MLW – Chapter 38

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Resumption of the Marriage Ceremony

Because the reception was tarnished by the arrival of the blue dragons, what was supposed to be the afterparty became the wedding ceremony.[1]
Nevertheless, something like the bride and groom giving marriage vows, such a rite doesn’t exist in a dragon’s wedding ceremony, so it wasn’t that big of a problem.
And now, the real afterparty.
Strictly speaking, it’s completely different from the first party.
At any rate, everyone came in their dragon form, but are now in their human forms.
The afterparty was held in a large building for the event. Mountains of food were lined up on each round table. Nonetheless, judging from the size of the dragon that I saw during the first meeting, it was sensible.
There the dragon human-like people were lively chatting while eating.
The party was a perfectly normal styled buffet. The amount that everyone ate is not normal though. Even the people who seem to be considerably elderly are eating around five people’s worth of food.
We also helped out with the cooking, but since there were so many dishes, before I could grasp a full understanding of all the culinary delicacies, my stomach was inflated.
“Kaa-san, I’m already full…”
Sharusha was the first to go down, so Farufa took her to a chair that was by the wall of the room. It’s remarkable that she’s properly doing something so big sister like.
Farufa could relatively eat a lot. The amount that the twins can eat are different, so their physiques are also different, but their general appearances seem the same, likely due to the fact that they are spirits.
Furthermore, Harukara can surprisingly eat a lot.
“Apparently, somehow when I eat, the nourishment goes straight to my breasts and buttocks~” she was saying such a thing.
She did not overeat to such a degree that she would be out of shape, but other parts were exhausted.
“Wow~, this alcohol, it’s toooo strong~ Already drunk…”
After drinking the alcohol, I instantly got drunk. While staggering, I ate some of the dishes, but I could only see the future where I vomited up everything I ate.
“Good grief, other that making ‘Nutritional Alcohol’, that elf has no good points.”
Beelzebub put heaps of spaghetti on a plate, then ate it greedily.
“Demons can eat quite a lot.”
“Eating delicious food, that is the secret to good health.”
I thought that living three thousand years means that health and the like probably had nothing to do with what she said, but it’s unsophisticated to purposely retort.
Also, because Leica is a dragon, she ate the most. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, but from what I can see, she has already devoured seven plates worth of food.
“From the viewpoint of a human, it might seem like binge eating” but for Leica, it’s normal, right.[2]
“Because I fought, I’m getting hungry, so it’s somewhat more than my usual.”
It seems like there’s no concept of a diet in the Dragon race.
Somehow, it seems to be only about meals, but of course there’s another element. At any rate, this is a wedding ceremony.
“Azusa-sama, I will introduce my elder sister’s spouse again.”
The bride and groom in their human forms were a good-looking couple, consisting of a handsome man and a beautiful woman. As was expected of Leica’s relative, the bride was quite a looker, and as for the groom, he had the appearance of a chiseled Hollywood Hunk.
“Azusa-sama, Beelzebub-sama, because of the great efforts you two gave this time, you allowed us to continue the ceremony once again. Together with my wife Reira, I express my gratitude.”
“Thank you very much. From now on, we, the Red Dragons will also be in your care.”
She was so politely giving her gratitude. “No, not at all, I only lent a hand for a bit…”
They immediately bowed their heads.
“You understand your position well. If you adore me so, I shan’t be opposed to lending my hand once more next time.”
With a hand on the groom’s back, Beelzebub took an ‘Ahem!’ pose.
“You’re putting on too much of an air! Modesty, modesty!”
“Why? I am great, so this is nothing bad. This is how I am normally~♪”
Alright, let’s use endless flattering from now on for this person.
――And, at that time, the atmosphere changed into a complicated one.
The child who was the supreme commander of the Blue Dragons came. She held a rose in her hand.
“Ah, you’re Cocoa Latte!”[3]
“It’s Furattorute! Why can’t you remember my name at all!”
That’s right, this child was left here in the form of a hostage.
“Um… Reira…”
Furattorute who came before the bride said “Congratulations… I hope you will be happy from now on…” while averting her eyes.
Afterward, she handed the rose toward Reira.
Oh, this Blue Dragon has a considerably good point, right.
In the beginning, the bride was surprised, but she accepted that rose with a smile.
“Thank you, Furattorute.”
“This time, it’s my loss. Since I was defeated, I’ll obediently give my blessing.”[4]
Apparently, this child’s nature isn’t a bad dragon at the roots, it seems. On top of holding a connection, I could feel something resembling camaraderie.
“Yeah, since it’s not possible for you to get married… I’ll attain happiness in your stead.”
The bride’s words were biting, and complicated.
“What’s with that way of talking?! It’s not that I can’t get married! It’s just that there isn’t a good man!”
“Really? How many many times have you boasted about finding a good man, or decided on a wonderful engagement… I wonder~”
Perhaps she remembered some embarrassing things, Furattorute’s face turned red.
“Humph! I hope you get divorced! I won’t send you my congratulations even if you have a child you know-!”
Furattorute escaped by running towards the corner of the venue.
“Somehow, that’s a complicated relationship, right Leica…”
“Although the relationship between the Red Dragons and Blue Dragons are as enemies, they aren’t mortal enemies, but it’s something that just runs deep. Although, this part may not be understood unless you were a dragon, but…”
No, I feel like I have a tiny understanding.
After that, I went to go get the dessert with Leica that I was aiming for since the beginning of the after party.
The egg tart, pudding, cheesecake, and other delectables that were made by the dragons were rumored to be exquisite items. Sweet things have to be eaten properly, as we have a different stomach for sweets (according to a theory, anyway).[5]
“Oh! A multi-layered deliciousness overflowing in the interior of sweetness, it’s just like a dream!”
Leica and I sat on a vacant seat alongside the wall of the venue.
“Um, Azusa-sama, I’d like to ask you for a favor, but…”
Leica was reserved for some reason.
“Sure, what is it?”
“M-may I please receive a lap pillow…?”
Quite an unusual request came out.
“Actually, a long time ago, I would often receive one from my elder sister…”
Ah, I see. For Leica, her older sister will be taken away with this marriage.

1. Kinda weird pun. 一次会 = First party, but 二次会 is afterparty (at the same time it literally means Second party), therefore the translation pun.
2. They used the term literally translated as “explosion meal” (爆食: to refer the the amount of food Leica eats. Click on link to see what it looks like; you’ll get a general idea after seeing the image.
3. Furattorute feels bad man. If you actually (for some reason) don’t understand what’s happening, Azusa forgot her name again.
4. If you haven’t realized by now, Furattorute is a FEMALE. Especially how she refers to herself as “Atashi” (the feminine way of referring to oneself). Also, you should have realized last chapter that she was a GIRL, by the description of her human appearance. She was wearing a dress.

5. Honestly, this is just a meme from the author.

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