MLW – Chapter 36

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Go to the Crater[1]

“Leica, please take me up to the crater!”

If the damage on the side of the crater increased, the wedding ceremony will become even worse.

To put it another way, if we hold back the damage over there, continuing the ceremony is possible. Also, if we gain victory in this dispute, perhaps the mood will be ‘all’s well that ends well’.

“I understand! Please ride on me.”

Leica gently held onto me, then I rode on her back as it is.

“Then, let’s go! The other dragons and people who can fight, please follow me!”

Leica led the vanguard, and took off.

This was the fastest speed yet.

Looking behind, there were around five dragons.

For now, I guess this guy is okay.

The volcano did not release strong fumes, but even so, entering a volcano required considerable courage.

“Inside the Rocko Volcano, there is a huge cave where many dragons reside. It is not rare for humans related to the dragons to travel here.”

Certainly, after entering inside, I saw something resembling a human town.

“Tourist, government officials, etc. meet up from time to time like that forming something similar to a town, so we deal with them with our human appearances. There are also dragons who live their lives regularly with their human appearances, but.”

“I see. However, at first glance,  there’s no presence of battles happening……”

As we rapidly approached the town in the middle of the crater, there was no stormy situation to be seen, and dragons fighting could not been seen.

“Eh……? That’s strange…… Perhaps, maybe they’re already totally annihilated……”

Raika spoke of the worst possible scenario.

That is too awful. One way or another, I hope everyone is safe……

Leica landed in the outskirts of the village. I also got off of Leica.

Leica also turned into her girl appearence, then we explored the town together.

There was practically no great difference to that of a human town. Two storied buildings made of stone or brick, lined up on both sides of the main street.

“It’s awfully qu~iet though.”

“I also feel that way, but this might be due to many dragons participating at the marriage ceremony.”

It was quite an unexpected development.

The fierce battle was supposed to unfold here, but it was too quiet. The buildings also don’t appear to be destroyed either.

While feeling restless, we proceeded into the interior of the town.

“My older sister’s marriage ceremony, I want to do something nice……I want it to be successful……”
I heard the subdued grumbling from Leica.

“It’s okay. After everything is safely and properly over, older sister’s marriage ceremony will continue.”

I put my hand on Leica’s back. I hope I gave a little peace of mind.

Then, suddenly I heard something that was not familiar.


What is this? Groaning?

It seems like, similar to a dragon’s though……

While experiencing anxiety, we advanced, and were confronted with an astonishing scene.

Five blue dragons covered the plaza.

There was some sort of circular formation radiating underneath the plaza.

“This is more or less, can be said to be our victory……?”

An answer came out from the one’s related to the true identity of the groaning. An anguished voice came up from the dragons.

“It’s seems so, but it is a magic not often seen…… I wonder who used it……”

It seems that Leica did not understand as well. Even from my view, I don’t feel that it isn’t a very popular magic.

“Is it a spell system where it binds the enemy I wonder? No, that’s wrong. Rather, this absorbs the power, then weakening to the point where they cannot move…… It’s quite a vulgar system……”

When I did an on-site-investigation, there my acquaintance made an appearance.

“What, it’s you people, what a coincidence to meet in such a place.”

Turning my head to the direction of the voice, Beelzebub stood there.

“Eh…… It really is an unexpected meaning, but why are you in such a place……?”
“That’s because this is a tourist attraction. A good hot spring gushes forth at this crater. Once in awhile, I come here to slowly sooth my body from fatigue.”

A hot spring trip…… Because of that, Beelzebub’s reason for being here was explained adequately, but.

“Um, what happened to those dragons?”

“Because they were noisy, I punished them.”

Beelzebub said that like it was nothing.

“When I was strolling through the town, these dragons appeared. They swept away the tourists, lowering the value of the sightseeing spot, and started talking foolish things. Therefore, I came out, and then carried out an extermination.”

Beelzebub picked up a pebble, then carelessly threw it at the dragons who could not move.

“This is a magic that causes extreme weakness. It’s only handed down within the demons, so you guys might not know of it. Though this way, this is the just a way to lock up the criminals.”

“These five blue dragons, you defeated them by yourself!?”

Leica asked curiously.

“Huh? As if those five dragons would delay me in any way. One example is their cold breath, I am the one who breathes a more intense cold. I am a high level demon who has lived for three thousand years you know. I was surely not going to be defeated. Good grief, do not insult me.”

After that, Beelzebub face turned red, then her facial expression turned sullen.

“Azusa, you too, even though you beat me with a cheap move last time, you thought that I was together with those small fries right? Next time we fight fair and square, you do not know what is going to happen! Because I am strong!”

“Ah, that’s trivial right now though.”

“Wait, wait! It is not trivial! It is a very important thing!”

I approached Beelzebub, then tightly hugged her.

“Thank you! Thanks to you the red dragon crisis has been avoided!”

“Wow! Don’t cling! Are you not embarrassed! Besides, I did not do it for you people, but because of these shabby dragons getting cocky, I tied them up!”

“Huh. Beelzebub, you have a good smell as if you got out of the bath.”

“That is because in reality I did get out of the bath――wait, that’s something trivial, so let go!”

Today, I understood that.

Dragons are inferior to Beelzebub.


1. Lmao, footnote at the title already. Yea, so Japanese trend 101 class begins! “[insert something] へ GO” is just a phrase that Japanese people like using, such as 「温泉へGO」or 「バブルへGO」. No real meaning, but it started because of the TV show named “Go to Hot Springs” (the first example I gave), which kinda made this phrase popular and commonly used now.



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