MLW – Chapter 31

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Heading for the Dragon’s Land


“If it’s possible, would you like to go to the wedding together? There’s no need to worry about the ceremony or those stiff things; it’s fine. A dragon’s wedding is quite proper, but you should go thinking of it as if it were a festival or trip.”

“Farufa wants to go! I want to see the bride!”

My daughters showed their interest before me.

That’s right. If it’s my disciple’s older sister, it’ll be fine for me to make an appearance.

“I understand. Then, let’s go. It’ll take two days at least to get to Rocko Mountain. But if I take into account Farufa and Sharusha’s transportation, it’ll take at least four days to get there.”

“I will become a dragon and bring you there. We will also prepare an inn for you.”

Then, it seems the discussion has concluded.

“A dragon’s wedding, huh. In that case, I have to dress up… In my hometown, we would wear a dress…”

It seems that Harukara is already thinking about what to wear.

“Well then, I should contact everyone back home about your attendance beforehand. I will return by midday.”

“Yes. Please tell them from me.”

Thus, it has been decided that the Plateau Witch’s entire household would be leaving to attend wedding ceremony.

That day we went to Furata village to get our dresses tailored. My two daughters were really lively about the fact that they would have a dress made. I feel relieved that they are still childish in this respect.

On one side, Sharusha was constantly considering which one was good while trying on the dress.

“Uum, maybe this one won’t match with my hair color…”

“That’s not true you know. You’re just overthinking it, Sharusha.”

“But, that’s because I don’t know which one will get praised by big sis…”

Well, I think it’s fine if she’s troubled by it; since she’s enjoying it like that.

Harukara was trying the dresses on display as soon as she could.

“Excuse me, Master, could you see if there is something wrong with this?”

A voice was calling me from the fitting room, so I went inside.

“How is it? Did you find one —— ah, this one is definitely not good…”

I automatically understood it the moment I saw Harukara, who was wearing a dress that revealed too much cleavage.

“Ah, but I like the color though…”

“It’s because your chest and butt aren’t really hidden…”

“…Ah!!!! This can’t be!! I’ll change the size!”

“Harukara, all the available sizes won’t fit your body, if you try it, it would be too seductive, so just make a new dress from scratch… Or rather, if you tried to attend in such clothing, you’d be banned from entering.”

I wonder if this will make her more conscious about her body.

In the end, I bought four tailored dresses for each of us. Leica went to her hometown to inform them about our participation, so naturally we did not participate today, but in the beginning, the plan was to attend the ceremony itself, so the preparations should be done.

Lecia returned before dinner, and it seems that our invitation to the ceremony was accepted unanimously.

“My family also said that they would like to see if the Plateau Witch would come.”

“I will be troubled if you treat me like some sort of celebrity…”

“Azusa-sama is certainly a celebrity. If you mention the Plateau Witch, I think everyone in the Nanterre Province will know about you.”

I want to say that that’s too exaggerated, but it was to the extent that Harukara, who lived in another province, came to rely on me; so, either way, I have no doubts that it’s likely that I’m well known.

“Although I made a dress and came here, Leica already has a dress, isn’t that right?”

Just to be sure, I asked her. If she doesn’t have one, it would seem like she’s being left out on purpose.”

“Yes, how many?”

“So she has a bunch. She’s definitely a lady. Then, there shouldn’t be a problem with the wedding then.”

“Yes, she’s planning to wear the dress she received as a gift from her elder sister.”

Really, what a pair of high-class sisters.

And soon, the appointed day arrived.

We put on our formal attire and climbed on Lecia’s back, who turned into a dragon.

Thinking about it, I’ve never traveled a great distance on Lecia’s back up till now. Rather, it seems the two have already gotten used to it.

On the other hand, Harukara’s face was green.

“Are you afraid of heights?”

“No, I’m drunk……”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to get drunk to the point where you start to sway…”

“It’s in my nature. There’s no way around it… I’m not good at anything except when I’m walking with my own feet… I was also on a boat when I ran away, but I was fiercely drunk then too…”

This child suffers from various issues, or rather, various weak points…

“Here, eat the dried mushroom to stop being drunk……”

Mushrooms have various uses, huh…

※ After this, Harukara, who was nauseated, eventually threw up; and Leica landed in the forest at once.

I patted Harukara’s back. The fact is, my disciple is suffering, so I think I’m doing a good job of supporting her.

“Yeah, yeah. Throw up as much as you can. Then it’ll become easier.”

“Haugh! Ugh! Blech!… Ahh, I feel better now… I am really, really, sorry about how I’ve been behaving…”

“Since you don’t have any masochistic tendencies, just calm down for now.”

My daughters also seem to be enjoying the scenery, and since the timing was just right; let’s have a break.

“It’s the forest~. Sharusha, Sharusha, where are we around~?”

“This is the Mireille Forest. It’s within Nanterre Province, quite relatively low in altitude, so the forest is dense.”

As expected, that kid knows geography well.

“Because a huge monster called the Long Spear Wild Boar lives here, few people visit.”

“Huh, is it that large beast?”

With her voice acting as a signal, I turned around; and without a doubt, a large wild boar with long horns on its head came along.

Though I thought those horns were hard to live with as is, the horns evidently extended. It seems that its horns actually extend only when it finds its prey.

Thus, I knew immediately that the wild boar was aiming for my daughter.

“Nee-san, Sharusha probably can’t win…..”

“Farufa might be quite bad as well……”

I immediately broke into a run towards my daughter.

“Don’t you dare touch my daughter! This idiot! Ah, if it’s a boar, it’s not a horse or a deer … Anyway, don’t come over here!”

I grabbed the horns and flung it right behind us.

It felt like a suplex. [1]

The wild boar who was flipped felt extreme danger, and ran away.

“Phew, I guess the situation’s resolved.”

However, a few other wild boars of the same species were approaching.

It seems like we were surrounded.

“Hey, Harukara, are you feeling ok?”

“I-I’d like to breathe in a bit more of the forest’s air…”

“I understand, I understand. Leica, protect my daughters.”

“I understand. Azusa-sama will be f-fine be alone right?”

Leica was smiling. Well, that was the case after all.

It wasn’t to the point where they’d be worried.

I defeated around five Long Spear Wild Boars.

Although I said I defeated them, I did not have a sword or weapon, so I physically beat them to death. Quite a few magic stones appeared; so as expected, there were monsters, not wild animals.

“Master has saved me again. As expected, Master is strong……”

Harukara said with an entranced face, after overcoming her nausea.

“I… wouldn’t mind giving Master a kiss… [puckers lips]…”

“You, in the first place, didn’t you just throw up……?”

Though it was obvious, we did not kiss.


1. TL: Written as “back-drop,” but it’s a reference to pro-wrestling moves.



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    1. They are slime spirits, it was briefly skimmed over in the previous chapters. (Around 16?) To put it simply, they are supposed to be the hatred of all the slimes Azusa killed to get to max level.


      1. The Royal Magician in “Hachinan tte”
        He became the royal magician because of his magic? what’s his main magic? He turns his blugeon looking staff into a megamage warhammer and coats himself in megamage armor made of magic… then begins to punch the monsters!

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  1. “Don’t you dare touch my daughter! This idiot! Ah, if it’s a boar, it’s not a horse or a deer … Anyway, don’t come over here!”

    I feel the pun was lost:
    What do you get when you crossbreed a colt (horse) and a deer? A Dolt! (Dolt= idiot)


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