MLW – Chapter 35

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The Power of the Angry Witch

I ran by foot. Within that time, the tumult grew louder.

It was only natural because it was a dragon’s battle. It wasn’t a size where one could hide.

When I forced a dragon to the appropriate place, I closed the distance with levitation.

“I’ll finish off all the blue ones!”

When aiming at a dragon’s face, it’s easy to defeat. I just learned that at first.

I briskly launched flame magic towards the dragon’s face.

“Uwaa!” “Kyaa!”

The screams increased. Even humans would flinch when their faces are being aimed at. I’m sorry, but I will not forgive you.

With this, I accomplished the first attack. Instead of a greeting, I shot fire.

There is also one that throws a cold breath, but that’s a stupid way of thinking. Anyhow, this one here is releasing flames, so it’s given that they would offset each other.

Thinking that a human’s flame magic is nothing is a big mistake.

I decided to rely on one finishing blow. I had considered using Lightning Magic, but it was extremely difficult to adjust its power. I believe that killing is going too far, so I want to stop just before that.

It’s basically just hitting the face. With this, I aim for a KO. It’s an intelligent creature, so if you strike the skull where the brain is, it should cause something like paralysis and the creature would lose its ability to move. In addition, I’ll use hit-and-run tactics. [1]

Three bodies began to fall within a blink of an eye.

Should I also use Wind Magic this time?

It is possible to launch a tornado directly below by soaring over a dragon.

I hit two of them with the gust, and they slammed into the ground at full force.

“Azusa-sama! Thank you very much!”

I heard Leica’s voice from behind. Leica was flying in the sky with her wings while fighting in the air.

“These guys pissed me off, so I decided to give them a beating. I won’t be satisfied unless I rake them over coals!”

While talking, I struck another dragon again. I punished them by striking with my fists.

It’s true that hitting them hurt for me too, but it’s not that bad. Even if it is painful, I more or less put up with it. This is a battle.

“Leica, hurry and finish up, then quickly go towards the volcano or else it’ll be bad. It seems that they’re also attacking that way!”
“I understand! With Azusa-sama’s great efforts, we have the upper hand over here! If it stays like this, we will win!”

Come to think of it, during the battle, the number of Blue Dragons decreased. I took down quite a few myself. I think I defeated a third of them. Well, things should work out now even if I only defeated that many.

Afterwards, when continuing the Blue Dragon search-and-destroy operation――

“You, what on earth are you?”

The Blue Dragon flying in the sky asked with suspicion.

Ah, this guy is the opposite side’s supreme commander.

“Err, are you Furafuratte?”

“It’s Furattorute! You, what kind of human are you? How did a human gain victory over a dragon with physics!”

Because she was curious, I answered.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?”

“What is Rome!”

Ah, that’s right, she doesn’t know a city like Rome.

“It’s an old city. Anyhow, if you build up steadily, one way or another even a punch can succeed. I mean, that’s true even in-game right?”

“What is a game!? You’ve been continuously saying things that don’t make sense!” [2]

Somehow after battling, the remembrance of my past life’s memories has become strong.

Now then, let’s end the chit-chat here. It’s already time.

Well, I’d like to fight the boss cooly if I’m going to defeat her.

I purposely turned my back on Furattorute.

“I will not let you escape! Since you sold a fight, I will gain victory!”

Like I would run away. Rather, I will not let you get away.

I pointed my hand that was on my side and awakened the wind.

With this, I was launched forward.

Riding that force――I roundhouse kicked the opponent’s septum! [3]


It was completely decided! However, since it was the supreme commander after all, she would not be defeated with only this.

“Damn! I’ll freeze you solid!”

Good grief, he that knows little often repeats it. Is that all you can do?

I fired off flames with all my power towards the enemy.

The flames enveloped the cold breath, [4] and continued unabated onto Furattorute’s face.

“Hot! It’s hot! I’m getting burned!”

It’s because you were bad!

When I soared above Farattorute’s overhead―― I swooped down with one go.

“Witch’s Heel Stamp!”

My heel mercilessly sank into her head.


Furattorute crashed to the ground with a thud.

“It’s my win.”

Defeating the supreme commander became an opportunity. The remaining Blue Dragons left in fear as they flew away.

“Well well, having gained complete control, it seems like there are no more problems to think about.”
I slowly descended and stood on the ground.

Although it may be a dragon, it was nothing special. Instead, the opponent was large and I was smaller, so it was easy to defeat. I could strike the opponent’s weak points by precisely aiming at them.

“Azusa-sama, you are truly a jack of all trades!”

Leica came over with empty hands.

“Well, this time, it felt like helping another person, or perhaps should I say self-reliance.”

“Azusa-sama, could you ride on my hand for a moment?”

Leica’s large hand――it would be a foreleg for animals, but dragons are higher level animals, so they call it hands as well――was held out in front of me. [5] I meekly complied with my disciple’s request.

While I rode on her hands, Leica raised her hands and placed them in front of everyone. Somehow, that made me feel like a hamster. [6]

“Everyone! Azusa-sama is present! This is the power of the Plateau Witch!”

I see, it’s something like a hero’s interview on the interview platform. [7]

“I was watching, but it was really amazing!”

“Plateau Witch, banzai!” [8]

“As expected of the world’s strongest creature!”

There’s nothing girlish-sounding about The World’s Strongest Being so I wish you would quit calling me that already… But for the time being, thank you very much!

However, it’s too early for the grand finale. The battle is not over.

“This time we need to go to the crater of Rocko Volcano. If they steal it, it will be troublesome.”

“You’re right… There are quite a few tourists there, and there is also the fear of innocent people getting hurt… Furthermore, today is the wedding ceremony, so there are not many dragons left over there…”
If that’s the case, we need to hurry.


1. TL: Bokasuka = …… wait it actually meant “hit-and-run.” Damn, I blame DC.
2. TL: Okay, “game” was written in katakana ゲーム which is usually used to refer to video games; it’s a more modern way of saying game. Thus, since MLW is set in a more medieval time, the beings of this world would not know what ゲーム is.
3. TL: In case you guys don’t know what a septum is:
4. TL: Okay, if you didn’t understand this sentence, don’t worry I didn’t for a bit. Basically, her flames were too strong that it overwhelmed the cold breath, causing the flames to envelop the flames, thus “masking” the cold breath.
5. TL: “Higher animals” is a b.s. Term, but basically it means higher lifeforms. A living being with intelligence would be a “higher animal.” I honestly can’t come up with a better phrase for this.
6. TL: Lots of footnotes right? 手乗りハムスター = hand riding hamster. It should be easier to just show you a picture though.
7. TL: ヒーローインタビュー = Hero Interview. This is mostly a sports term when usually the most important player is interviewed after the game is over, in this case, Azusa. 
8. TL: Ok, last footnote. If you don’t know what “Banzai” is…… banzai = hurrah. 




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