MLW – Chapter 57

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Ghost Transportation Plan

“Well then. Rosary? How about staying here?”

I said that very normally.
After all, disappearing is scary…so that is her only option.

“I-is it fine to stay? Really……?”
Rosary said that with an attitude that felt more ‘couldn’t believe it’ rather than happy.

“Of course, it would be a different matter if you were to make trouble, but if you’re only staying here, there’s no harm done. You being around won’t add any more expenses. If that’s the case, then why not?”
“Hmm, I guess there’s no harm. If you properly keep in mind that it’s a ghost, then that might be decided on.”

It seems like Beelzebub has no particular objection.
“E-eh…. Gh-ghost-san will be in the w-workplace….”
Harukara openly shuddered. Seems like she hasn’t conquered her fear yet. As for me, the moment I saw the ghost’s appearance, my sense of fear faded quickly.

“Isn’t it fine? Rather, if a burglar breaks in, she might be able to drive them out.”
“Th-that might be so but…. I can’t calm down since I don’t know whether or not it’s here.”
“Then why don’t you have her stay materialized the entire time?”
“Isn’t that strange?! ALSO!! Any normal person would refuse to work because there’s a ghost around!”

Ah, now that you mention it, that’s right.
‘It’s a fun workplace with a ghost, please come work here’—-that’s impossible. This is a workshop, so if the ghost problem itself is not resolved, operations cannot be done. A fundamental solution cannot be reached just by having Harukara getting used to it.

“…As expected. It seems there’ll be trouble with me around…. Ghosts are a burden….”
Even Rosary is saving negative things. I want to say that’s not true, but it’s a fact that she’s a trouble as far as the workshop is concerned. We have to settle this problem.

“…That’s impossible…. I haven’t left from where the house stood since I committed suicide….”

Sharusha did say that ghosts bound to a specific place can’t move, right?

“There’s a way though.”
Beelzebub said.
“I know right~? There’s no way for such a good method to- wait, there is?!”
“Yeah. The research on spirits have progressed with us demons.” Beelzebub said while nodding.

“There’s no real troublesome method to it. You just need to transport those spirits that can’t move.”
If you can’t move it, transport it. …I understand the theory, but the problem is how are we going to do that?
“Please teach me! Tell me exactly what I need to do?!”
Seems like Rosary is interested as well.

“Well if the spirit possesses a living human being who trusts it, then that human can just go somewhere else. Then, if you’ve found a suitable place, you just have to tear off the spirit. That spirit won’t be able to move from THAT spot then. In short, we use humans as transport.”

“Hmm. I just have to possess~. I don’t really want to possess though……”

“The action of possession itself can be done by anyone as long as they’re a ghost. However, it doesn’t mean they can posses just anybody. For example, it’s almost guaranteed that it’s impossible to possess Azusa. You’ll understand if you test it out.”

Beelzebub’s eyes turned towards Rosary’s direction.

“Possession, I have never done it before though…….”

“It feels like diving into the other person’s head. Try it; even if you fail, you won’t disappear.”

“I got it. I’m ready when you are so…come at me whenever….”
I closed my eyes, and prepared for it.
“Th-then, let’s go.”

Somehow…. As I thought I heard some kind of strumming sound in my head, I saw Rosary breathing wildly in front of me.

“Wh-what’s…th-this…? I-I’m really…t-tired….”

“It’s almost impossible to possess a human with outstanding abilities. And with that, my explanation is done. Oh, even I, who has absolute confidence in my ability would find trying to possess someone like Azusa difficult. In short, it’s difficult to possess someone who isn’t weak-willed and physically drained. In other wordsー.”

Beelzebub’s eyes turned towards Harukara’s direction.

“Umm…. why are you looking at me…?”
“If it’s you, I’m almost certain that you can be possessed.”
“E-eh……!? Aren’t you saying something indirectly rude about me!?”
“It is not indirect. Since you are weak-willed, I think you will have a chance. So you can be possessed.”
“Isn’t that mean in various ways?!”

Rosary slowly approached Harukara’s direction.
“I’m sorry, but I beg of you!”
“No! I’m not good with these paranormal phenomenon! Even if I wake up at night, I don’t go to the toilet!”
“Then I’ll possess you, and go to the toilet for you!”
“That’s a scary thought in itself!!”

While saying such a thing, Rosary plunged into Harukara’s head quite suddenly.
Rosary’s appearance disappeared in a flash.

…Is this a success?
“Oh! I can control her. Did this really go well?”
It was Harukara’s voice, but it had a completely different tone from usual.
It seems like Rosary has really entered.

“It’s a success! That’s good then!”
“…I can’t seem to calm down with a flesh and blood body in a long time…. Also, this body’s gigantic breasts are heavy….”
Harukara(?) heaved her own chest from below, lifting them up with her hands.

“Good, good. What’s left is for her to leave the workshop and everything will turn out good.”
Yeah. Spirits can be transported. However, everything isn’t settled.
“…So, where you want to bring that child?”

I have not decided at all.

“………There’s only your house, right? You were the first to propose saving her, so take responsibility.”
“I guess so…. It’s better than for her to become the lady under the weeping willow….” [1]
“Rosary, how about living in my house?”
“I-is that okay? …Won’t I be a bother?”
“No. You’ll be welcomed there.”
I held out my hand/
Rosary clumsily move Harukara’s hand and shook mine.


1. Willow trees have been associated with the supernatural in the orient for quite a long time. Japan has quite a lot of lore with willow trees and ghosts, to the point that it’s said a ghost appears where a willow tree is at. As for the lady under the willow tree, this is something that lately stemmed out from the popular culture looking back at their roots.
No links this time: no sites so far talk about Yurei (ghosts) in a comprehensive matter, more so the more “modern versions.”



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  1. [“Then I’ll possess you, and go to the toilet for you!”
    “That’s a scary thought in itself!!”]
    when you afraid to go toilet at night, just ask Ghost nearby to accompanied you, 100% work!!.


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