MLW – Chapter 39

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Calm Family Hot Spring


“Okay. I’ll give you as many lap pillows as you want. Here, lay your head down.”

“Sorry for saying such a strange thing……”

Slightly shy, Leica laid her head on my lap.

“From long ago, I was better than my older sister at exercising, and my fighting was also stronger, but I always felt like sleeping on my older sister’s lap pillow whenever something happened. It was just the right firmness, or rather……”

“I see. So, your older sister already got married, requesting such a thing from the wife is also inexcusable, kind of thing?”

“That’s right…… That’s quite close to the answer…… desu……”[1]

Leica answered embarrassedly.

Always living firm and diligently, there’s also times when I want to be spoiled.

“Not as your master, but it’s okay to think of me as your older sister though.”
“No, in the end, this is just an exception……”
“Then, slowly fully enjoy your exception.”

By the way, I have daughters, but no younger sisters. It might be good to think of Leica as my little sister.

For a little time, time passed strangely between Leica and me.

I lived for 300 years. This kind of time where you don’t know how to classify is also good.

 ――Then, somehow the interior of the hall was noisy.

Looking closely, Harukara was sleeping on the floor of the hall.

What she doing, that child……

Farufa’s and Sharusha’s were calling out to her, but she doesn’t seem to be in a stage to wake up.

“Harukara Onee-san, wake upー!”

“Harukara-san, it’s dirty.”
“Oui~, I said not to drink my fruit wineee~ oui~”

It stood out the most in the hall. Certainly stood out more than the bride and groom.

Hey hey, don’t embarrass me too much……”

“Good grief, what a troublesome Elf.”
After, Beelzebub came along, then put Harukara on her back.

“Let’s carry her somewhere where a bed or sofa is located.”

That person is really a good person…… I wonder if demons are that good of a person to tolerate her?

However, unable to let the conversation end on a high note, Harukara started getting sick.

Harukara’s face suddenly turned pale.

“Ough…… I feel bad…… I’m going to vomit……”

No! Hey! Don’t throw up on my back! Absolutely do not throw up!”

Beelzebub also turned quite pale as well.

“Even if you say such a thing, it’ll certainly come up……”

“If you throw up, I’ll cut you to pieces, then thoroughly burn your soul!”

“I’ll be k-killed! Ah, not good, not good! Oof, oofー!”

“The toilet! Where is the toiletー!”

In the end, the two of them disappeared into the restroom.

Because Harukara was not killed, she probably made it on time.

At the end of the afterparty, everyone sang the bride and groom a song of blessing to end it.

It was a dragon folk song, and it was quite a cheerful song.

Well, I thought it was a good time to return home, but――

“Since we have the occasion, you should all stay at the inn in the crater.”

Beelzebub said such a thing.

“Eh, come to think of it, there was also a hot springs right?”
“Yea. How should I put it, because there’s a hot spring, come stay with me.”
“Alright, let’s stay overnight!”

When Leica said the whole family wanted to stay overnight, they made arrangements immediately.

I was a hero who resolved the dispute this time, so the hotel charges were free this time.[2]

Thus, we are currently immersed in the hot springs.

Precisely because there was a  volcano, the inn had many open air baths. Furthermore, a private use room’s splendid open air bath was such an extravagant method.

“Farufa is good at breaststroke~!” [3]
“I can only do doggy paddle……”

My two daughters were in quite high spirits in a large bath.

“Hey! Swimming in the bath is not allowed――wait I guess there’s no such thing. This is a room bath. It’s okay to swim, but don’t get dizzy.” [4]

“Ye―s!” “Ok.”
An understanding reply came, so it’s alright.

Everyone not in the children group were immersed carefreely in the hot water.

“For dragons, this kind of bath is not rare, but everyone entering is a fun thing.”
Leica was seated on the immediate right of me.

“That’s true. It’s really good hot water.”

I was in high spirits in today’s battle, so I’m thankful to wash away my fatigue like this.

Coincidentally, sitting on my left side is Harukara.

“A hot bath is good for sobering up drunkenness~. It feels good~.”

“It seems like Harukara has suffered terribly many times, but all’s well that ends well, so think about it positively.”

“Yes, I understand~. Eh………… it appears that I’m dizzy it seems……”
“The end was not particularly good!”


――And, someone pulled up Harukara from her back, then laid her beside the rock wall.

“Good grief, cool off over there. Because it’s open air, you’ll immediately feel more comfortable.”

As expected of Beelzebub.  

“The rooms were supposed to be separate, but it can’t be helped to care about such a thing now. It’s open besides me, feel free.”

“Yes. Allow me to do so.”

Beelzebub settled in the place where Harukara was missing.

“When you people are around me, interesting things happen, so it’s enjoyable.”
“There are plenty of things that make it hard to say it’s fun unconditionally though. However, this time I was saved thanks to you. This town was protected thanks to you Beelzebub.”

“I said it many times, but the blue dragons were suppressed, not for the sake of you guys, but as a hindsight-based opinion. It’s you being selfish to show you thankful feelings.” [5]

“Well, I’ll selfishly thank you. If I asked you, you would still help out.”
“I-I guess so…… Leaving that aside, let’s have a one-on-one match.”
“Uh huh, I understand, Onee-chan.”

A strange moment passed.

After I said it, I thought “huh?”.

“Why am I an Onee-chan……?”
“No, if I relied on you, you’ll help out one way or another, it’s bothersome, how should I put it, because you’re Onee-chan-like…… Onee-chan…… pu, pupu……”

After that, I laughed aloud.
“That’s right, that’s right. I have two daughters, Leica is my younger sister, Beelzebub is my older sister; that kind of family is also good, right.”

I enjoyed a slow life by myself for a long time, but a slow life with my family is also not bad. Rather, it was very good.

“Am I the younger sister…… I understand……. N-nee-san……”
“Being called this way by Leica is quite strange.”
“It takes a lot to deal with a younger sister. No mistakes made.”
Beelzebub sighed and also agreed.

“Mama, you look very happy!”
“Kaa-san, you have a nice smile.”
My daughters also grasped my happy mood it seems.

“You, however, if that’s the case, aren’t you missing one person……?”

Beelzebub turned her gaze to the back.

“Hahhh~, the night breeze helps you cool off when you’re drunk and dizzyyy…”

Ah, Harukara was still left.

“Harukara is….. umm…… the troublesome junior……?”

“Master, that’s not itー!”

Everyone except Harukara was laughing hard.

It’s the evidence of a good family when the laughter does not stop.

1. Alright, I’m sorry for the meme, however, in the original sentence: [それがかなり答えに近い……です……], です(aka “desu”) is a coplua, therefore no English equivalent. Therefore, I decided to throw some memes at you guys. Teehee!
2. Hotel charges is lodging, not meals.
3. Typical Farufa, she’s referring to herself using her own name.
4. 部屋風呂 = Room Bath It’s literally a bath in your hotel room. Here’s a pic:

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