MLW – Chapter 46

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The New Store Employee’s Big Participation


“By the way, do you have any waitress clothes? There is nothing wrong with my appearance, but I might as well try to wear those sort of frilly clothes since it fits better.”
She was overly enthusiastic, maybe she wanted to try wearing it.

“I only have one spare set of clothing for when it gets dirty, so get changed into that. It wasn’t made, but one borrowed from a store though.”[1]

She decided to change into the new set of clothes inside a vacant room.
After waiting a few minutes, Beelzebub came saying, “I’m ready,” so I entered the room.

I saw, Beelzebub was standing there wearing the waitress uniform properly.
“The size is perfect. This is quite good, is it not?”

The person herself also checked their attire within the full-length mirror. As expected, this woman is having fun.

However, there was one point that left me uncomfortable.

“Ah…… wings are coming out of the uniform…… Even though that was a borrowed item, there’s a rip!”
“Well, this kind of rip can be repaired with Repair Magic.”
“Eh, there’s such a convenient magic? I never heard of it though.”
“You not knowing means that the magic is the type that is only passed down. Well then, I guess I will bring the book next time.”

Demons do things on their own free will without a reason. They can even do such a thing? It’s a magic to doom repairing contractors though.

Beelzebub rolled up her sleeves.

“Well then, what should I do first? I shall show you the serving skills of a high class demon!”

“Umm, well, could you go and get the customer’s orders? There’s a little paper with a number affixed to each table, so you’ll know the table numbers.”

“Alright, leave it to me. Let’s do ten people’s worth of work.”

Beelzebub thrusted gallantly into the battlefield (strictly a metaphor).

The customer’s gazes gathered once again with the entry of a new store employee.

“A new-newcomer has arrived!”
“She is filled with the most elegance compared to the other store employees, right?”
“No, rather a cold soldier-like atmosphere is coming from her!”

Certainly, one example of the the high-class demon Beelzebub being good-looking would be her way of walking. Her movement had no wasted movements, the spinal column was also erectly stretched, she was like an extravagant businesswoman.

As a matter of fact, there should be a bureaucratic like position in the demon race, so that’s normal.

However, I also had another concern.

Can Beelzebub, who was usually proud, do something like serving customers I wonder? If she intimated someone with, “Oi, you,” it would be bad.

Beelzebub determinedly put the glass with water on a tray, then went towards the table with customers who just sat down.
Will it be okay? Can she do it properly?

The customers stiffened just a little when a strange shop employee with a proud aura came. On the other hand, the children were frightened.

However, from there something unexpected happened.

Beelzebub’s facial expression changed into an awfully friendly smile.

“Welcome~♪ Here’s your water! Thank you for choosing “Witch’s House” today! Have you decided on your order?”

A splendid response! Even though she shouldn’t have particularly practiced at all or anything!

Furthermore, she’s at the level to give suggestions like, “If It’s this sweet, I believe this tea over here will suit it,” and so forth. It’s the technique of a veteran employee.

“Yes, then I have received your order! Please wait a little! Thank you very much for using our services today!”

Finally, the child customers started demonstrating their affection with, “Onee-chan, pretty~!”

“Thank you. When you also grow up, you’ll become cool you know. See you later! I’ll come again bringing the cooking, so wait for me!”

Am I dreaming I wonder……?
I was worried since I was sure that she was going to say something like ‘I am great-jya. Just order something simple so it won’t be a burden to me and leave right away’…… needles anxiety is just that, needless.

Furthermore, she even changed her ~~no jya verbal tic, and became like a skilled family restaurant employee. She even changed her identity to that extent?[2]

“Kitchen-san, Herb Tea and Chiffon Cake Set, Fruit Mixed Juice, two incoming!”
“I-I understand……”
The kitchen staff, Harukara, was frightened.

After that, I had the opportunity to meet face to face with Beelzebub.

“How was it, I worked quite well right?”
“You, when you were a waitress, you even changed your tone……”
“I am only proud only when I am in the position when it’s natural to be proud. What will happen when the shop employee is more proud than the customer? Not understanding something so simple, I am not stupid.”

A very sound argument was given, so I won’t offer up any any further complaints.

“Oops, there was another fruit crepe bundle order. Well then, using chocolate sauce, I guess I’ll even draw an illustration.”
“You can even do such a thing!?”
“There is nothing impossible for me.”

Beelzebub said with a triumphant look.

Even after that, Beelzebub poured tea into a cup from a very high place, tampered with the foam on top of the cup to making drawings, without holding back performances could be seen.

“Azusa-sama, an unexpected helper has joined……”
Leica said while watching Beelzebub pour tea into a cup with her hand raised very highly.
“Well~, as expected, when troubled, just ask for help…… If one person was carrying too much, it’s no good……”

Beelzebub’s words of doing ten people’s worth of work was completely just like that.

Thanks to that, the satisfaction of the customers of cafe “Witch’s House” is rising even further.

“Herb tea right! Thank you very much!”

Beelzebub’s cheerful voice could be heard again.

Thinking about it calmly, a cafe where a high class demon serves customers normally is unheard-of.

1. If you’re confused, basically (if you forgot) Leica made their uniforms, but she’s saying that this uniform/clothes were borrowed from another store and not made by Leica.
2. Uh this is if you actually read footnotes beforehand, but I’m sure that I mentioned before that Beelzebub talks with verbal tics like “~~no jya” and he speech pattern is different from normal Japanese (most of her speech being old Japanese). Lost in translation xD, but Beelzebub stopped using her usually speech pattern and changed it to a normal person’s.



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      1. When the girl says “Leave it to me!” overflowing with confidence, and they’re actually perfectly reliable and have every reason to be confident.

        I… Have I ever actually seen that before? In any novel, manga, anime, game… reality?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. This a good example of a “Employee Cloak” theory; when Beelzebub thrown pride and pedigree personality changed into a great waitress onesan persona.

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  2. “needles” > “needless”

    “You, when you were a waitress, you even changed your tone……”
    It seems that the day still isn’t over, so I think it should be “You, when you are working as a waitress, you even change your tone……” or something like that;

    “I am only proud only when I am in the position when it’s natural to be proud. What will happen when the shop employee is more proud than the customer?”
    “I am only proud when I am in the position where it’s natural to be proud. What will happen if the shop employee is prouder than the customer?”


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