MLW – Chapter 15

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The 300-year-old – 17-year-old Immortal .vs. 50-year-old Girl

“Sharusha dedicated the majority of her life in order to kill you. As long as she has this so-called, Crushing Evil magic, she will never lose to you!”

Oh, so…… The smaller the range of whom is affected by the Crushing Evil Magic, the stronger it is. If it is restricted to only me, then it’s power would certainly considerable.

But, is it even possible to acquire magic that targets the person you just met for the first time……

“The two of us slime spirits understood why we were born. Therefore, the little sister Sharusha searched for a place where a lot of slimes died, found out about mama, picked up the hair that fell and gathered the necessary materials for the Crushing Evil.”

Farufa-chan informed me.

Somehow, it’s the same reasoning behind putting hair into a doll in order to curse a person.

“Although Farufa wanted to meet Mama earlier, Sharusha suddenly said,’Meeting is not allowed……‘ But, after Sharusha finished her Crushing Evil magic, I thought it wasn’t good as it was, and came here.”

“Farufa-chan, what a good child!”

“After all, Mama is Farufa’s mama.”

Though it’s confusing, because I am the origin of their birth, I guess they can call me mama…… Did such a thing become like this because I was an abnormality, defeating nothing but slimes.

“Out of curiosity, does Farufa resent me?”

“Although Farufa’s soul was born by accumulated spirits, since Farufa was born from Mama, Farufa wants to get along.”

(TL: FYI, this is Farufa speaking, and yes, the characters do refer themselves with their own names)

For a moment, my maternal instincts almost ached.

She is a really good child, Farufa-chan.

However, right now, that’s not the focus.

Little by little, Sharusha approached.

“What a strange thing. This Sharusha, although born at the same time, I wonder why my personality is so different from her elder sister’s. I cannot help but want to kill the Witch of the Plateau.”

An ominous atmosphere ensued.

“Crushing Magic, strictly speaking, is an extremely special magic. The amount of magic it takes is also enormous. Even storing 50 years worth of magic, it could only be used for a few hours.”

The efficiency is so bad!

“There are more normal ways to live, don’t you agree! I mean, you waited all that time sitting motionlessly without getting revenge……?”

“From fifty years ago when Sharusha was born, you were already the strongest class witch. Like this I couldn’t win, I understood. Therefore, I developed a magic only for the sake of defeating an evil being, the Witch of the Plateau, therefore I was saving mana!”

That way of concentrating all her passion is clearly wrong.

“Now, it’s fine to try using any magic. All of your magic, I’ll nullify all of it!”

I tried using Sweltering Heat magic this time.

“Red flame, blue flame, black flame! Become my body’s shield.”

The flames hit Sharusha, but — she was completely unhurt.

“See. This Crushing Evil skill, do you understand?”

This is, bad…….

My attacks were being completely nullified, so there’s no way to fight.

If that’s the case — I guess I can only run.

Runaway in difficult times.

The me from my previous life, could not escape from the corporate slave life, therefore I died from overwork and mental stress.[1]

Run away now!

I have a magic called Levitation.

Just now, since she said that the magic would only last a few hours, if I can run away until then, there’s a solution!

My body begins to float.

However, while floating around 10 meters in the air —

“Magic, disappear!”

As Sharusha shouts, I who was above the ground, fell.

My legs became numb.

“That was dangerous…… If I wasn’t a Level 99 Witch, I might have had a bone fracture……”

“You will not escape. I will kill you like how you killed all those slimes!”

Sharusha broadly grinned.

Is it……time to pay the piper……[2]

It probably isn’t possible to win against the ultimate weapon that specializes in defeating me.

Also, I have lived for three hundred years.

“Farufa-chan, I’m happy to meet you at last.”

I hugged the child.

Hugging my daughter, wouldn’t it be quite moving if I died afterward.

“Mama! Don’t say such things! Farufa will think of a way somehow!

Farufa-chan cried. Sorry. But, it seems impossible for me……

“Azusa-sama! Please leave it to me!”

Leica is desperate too.

“Thank you, Leica is my disciple that I’m proud of. The omelets were tasty as well……”

“It is all right! We can win!”

“Stop it……. There are no such means to win. Leica will also get hurt!”

“That’s right. Sharusha is only thinking of killing the Witch of Plateau, so she won’t aim at other people. Quickly run away.”

I remembered an old horror film that I had seen.

There was a mechanical assassin who gradually drew near.

However, it was only approaching bit-by-bit.

Still, Sharusha still hasn’t reached me.

“My sister is slow-footed.”

Farufa-chan called out.

“Huh? Does that mean she can escape……?”

Leica was listening to those words.

Leica changed her form from a little girl to a dragon.

Thus, she stood confronting Sharusha.

“From now on, you won’t take one step!”

“Let me pass, dragon.”

Sharusha said with a cold voice.

“I refuse! I have a responsibility to protect my master!”

“Stop it! Leica, it’s dangerous!”

Leica only smiled a little, looking towards my direction.

“I’m fine. Azusa-sama, she’ll catch up soon, please run away from here!”

“That’s large death flag!”

That’s not a good thing! It’ll overcome you for sure!

“Actually next month, my older sister will marry. So, I must attend that wedding.

“Why are flags being piled up!?”

“I will protect Azusa-sama! Eat this! Dragon kick!”

Leica let out kicks towards Sharusha.

It’s no good…… The same patterns will follow and it’ll get nullified…….

However, there was no counter attack.

Sharusha fell.

Eh? It’s becoming a situation beyond my expectations.

Leica quietly confirmed the situation of the other party.

“Azusa-sama, this person has fainted. I have gained the victory.”

“Huh?! Did we really win with this development?!”

The simple approach pattern has stopped.

“Because younger sister Sharusha was too specialized in defeating mama, she’s terribly weak against other opponents. In other words, she can only win against mama. It also can only happen about once every fifty years.

Wh-what…. an awkward child……


1. TL: 過労死 (karoushi): Karoushi is a term used for people who die from overwork and mental stress. Yes, Japan actually has a term for that, kinda sad isn’t it?
2. TL: 年貢の納め時 (osameji): Basically has the equivalent meaning to the phrase “time to pay the piper.” If you don’t know that phrase… well go google it.



9 thoughts on “MLW – Chapter 15”

  1. Why is the mc suddenly so dumb? Didn’t she learn she could use magic only a month or so ago?(when her level 99 was discovered) She’s been fighting slimes for 300 years without magic, and she knocked out a dragon with a single punch. Why is she so convinced she can’t win and that she’d die?
    Actually, let’s ask a question, if she though she would die, why was she so quickly accepting of it?

    Yeah, I liked this novel so far, but this chapter was really bad and full of nonsense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah.. I agree with you, she can knock her out with single punch like she do to Leica and that girl (Sharusha) only can use This Crushing Evil skill (maybe only work on magic or I don’t know..) to counter Azusa magic, that means it useless when come close combat with Azusa. That’s why I was annoying when she suddenly become dumb. (Sorry for my English and the way my rude comment.)


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