MLW – Chapter 29

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29 Learning About Demons


At the break of dawn, Beelzebub emerged from bed.
Although she was still recuperating, it seems like she already has a healthy body.

“Did you think you could kill me? I am a high-level demon so I’m accustomed to being feared. I never thought such rumors were spreading-jya.”

“I ran desperately for my life… Since the workshop is resuming… Well, for the past few days, the ‘Nutritious Alcohol’ in the mansion has been decreasing…”

“I drank it-jya. As expected, it is the best-jya.”

It seems like the misunderstanding between Harukara and Beelzebub has cleared up, so all is well.

“No, we should relocate the workshop to this province instead.”

Harukara looked like she was thinking of something.

“Relocate here? Why’s that?”

“Even though Beelzebub aiming for Harukara was a misunderstanding, both the elves and my home province abandoned me this time. They did not even move to protect me in the least.”

I think since the opponent was a high-level demon, they probably got scared. They probably felt that if it was just sacrificing the life of one elf, it would’ve been a good deal.

“If I reopened the workshop over there, it’ll generate tax revenue there, but somehow that doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re the type to hold a grudge against someone, right……?”

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t really bring any bad changes to the Nanterre Province other than increasing employment. I think I should promote something so that people are attracted to the Nanterre Province.

“And… if I live here, I can also be with Master…”

Harukara said while slightly blushing.

“Isn’t the Master-Disciple relationship in the end just a fake? I have no intention to teach her as my disciple.”

“No, Master truly tried to save my life, right? Master was super cool when you forced your way between me and Beelzebub-san. Because of that, my feelings are also still trembling right now…”

I feel uneasy about Harukara’s feverous gaze.

“You… you aren’t having yuri-like thoughts are you…?”

“There’s no such things.”

“If that’s the case, there’s no problem.”

“I only want my first time to be heterosexual.”

Oi! Strange words just came out!

“W-well… I don’t have another room yet, but I don’t mind… However, we have a system for cleaning, shopping, and cooking duties, is that alright with you?”

“Yes! I’ll work properly!”

Again, the number of people in my family has increased.
Two daughters and two disciples. It has become a typical witch workshop. It’d be embarrassing if one’s skills were not up to par while working with a witch to make medicine.

“Hmm. Looks like you’re having fun-jya.”

Beelzebub said while hinting that she was very interested.

“Um, a high-level demon shouldn’t be living in such a cramped place…”

No matter how you look at it, it seems like she’s fearful of living near Beelzebub, but feels shy and awkward.

“Since I have a proper place to live, I do not feel like moving. However, I’ll make an appearance once in awhile. I want to buy some ‘Nutritional Alcohol’. If you go to an elf named Harukara, can’t you for sure purchase it from her?”

Absolutely. She’s certain to buy it from where it’s manufactured. She also wouldn’t have to deal with transportation fees.

“Also, Plateau Witch Azusa, the conclusion itself was interrupted. Next time, let’s have a match without the barrier.”

“Huh… Another fight…?”

“Since I’m not planning a fight to the death, I feel so relieved. After living for a long time, I finally have a break so keep me company to kill some time. Also, if there’s an interesting event, call me.”

“How am I supposed to get in contact with you in the demon region…?”

“I’ll be turning up every once in awhile, so I’ll tell you when.”

When do you feel like coming next…

“Well, for the time being, it’s good that we acknowledged that it was a misunderstanding. Now then, how about a meal together?”

“Sure, I accept. Not to trouble you-jya, but I’d like to eat at a table outside-jya. It also seems like inns on the plateau have grown lively.”

“Although it’s bothersome, that’s a pretty good idea. Let’s do that.”

Thus, we decided to have an elegant breakfast outside.
It was the first time that I had met a demon, so I asked various questions about the demon society.

Q1: What is the demon society like now?
“It’s still the same dynasty even after these past few hundred years. Since they haven’t made any movements like advancing onto human soil, it’s been peaceful. The government consists of the royal family and us high level demons.”
So that means it is a very ordinary country.

Q2: What does Beelzebub do?
“While managing my demesne [1] as a noble, I am in the middle of promoting the expansion of agricultural land as the Minister of Agriculture during this dynasty.”
As expected, she seems to be a person in a high position.

Q3: Are you married?
“Eh, don’t ask such strange things… Things like that, isn’t that for races who age fast?… Is there something wrong with being a v-virgin…?”
Is that the tone of a young maiden?

Q4: How do you live as a fly?
“While it may be true that I can turn into a fly, it’s not like I eat garbage of my own free will, so that isn’t a problem. If I brought out such things for a meal, it’ll be an international problem as it is an insult to the demon nobles. Certainly, rotten fruit is delicious, but in the end if it was rotten, it’s still just a rotten thing!”
Let’s be careful here. It’ll be better to treat her like a normal human being.

Well, now that I think about it, I should have contacted Leica since evacuation wasn’t necessary, but Leica came in her dragon form during our meal.

“I came back to ask about the situation, but it seems to have been decided.”
“It’s like that. It’s no problem to bring back my daughters now. Although it’s a bit rushed, can you do it by today please?”
Since I have a chance, I thought I’d let my other family members meet the Lord of the Flies.

Ah, it seemed like Beelzebub and my daughters got along well, as they were playing house and horsing around――isn’t what happened; they were excessively asking things concerning demon history.

“Thus, many noble lineages has fallen this way-jya――but why do you two have such an interest in a historical story?”
“Because things concerning demons don’t appear in books that often.”
“My younger sister Sharusha likes studying history—! Farufa probably likes math—!”
“I see. I see. Then, Farufa, next time I’ll bring books regarding differentials and integrals.

I don’t really understand, but an intellectual conversation was taking place.

That night when Beelzebub was to return, she said this:

“I would be more than glad to adopt either one of your daughters, but alas, it’s useless.”
“Although it’s an honor, I must refuse.”

And with this, the Beelzebub incident was settled.

1. Demesne – land attached to a manor and retained for the owner’s own use. (Or territory.) 



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