MLW – Chapter 48

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Day of the Festival


Beelzebub decided to stay over today as well. Since I owed her a huge favor, it was only right that I display the utmost hospitality to her.

“I’ll draw the bath for you, so please be ready. I can also wash your back, if you’d like.”
“Well.. I want Farufa and Sharusha to join in too.”
“The girls are asleep though.. But alright, they should take one before sleeping anyway. I’ll go wake them.”

Beelzebub looked to be extremely happy with that. Seems like she’s about to blurt out, ‘Let me adopt them!’ again. Shower them with affection all you like, but they still won’t be your daughters.

“I brought this for the two of them to play with.”
Beelzebub brought out a toy duck with hollowed out insides.
“It floats on water. It’ll make bath-time fun for them.”
“So this kind of thing exists here…”

My two daughters seemed delighted to enter the bath with Beelzebub, so I approved of it.
They even came out smiling and happily drying their heads.

“Ah~ Seriously, the both of you are so cute!”
She really likes children.. Good grief.

“They’re so cute I want to bring one home!’
“I’m absolutely not okay with that!’
She got a bit too enthusiastic about the idea there, so I had to firmly turn her down.

After exiting the bath, Beelzebub started talking to Harukara about the ‘Nutritional Alcohol’, among other things.

“I wonder if you can grow those kinds of nourishing and sturdy crops in the Demon Lands..? As the Minister of Agriculture, It is my duty to advance policies that increase commercial crop yield”

“Ah, in that case, send a report on the region’s climate and other geographical features. I’ll compile a list of feasible crops.”

Harukara was a pro at these kinds of conversations. She was careless at times, but she could get the job done in her area of specialty.

They soon lost track of time in the midst of conversation, and before they knew it, it was time for bed.

“Well then, how about we go around the festival together, tomorrow?”
“Sure, sounds good. See you then.”

Like this, the long day at Witch’s House came to an end.

The following day, we set out to to the village holding the Dancing Festival.
There already were people dancing every which way. Also, the stalls had already been set for business, lined up in busy rows. At any rate, the place was like a flea market, with unneeded house articles being sold cheaply.

“Ho, they’re doing relatively well for a countryside festival.”
“Are you going to be arrogant today? Well, it can’t be denied that this is a festival held in the countryside, objectively speaking.”’

A festival such as this might seem comparably trivial to one in a big city. But it’s fine. The simplicity of it is just right.

However, since the festival is fairly local and tightly-knit, a great uproar is inevitable..

“Ooh! It’s the Witch-sama’s party!”
“Look, it’s capable waitress-san from yesterday!”
“Hey, clear the path!”

The small sea of humans suddenly parted, emptying the path, and the situation quickly became like the story of Moses.

“No, no, no! Everyone fussing over me just makes it harder to walk these streets, so please treat me like a normal guest!”

Given the situation, however, the people of the village would not concede.
“No, we insist, please walk freely on the main street!’
“That’s right! You’re like everyone’s god in a certain sense!’

I guess it’s all boiled down to this..

“It can’t be helped, Azusa-sama. Isn’t it fine to let them pamper you like a god for this special occasion, Azusa-sama.”
Leica is flattering me, but you’re also part of the ‘god’s’ party. There’s not much of a difference.

“Well then, Leica, why don’t you try walking with the attitude of a god? I’ll follow your lead.”
“I-.. I don’t want to.. It would be outrageous for someone such as I to do that….”
“See~ It’s no good encouraging others to do something you yourself wouldn’t do.
On that point, this time around, we do have a fellow with us who is experienced in being self-important.

“Ooh, the villagers here properly know how to make way when required..”
Boldly letting out her bumptious aura, Belzebub swaggered down the path of Moses.
Imitating that, Farufa also puffed up with pride and walked.

I wonder if her doing this was okay, as it was still within the range of it being cute.

While we were browsing and eating from the various stalls, we occasionally threw ourselves into the middle of a dance.

Chicken, sheep, pork, a whole bunch of skewered foods popped out at random. If it’s on a skewer, you can eat it while walking.

“Leica, which one looks to be the tastiest for you?”
“Let’s see.. The seasoned sheep meat looks good..”
“What, can’t you just eat them all?”

“You, I bet you’re the type to not thinking about diets and that kind of stuff..”
She really was a carnivore, in the literal sense.
“Won’t get fat if you’re active enough, and I’m busy all the time.”
Regarding that, I feel like she’s able to meet me fairly often, so I wonder if she really is working?

“Eh, come to think of it, Harukara has been gone since some time ago..”

After looking for her restlessly, we found her sleeping on the ground, drunk.

“N~o, I, can’t drink anymore……”

“Ah~ Get up, learn to stop sleeping on the ground! “
I pulled her up, since she wasn’t going to get up herself.
“Azusa-sama, at least now I know~”

Leica was holding some sort of small bottle.
“.. What is that?”
It seems this drink was effective against the type of intoxication Harukara had also developed. Incidentally, the other formulas tasted bitter and astringent to the point of making one’s head spin. I had prepared it in advance.

Leica poured it into Harukara’s mouth.

“This one is guaranteed to make her sober. It’s that potent.”
Then, when approximately half the bottle was emptied into Harukara’s mouth――

“Uee! What is it, this flavor! It tastes like all of hell’s torture in a single gulp! Who was it!? Who made this kind of thing?!
“It was you! You made it!”

“Aah, the un-inebriator…… Since the taste was too much, it didn’t sell a whole lot……”

Harukara immediately regained consciousness.. Sigh. That’s good, that’s good.
Well, I guess we’ve gotten through most of the festival.



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  1. I’m surprised that she didn’t get her chastity broken somewhere while sleeping around carelessly… I mean, a beauty with big breast and she’s drunk. A very easy target.

    Thanks for the chapter~~

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  2. I… Can’t… Stop… Laughing…. Azusa is such a great mother XDDD I’m now kinda feel like shipping Azusa and Beelzebub so that they can be a mommy duo for Sharusha and Farufa. One that teaches the children gently but strictly and another that spoils em rotten. XD

    PS: Harukara… I’m kinda impressed you’re still alive this far….

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