JUSCO V1 Chapter 3 part 4

Translator: Kaelpie    Editor: Ozlarus    TLC: ShimizuA

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In the morning, 7.15 AM

“Rinichirou, wake up. It’s time to wake up.”

“…… Krau?”

As soon as I wake up. Krau is right in front of me.

She wearing an apron on top of her armor.

Usually I wake up to my grandmother shouting from the other side of the sliding paper door, but this morning it’s Krau.

Moreover she woke me up with a clear voice while gently shaking my shoulder.

“Hm…? What is it, Rinichirou?”(Krau)


Only now do I understand. It’s such a pleasant thing to be woken up in the morning by a beautiful woman.

(After all that trouble, I should have just married her…)

That thought carelessly crossed my mind.

“You should go to the living room quickly. Breakfast will be ready soon.”(Krau)

“Oh… ok, I’m coming…”(Rinichirou)

I dress myself and go to the living room.

Princess Pau was sitting before the dining table in a yukata while yawning.


“Princess, Are you sleepy?”(Rinichirou)

“Of course I’m sleepy… I was on the internet until morning. Uuu, Just checking Twitter takes so much time it irritated me…”(Pau)

That’s rural net for you. ──Wait, did the princess just say she had a Twitter account? From another world?

In the meantime, Krau appeared from the kitchen with a tray.

“Rinichirou, you’ve finally come. Here, breakfast.”(Krau)

On the tray was this morning’s breakfast. Dried fish, rice, miso soup and then Princess Pau’s favourite pickles. This area is in the Chubu region so our miso soup will naturally be red miso soup. Their peculiar smell tickled my nostrils.

(Well… Krau, don’t you seem a little like a “mother”?)

I think she really gives that impression thanks to the combination of the apron and the miso soup. Of course my mother never wore armor; and since it was rare for her to to cook miso soup in the morning so my breakfast was usually something from the bakery next to the school. I’m thinking of “mother” in general.

“It was Rinicihrou’s grandmother that made breakfast but, I helped a little.”(Krau)

“Is that so.”(Rinichirou)

Indeed, it looks like the dried fish is a little burnt. The pickles are also cut unevenly.

Then Grandma comes over from the kitchen as well.

“Be at ease since I’m the one who did all the seasoning. This child(Krau), still bad at doing everything. Having someone to tease── no, to teach makes me happy.”(Tomeko)

Grandma, hide your true intentions a little more carefully.

When the four people gather, we put our hands together with an “Itadakimasu” and start the meal.

The female knight and the princess eating japanese food with a knife and fork was a strange sight, but it seems the seasoning grandmother used seems to suit the tongue of《Seed’s BedMagical horizon》’s people. They said it was delicious like yesterday while they eat.

By the way, taro miso soup seems to be Krau’s favourite. She slurps from the wooden bowl with an ecstatic face. It’s my first seeing a female knight eat miso soup with great relish.

“Come to think of it Krau, can you handle the red miso soup? Because its taste quite strong, even many japanese people find it hard to deal with.”(Tomeko)

“What are you saying? Someone who finds it hard to deal with something this delicious must be weak.”(Krau)

Such a high evaluation of the red miso!?

Meanwhile, Princess Pau, still with her sleepy face, had another serving of rice, took two slice of pickles from her half empty bowl, and sipped the tea in  a manner that unbecomingly natural for a fantasy world resident. Are you really a princess from another world?

“Phew, thank you for the meal. …Hmm, It’s still 7:50. Isn’t there 10 more minutes until the end of the the Telehodai Time? Lets see, to work off my food I guess i’ll start browsing the net. After that I’ll sleep until the afternoon. No, but the NHK concentrates their interesting programs in the morning. Should I stay awake till noon? Uuu, I’m at a loss.”(Pau)

What a useless human being. A slovenly princess.

However my grandmother suddenly remembered something.

“Sorry, that’s no good. I’ve forgotten about it till now. Pau-ko, Krau, there is something I need to tell you no matter what.”

“Mu…? What is it Grandmother?”(Krau)

“Yesterday I went to the office and did the procedure for the exile asylum, but in order to be a person in exile──”(Tomeko)

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