MLW – Chapter 45

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The Cafe was Prospering Too Well


“Yes, two people right! Is a seat inside fine? Would you like an outside terrace seat? Well then, this way inside!”
“One customer right. Sorry, but would a counter seat be alright? Yes, then over here!”
“5 customers right! Then, please go to that table!”
I steadily handled the customers. While handling them, I also did not forget to put on a smile.
Incidentally, the counter seats were a long table hurriedly put alongside the wall. In the initial plans, there was no such thing.
The concept of comfortably relaxing has already starting breaking down. If the turnover rate is not increased considerably, customers that cannot enter will appear.
It’s just that, since they’ve known that the whole time they’ve been lined up, there hasn’t been a single complaint. Rather, I’ve been bothered by all the encouragement they’re giving me. Bothered, or maybe I should say embarrassed…
“Waitress Witch-sama, beautiful!”
“Harukara-chan too!”
“The twin waitresses are also the cutest!”
I never imagined that it would become this popular……
By the way, female customers account for half. There are also cases of Japan’s idols also having quite a few female fans, so it is something like that?
However, after all is said and done, the most popular one, or rather one that gathered the most attention was――
“Thank you for waiting…… This is the omelet that you ordered…… Please, eat slowly……”
She was stationed in the kitchen, but occasionally during the times when Leica would personally make and appearance and carry it over, the customer’s gazes gathered.
“A-an angel……”
“No, a goddess right.”
“If I had such a little sister, I’d have the confidence to hug her one hour a day……”
“Superfluous words are unnecessary. Just looking is priceless.”
Even here, Leica’s cuteness was flawless. Not only the male group, but the women as well were completely captivated. There were also tables with girls that appear to be teenagers chattering.
In reality, when I first saw it, I was also overwhelmed. My intuition was not wrong.
If there was a beautiful girl ranking on who you want to be your little sister, certainly she would jump to first place. She’s wearing waitress clothes though right now.
“Um, everyone, if you stare like that, it’s…… embarrassing……”
The destructive power of Leica who had bashfully blushed became outrageous again.
Finally, the blood that rushed to the customer’s heads released with a nosebleed.
“As expected, it’s Leica-chan alright.”
“A serious child wearing that sort of clothes is good isn’t it.”
“Harukara-chan is also good, but that child is too clever right.”
“Nonetheless, I still like boobs though!”
More or less that kind of remarks could be heard everywhere.
That’s weird…… Even though I was aiming for aiming for the type of cafe where one could take a breather, for some reason it’s giving off indecent vibes.
There were parts that deviated from my expectations, but the popularity of the store itself was great.
“This juice is truly refreshing!”
“This soup also warms me up. Even though it has a homely taste, there is also an elegance of the store!”
That’s because the menu is also only full of high quality things. Without a doubt, I was feeling very confident. This was also thanks to Leica and Harukara. But then if I had not checked anything, there was also a risk that something outrageous would be served though……
Therefore, there were no problems relating to the popularity, but that meant it was busy……

Just before noon, Sharusha was already sitting in the back.
“Kaa-san…… my feet cannot move already…… sorry……”
Certainly Sharusha does not have that sort of physical strength, was it hard work? No, on the side of the older sister, she still seemed lively, so she had mental fatigue.
Of course, the customers are also sending their gazes at the cute twin waitresses, so she was probably nervous because of that. Compared to Farufa, Sharusha is quite introverted in terms of personality.
“I understand. Sharusha it’s okay for you to rest you know. Rather, I don’t have the time to take notice, I’m sorry.”
“The-then…… I’ll only be in charge of the bills…… If it’s only that, I won’t have to trouble you without moving too much……”
“I understand. Then, when you think it’s too much, tell us without enduring.”
I’m glad that business is booming, but I didn’t expect it would thrive this much. There were many faces that were not often seen, not only from Furata Village, but it seems like they had also come from even farther places.
If this was a ramen store, it would be easy to ask why they’re coming so far for a bit of soup, but it’s a cafe, and because the store is today temporary only, it’s hard to say to come again.
Anyways I guess I should work energetically. One table was open, so I went outside the store and brought the next customer inside.
“Yes, how many customers are next?”
“One person.”
There was a familiar face.
“Beelzebub, I often meet you. Or rather, does your demon work leave you a lot of free time?”
“You, you’re being rude to your customers…… My antennas are sensitive like this.”
Although Beelzebub was an intimidating high class demon, she’s a blunt, good person. I also have received help from her in the past.
“Yet, from the looks of things, you appear to be stretched quite thin. Given this commotion, I suppose it cannot be helped.”
“ ‘Cannot be helped’ doesn’t begin to describe how hard this is. It’s so busy I’d take any help I can get at this point.”
And, at that moment, I came up with a good idea.
No, rather than a good idea, it’s just a mere request.
“Umm, Beelzebub, if you don’t mind, could you please help out with serving customers……?”
Putting my hands together, I tried requesting. Putting your hands together for a demon, somehow it feels like worshiping heresy .
“Good grief…… You immediately employ me like I am a handyman…… You know I am a demon…… I am not an existence that can be carefreely used…… There’s a limit to feeling good. ――――Well, I can also do it.”
“Thank you very much!”
To be frank, I thought if I asked, it would work out one way or another. Beelzebub is that kind of person.
“S-since you asked, I cannot help but answer……”
Beelzebub said while showing signs of embarrassment.



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