MLW – Chapter 37

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Post War Treatment


The fact that the crater town was safe was immediately reported to the wedding venue.

Thus, the dispute concluded without problems.

As for me, I returned towards the direction of my daughter and Harukara.

“I was scared, Mamaー!”
“Kaa-san thanks for coming.”

“I thought I had to carve my will on a tree……”

My daughters, then even Harukara, came to hug me. Harukara had no place to embrace, so she forcibly reached out her hands behind me. but.

“Because Master did not easily come back, I was certain that you fell into someone’s hands and was seriously worried…… That worry also infected Farfua-chan and Sharusha-chan…… we suffered a heartache……”

Oops, I returned too late so that that problem also happened.

“Sorry, by all means, I did not have the time to turn back.”

“Mom’s side was more serious, so it’s fine.”
“Because Mama returned, I forgot my sadnessー!”

I tightly squeezed my two daughters many times over and over.

Thanks to a certain person dealing with it afterward, it was settled comparatively quickly.

Beelzebub with Weakness Magic to get rid of the movement of the blue dragons who came from attacking the wedding venue.

With this, the risk of the enemy beginning to act violently once again has disappeared.

“Good grief, why do I, the customer taking the bath, have to do these kinds of odd jobs.”

Beelzebub complained so, but in the end, all members lost their ability to move.

“Thank you. With this, the reason for uneasiness is gone.”
“Good grief, if you ask without holding back, it is shameful to refuse.”
Little by little, I’m starting to understand how to deal with Beelzebub, but this person is the type where they cannot refuse if you ask. ……This representation has become a boomerang and feels like it will return back to me though.

With this, I want to say that the marriage ceremony is restarted, but before that, an absolutely necessary thing is still left.

“Well, I’ll have you guys pay the debt now.”

I was smiling, but I am truly angry at this time’s matter. There are good and bad things in the world.

“Furafurataruto, make it easy for you to talk. Go into your human form.” [1]
“It’s Furattorute! Remember my name properly!”

“Turn into your human form. Then I’ll talk to you.”

Unwillingly Furattorute turned into her human form.

It was a form of a person, but besides her horns, she even had a dragon tail, which grew from her back.

Her garments were quite a pretty pink dress, with long, purple hair.

However, the Weakness Magic was effective, so her body stuck to the ground as it is.

“This is good right…… What is your goal……?”

Let’s ask Leica to do the negotiations itself.

“First, the reparations concerning this time’s dispute, you’ll pay this amount.”

Leica, who was in her human appearance, showed Furattorete a piece of paper.

“Uwah…… Y-you’re taking that much money…… That is higher than the cost of the wedding ceremony isn’t it……?”

“Mental suffering fees and consultation fees for injured people. It’s given that it would be this much. If you do disagree, are you going to stay here not able to move forever?”

“T-that is almost troublesome……”

The losing side has no qualifications left to say any complaints.

“I understand…… I will accept those conditions……”

Alright, negotiations are completed. However, since we have the occasion, let’s talk one more time. Right now we have the perfect third party.

I pulled Beelzebub, then went to in front of Furattorute.

“Here, in addition to reparations, I want you to sign a treaty though.”
“A treaty……?”

“That’s right. A non-aggression pact between the blue dragons and the red dragons. Of course, things like harassment attacks are out of the question.”

“N-no way…… I’ll lose my raison d’etre……”

It might be foul play for a human who does not desire marriage to say this, but I think that’s why you haven’t been able to get married.

“If you do not sign, you won’t be able to return to your hometown for life you know?

I told Furattorute with a grin.

“Three days without going home, doesn’t it feel like saying that you’re staying at your workplace?”

“Hii! Your smile is scary!”

“If that’s the case, sign. Okay?”

“I understand…… I’ll sign! I’ll sign! Therefore forgive me……”

“Azusa-sama…… were you thinking about this……”
Oh right, I have not yet told Leica this plan.

“With this, Rocko Mountain will be peaceful.”
“Thank you very much!”

Leica thankful to a very great extent. Thanks to that, my mood slightly became better.

The agreement was peacefully concluded between Leica and Furattorute. Leica was in the position to represent the red dragons since she is a top level dragon in terms of power.

I repeatedly poked Beelzebub.

“Please. Do it well.”

“I know…… It’s fine if I say it right?”

After Beelzebub dryly coughed,

“In conclusion, this treaty’s agreement has certainly been witnessed by me and Azusa the Plateau Witch. If this treaty is broken, that will sully me and the Plateau Witch. Understand it well.”

Furattorute face turned pale.

“There’s no way to defeat the Plateau Witch and Lord of Flies……”

“That’s natural. I could exterminate you blue dragons in five minutes. If you don’t like it, live your life seriously.”‘

Furattorute was greatly perplexed.

“I should not have done this……”

Thus, the postwar treatment has been safely resolved completely.

The injured blue dragons unsteadily went home; until they pay their reparations, only Furattorute was left behind as a hostage.

“Beelzebub, thank you again. They found a good common ground.”

It was unexpected that the blue dragons would even pick a fight with Beelzebub.

“Only someone like you would dare to work the Lord of the Flies so hard. Make up for it by inviting me to something fun.”

“Sure, then, if there’s an event, I’ll call you. I don’t know how to call you though.”

“There’s Communication Magic. If you don’t know, I’ll teach you later.”

Beelzebub, in the end, is a good person.

“I’ll rely on you in the future!”

Because I was always relied on, I feel relieved to have a person to rely on. Taking the opportunity, I hugged her once again.

“You don’t have to grab me so many times!”

After all of that, it’s time to continue the marriage ceremony.


1. Furafurataruto is basically a long confusing pun. The author has Azusa say it in a way where it was “easy” for Azusa so remember Farattorute’s name

Furafura = unsteady, staggering, etc.

Taruto = Tart (or a roll of sponge cake with sweetened beans)




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  1. Well… She discarded her dragon bat and started punching everyone. Then she found that Beelzebub was hanging out in the hot springs with the dragons(lol) beat up. Finally, concluded the fight with peaceful(?) negotiations…. Is that all? Thanks for the triple release!!!

    And baby, it’s TRIPLE!!!


  2. “After all of that, it’s time to continue the marriage ceremony.”
    The marriage ceremony of Azusa and Beelzebub, muhahahaahah!!!! Fufufufufu~ Hehe, oops, I got rather distracted with my fantasies… Thanks for the chapter!

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