MnT2 – Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 The City of Oblivion


There was a ruin overgrown with an abundance of large trees.

Objects that were buildings had already lost their original form and were now crumbling, cracking, and breaking. There, trees and moss that blanketed the ruins quietly faced and stretched across the sky.

The sound of water could be heard.

The ruins were flooded out up to one’s feet. Each time I moved forward, a ripple would slowly extend out and shake the water’s surface.

This town where people had once existed has become a dwelling of nature.

Right now, there are no signs of people other than us.


As I paced myself through the flooded area, I swiftly turned myself around inside this collapsing house and squatted. I did this while hanging my broom beside me.

At that moment, I noticed fireflies dancing frivolously in my surroundings.

“We’ve come to a splendid place.”

She spoke while stretching out her tired body.

“I wonder how much longer it will take to go to my hometown.”

“……I do wonder how long.”

It might take one day, two days, or perhaps even several months.

Her hometown is far away to a degree, as though it existed like mist in emptiness.


She looked over this place that used to be a town.

Her soft white hair swayed with the wind that carried moisture. Does that feel good I wonder? Her lips seemed to relax only for a little bit.

However, her eyes were, in some respects, lonely.

“……People used to live here in the past, right?”

“Well, it is a ruin after all. Is it not?”

“I wonder what happened to the people, to everyone who lived here.”


The townscape has been weathered down so much. “At least a hundred years——no, it should have taken even more time for nature to recover, so the people who used to live here have surely died.”

“I didn’t mean that sort of thing when I spoke. Come on. That’s tasteless.”


She wanted to know whether those descendants were alive or not. Indeed, it is a difficult thing to figure out.

“It’s tough to determine if they left here because of war or if they just sought someplace more peaceful. I’m curious, what happened?”

“……It’d be nice if they were alive.”

She turned elsewhere and stared at the ruins beyond.


“It’s a sad thing, to be forgotten completely.”

She leaked a voice so tiny that it mixed with the wind and disappeared.

It was an uneasy, very frail voice.

“Regarding that, I don’t think it’s a problem.”

When I responded, she opened her eyes just a little and turned her face this way.

While gazing at her jade green pupils, I spoke.

“After all, this is such a lovely place, isn’t it? It’s the most optimal for a cool summer resort.”


“Even if people are not settling down now, one day, someone will surely perhaps live here. Perhaps it might become famous as a tourist attraction. No, even if not so, perhaps it might already be talked about as a hidden place.”

Therefore it’s fine—I said.


“This place will never become a real ruin unless people come here and forget it.”

She cast down her eyes from those words.

“—I’ll forget them though.”

She spoke in such a way and seemingly resigned herself with a smile.


Her name is Amnesia.

I wonder if her clothes were from some chivalric order——under her white toned robe were clothes with the same white tone.

She also had a single hairband over her short white hair.

But, she…

She would lose her memory every day and suffer from a mysterious curse that made it impossible for her to even remember her own name.

“If that’s the case, please regain your memories and remember it after that.”

I said that to her.

“I’ll do that,” she nodded indifferently, and responded, “Elaina-san, don’t forget.”

“Of course. I won’t forget about this scene for a while——.”

Then, I tilted my gaze.


Even if it was crumbling, still, even so, the strong beautiful ruins continued to exist absolutely.



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