romantic comedy development with all my might. ──Krauzera!”(Paulirifa)

When the princess calls her name, the female knight Krauzera,


opens the sliding paper door and appears.

It’s not the usual armored figure, but a pure white bridal costume.

Perhaps to compliment her outfit, she comes forward gracefully so as not to ruffle the hem.

“Princess, are you safe?”(Krauze)

“Yes, it’s nothing serious. Did you hear the story over from the next room?”(Paulirifa)


“Well then.──Aliens, this Krauzera is the marriage partner of the Rinichirou you’re aiming for. To tell you the truth, she was watching from the gap between the doors this whole time, waiting for me to give the signal. Why…? Because it’s cooler that way!”(Paulirifa)

Did you time your arrival!? I was scared of being shot and wanted help from the beginning.

But I don’t complain. I don’t say it because no words can come out.

Though she paints the perfect picture of a Japanese bride in her pure white kimono, silken headdress, and crimson lips, in her hands there’s a sheathed western sword.

Her figure was so dignified and beautiful──I unconsciously shut up.

“Heh, how about it Rinichirou? Isn’t my Krauzera beautiful? Doesn’t it make you wanna marry her?”(Paulirifa)

“N… Not particularly…”(Rinichirou)

“I see, that’s too bad. But you may soon withdraw your remark. Because from now on you will see that girl in “a better light”.”(Paulirifa)

“Eh? What do you mean?”(Rinichirou)

“You should watch because it will be good. Krauzera, those people are “Neighbours”. Don’t kill, cause serious injury or draw blood, but teach them a lesson with the Power of a RosebudKnight of 《SeedBedMagical Horizon》.”(Paulirifa)

“Yes, your highness.”(Krauze)

And grandmother butts in.

“Can you watch out for the bridal gown? It’s borrowed. Don’t get it dirty or torn.”(Tomeko)

Grandma, can’t you read the atmosphere at times like these? However, the princess tells Krau while smiling.

“As you’ve heard. You cannot defile this splendid kimono, even a little. Win without kicking up dust.──My dear Rosebud and darling friend Krau, I permit you to release the BudKnight’s seal.”(Paulirifa)

“Yes, with pleasure!”(Krauze)

Dressed as a bride, Krau puts her hand on the sword──and chants.

“──Seal, Blossomrelease”(Krauze)

It’s probably a spell.

When she spoke that short paragraph, a magic formation drawn by light emerges.

On her forehead. On the back of her hands. At her feet. In the air.

Simultaneously she pulls it out. The sword from the sheath. With a flash of light.

Its brilliance is like a supernova.

In her hand is a dazzling blade.

“Behold, people from another world! This is the Roseumwar sword. Produced through the art of magical engineering,《SeedBedMagical Horizon》strongest tactical weapon. Because we have this weapon we are called “Rosebud”. The inscription on my Roseum is Li Ze AuratumStar Lily, there’s nothing in the multiverse that it can’t cut.”(Krauze)

Simultaneously with her self-introduction, her feet kicked off the tatami mat without a sound and Krau flew.

No, she jumped. Leaped. With a shining sword in hand, heading towards the garden where the aliens are waiting.

She dances in the air with her bridal appearance as if she were a huge butterfly, like a big white flower. Suiting for someone named Rou AuratumKnight of the White Lily.

Of course, her opponents cannot look at her in silence.

“…You guys, attack.”(Fau)

[That’s right, shoot! Martians, fire your DeLametersRay gun!][1](Wii)

Under the command of the minister, the infantry starts pulling the ray gun triggers. A myriad of lights attacks Krau.

“With no footing, she cannot dodge in midair!”(Wii)

But she didn’t even have to avoid it.

With a horizontal sweep of that big sword, all light rays are mowed down and they disappear completely.

They were cut.

Rays without substance, with one swing of a magic sword.

“Foolish aliens. A ray like that can’t do anything to a Rosebud with a Roseum in hand. Behold, the radiance of my blade’s Seedsmagic.”(Krauze)

And while dancing in the air, her sword knocks down another person.

I think it’s due to a sword technique. Despite the fact the blade didn’t touch them, the infantry collapsed on the ground. Approximately twenty at once.

Adding a ‘pardon me’, Krau lands on a fallen infantryman. So that the socks and the hem of the kimono don’t get dirty by the soil of the garden.

