MLW – Chapter 40

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Family without Outsiders


Now in a good mood after having refreshed ourselves at the hot springs of Rocko Volcano, we returned home in the plateaus.
“U~n! As expected, returning home feels so nice!”

Come to think of it, I’ve almost never experienced overnight trips, so this new feeling was quite fresh to me.

“Maaamaa, the bride was beautiful, riight!?”

The wedding ceremony had a few hiccups, like the Blue Dragon’s attack. But all in all, it seems my daughter has already rewritten those troubled memories with enjoyable ones; it’s a very good thing.

“That’s right. Leica’s older sister looked very happy, too.”

“If Farufa gets married one day, will Farufa be wearing those sorts of clothing?”

Farufa said innocently — But I, on the other hand, stiffened somewhat.
Perhaps a day will indeed come when Farufa gets married and leaves me for a life of her own.

Wait, but maybe since Farufa is a spirit and has had that form for fifty or so years now, it’s possible she’ll never become an adult. Since her appearance will stay that of a child, then perhaps she won’t get married after all?

Damn it! I fear that my daughter will leave me one day It makes me feel lonely…

However, as one would would expect, I’m just fretting over nothing. To admire a wedding ceremony is perfectly natural for a girl. It’d actually be strange if someone with the appearance of a ten year were to declare they wanted to be single their entire life.

“You know, when I get married, I want to live in a lovely red brick house.”

D-does that mean she’s planning on moving out?!
I received another shock.

Fa-Farufa… Even if you do get married, there’s always the option of the married couple moving into their parent’s house… Look, we can expand this house into a two-household residence.”

“Mama.. What are you talking about?’

Farufa tilted her head to the side, staring at me blankly.

Sharusha gave me a pat on the back without holding back.
“Sharusha wants to stay beside mother forever.. So, I’ve been studying cooking lately; I want mother to eat my delicious cooking.”
Ah, what a good child! She’s so considerate of her mother!

I reflexively pulled Sharusha into a close embrace.
My daughter is too cute. My heart can’t take it!

“Mother, are you happy?”
Sharusha is a cool-headed child whose feelings rarely show on her appearance. But I know that deep down, she’s a very kind-hearted child.

“Yeah, of course. Sharusha’s feelings managed to reach me.”
“It’s not fair for it to only be Shrusha, mama! hug me tightly too! Tightly!
Sharusha came begging while hopping in place. Farufa was honest with her feelings, but her consideration for others was the same as her younger sister, Sharusha.

“Yeah, yeah. Mama isn’t unfair.”
This time, I tightly embraced Farufa.
This might be a supremely blissful time for me.

“Well then, it’s been awhile since it was just the three of us, parent and children, so let’s sleep together.”
“Wa-i! Farufa is happy!”
Sharusha also nodded repeatedly.

To be perfectly frank, I’d be happier sleeping with my daughters than receiving 100,000,000 yen. I would never let the opportunity go.

――Then, I felt something.
It felt like Leica was watching us. When I shifted my attention to her, she immediately turned away, but…

“What’s wrong, Leica?”
“No.. It’s.. nothing..”
“Should I give Leica a hug as well?’

Like I said back at Rocko Volcano, Leica was like a little sister to me. Her appearance looked like it belonged to a middle school student, so she surely felt like a younger sister.

It seems like Leica is thinking for a while. Ah~ This is where I should be the assertive older sister!

“Good grief. It can’t be helped~.”

I hugged Leica from here.

“Ah, sorry, Azusa-sama.”
“I can stop if you want.”
“No… It’s not.. unpleasant..”

In other words, she was holding back. That’s no good.

“Leica, you act too much like an honor student. You have to tell me what you want with your own words.”
“Y-yes.. That’s right..”
Being selfish is part of the younger sister role, right?

Leica quietly nodded. In Leica’s case, she’s with our family; since she’s alone, I must fill the older sister position for her.

And this time, it’s the elf, Harukara, looking over.
“Master,that hug.. Please give it to me too!”
Harukara requested while expressively raising her hand.

“Ah~ Harukara… “
Certainly, partiality wouldn’t be good, but..

“You don’t feel like a daughter or a younger sister… “

Harukara is a two-hundred year old elf, but her appearance is precisely like a girl just crossing into adulthood. Furthermore, her appearance is.. um .. to sensual.. so embracing her might be.. a bit too much..

“Eh~, isn’t it fine since we are fellow girls? Look, like a tomo-cake.”[1]
What’s that concept similar to tomo-choco..
I have recollection of it from my memories in Japan.

“Back in my hometown, during winter, we would give home-made cakes to the same-sex whom we received a favor from.”
Does this world also have a custom similar to Valentine’s Day……?

“Haa, I see, I see. Then, get over here.”
“Ye-s! Thank you, Master!”

Harukara started clinging onto me.
Harukara’s breasts pressed against me.

“Huh.. I can’t get close to you like Leica did… Why?”

This kid sure says whatever’s on her mind.. I think she needs to be a bit more aware of her breast size, though..

“Would it be possible for me to absorb a portion of that chest size.. ? I wonder if such a spell exists..”
“What are you saying, Master?”

Like this, everyone member of the family got a hug and it ended safely.

That being said, I thought I was going to return to my normal everyday life, but――

“Azusa-sama, I have to prepare dinner soon, but I couldn’t buy enough groceries before travelling, so there aren’t that many ingredients to work with.”

Leica reported so. There were hardly any ingredients, for sure. But even if I go shopping now, there’s a chance the vegetables might already be sold out.

This calls for a special occasion.

“All right. In that case, let’s eat out with the entire family today.”

1. I thought we would go this chapter without footnotes, but nope. 友ケーキ [tomo-cake] or literally “friend cake.” It’ll be explained later on what this is. Also, 友チョコ [tomo-choco] or literally “friend chocolate,” is a type of chocolate given during Valentine’s Day in Japan to friends as a sort of gift. In Japan, only girls give chocolate during Valentine’s Day. Afterwards, the males give gifts to whomever they received chocolate from a month later during White’s Day.

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