[Ununu, since it’s come to this…Eighth Princess, use the Tripod Tank!](Wii)

“…Copy that, moving out.”(Fau)

When the eighth princess nods, an abnormal sound rings throughout the garden. And in the next moment, it warps in the garden.

A four meter tall, three-legged robot.

The Galactic Military Empire’s proud land weapon, ‘Tripod Tank’. ──I saw it when I went to play at Miya’s house. It’s a heavyweight fighting machine equipped with a powerful light cannon and a thick composite armor, although it’s called a tank it should really be called a small moving fortress.

It’s a slaughter machine that can massacre entire enemy land units alone.

[Observe, this majesty! Tremble! The combat ability of our Tripod tank that rivals 900 fully-armed soldiers!](Wii)

“Fufu, is that so?”(Krauze)

Krau’s crimson lips turned into a faint smile.

At the same time, the female knight dressed in her wedding gown leaps again, sword in hand.

This time even higher.

Even higher than the 4-meter tall tripod tank(War Machine).

“If that’s the case, we win by a 100 man margin! Because, this Krauzera, is known as the One-in-a-Thousand Warrior – which is to say, I’m a match for 『1000 fully-armed soldiers』!”(Krauze)

The Roseum flashed vertically.

A literal “One flash”. The moment the blade makes contact, it shines even brighter.

The Roseum of the “Li Ze Auratum” split the tripod tank made out of space alloy right in two.

As if it were cutting butter on a hot summer day.

Every time Krau dances in the air and wields the sword, the snow white bridal robes sway softly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

(How beautiful…)

No, it’s different than being simply “beautiful”. I couldn’t think of words to praise her. “Beautiful”, “Cool”, “Strong”, “Dignified”, “A bit scary but doesn’t feel unreliable.” If there is a compliment that includes all those various words she would be exactly that.

(Oh yeah, Princess Pau said “You’re about to see her in a better light”, huh. So this is what she meant…)

I agree. Indeed, Krau fighting with a magical sword was so wonderful that I fell in love with it. …Yeah, I’m fine with this marriage. She was “Dreamy”.

“Now then, Rinichirou. Do you want to get married to Krauzera?”(Paulirifa)

The Princess asked with a grin.

“Recently the phrase used for surprising behavior is “moeeee~” right? Otherworlders aren’t unusual in this town, but I’d say our Krauzera more than makes up for it with by making your heart pound.”(Paulirifa)

“No… That’s not──”(Rinichirou)

This is bad… The princess is gonna have me in the palm of her hand.

“Come on now, hurry up and wed her!  If Rinichirou marries her like this, my exile procedure will be successfully completed! This is Nihon… There is also Akihabara and Ikebukuro Otome Road, Nakano Broadway and Tokyo Big Site, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Trade Center (A.K.A Tosanbo), Tokyo Distribution Center (A.K.A TRC) and Tokyo Stationery Equipment Republic (A.K.A Bungukaikan)[2], it’s even possible to live in Tokyo, you can do it!”(Paulirifa)

Did she suddenly get more enthusiastic halfway through? Moreover, does she think this is Tokyo? Even though she’s from another world, this is a terrible misunderstanding.

“By the way, the Tokyo Big Site is a big exhibition hall that famous as the Comiket venue, while the Tosanbo, TRC, and Bungukaikan are buildings that are often used for smaller doujin events.”(Paulirifa)

No, I don’t care about that trivia.

But, that’s right. I forgot because there was an alien attack. We were in the middle of a talk.

“Rinichirou, when the wedding celebration is over, you walk those feet over to the Yamanote line and ride it straight to Akihabara. While you buy a TV that isn’t broken in the electronics shop, I will go to the doujin shops, the eroge shops, and the anime goods shops.”(Paulirifa)

“No that’s not possible.”(Rinichirou)

“Huh…? Why not?”(Paulirifa)

I must tell the Princess a cruel and hopeless sentence

Of course, I was hesitant to tell her, but she’d find out eventually anyhow. Besides, I went through it too in the past.

Right then, in the garden, a slashed tripod tank exploded.

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  1. Reference to Galatic Patrol in Lensman series. DeLameter energy beam is one of their weapons. Their Wikia page.
  2. All of them are exhibition place where events are held.



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