MLW – Chapter 52

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Termination of the Farewell Party


“Umm, what’s this…? There’s a paper with ‘Harukara-san, please do your best from now on’ written on it on display….”

Harukara’s eyes were swimming. The surprise was a success.
Alright, on to the second tactic.

Farufa went in front of Harukara, clutching a letter in her hands.

“To Harukara Onee-san. Onee-san made a lot of different delicious juices for Farufa. You also told tons of stories about interesting plants, and made looking for mushrooms very fun for Farufa. You are slightly absent-minded, but because of that, you never get angry at anyone and have always treated me kindly.
Knowing that Harukara Onee-san is moving, Farufa is very sad. If you can, please remain here, and I wish that you’d tell me more stories again. However, I also feel that I want you to flourish in your new place…. There might be various hardships ahead, but…please smile and live from now o-. Uu uu…. Y-you’re leaving…..”

Farufa was overcome with emotions and cried before finishing. It’s improper to say ‘nice’ to my crying daughter, but probably might move Harukara’s heart, right?

“Uu…. I’ll give this…!”
“Ah, thanks….”
Harukara accepted that letter.

“Now, what is this…?”

Next is Sharusha.

“I thought about Harukara and drew this.”

She drew Haruka sitting in the medicine processing room. As expected, she drew extremely well.

“Umm, er…. Thank you very much……”
While Harukara was confused, she did properly accept the drawing.

“Well then, let’s drop this dreary business and drink happily today!”
I put the alcohol on the desk.
“This is the 300,000 gold wine ‘Goddess’ Tears’ and the 500,000 gold spirit ‘Glory’. I splurged and bought them, so make sure your savor it without fair before you get drunk!”
“Eeh! U-um, master? This is some sort of misunderstanding….”
“It’s not a mistake! You’ve made plans to move to Nasukute Town, right? Therefore, today’s our farewell celebration for you!”

For some reason, Harukara suddenly turned pale.

“Mmm? You also feel like crying too? It’s fine, go ahead and cry. We’re all family after all.”

“Master, you’re wrong! I don’t have plans to move anywhere!”

That remark dropped down on the ‘now on’ part of ‘Harukara-san, please persevere from now on’.

We were at a loss of words.

“What did you say? But…aren’t you heading to meet the Nasukute Town’s realtor?”
“I am indeed going to go master, but I do not have any plans to leave here.”
“Then…? Are you deciding to go only when you find a good house?”
“No master! AS-I-SAID, I never had any intentions of leaving! I’m only going to go to the realtor just to make a medicine and beverage workshop in Nasukute Town!”

Now that she mentions it, didn’t she say before that she was thinking on building a workshop some time ago?

“Eh…? In that case then…we all misunderstood…?”
“That is so master. At least, I plan to continue to live in this house but….”

In other words, there’s no need for the farewell party anymore.

“So that was~it! Here I was worried and wasted my time….”
I dropped my shoulders. I felt exhausted.
“Just with these two drinks…800,000 gold went flying away….”

“Azusa-sama, I am sorry. I should have collected more evidence. It had been a flying farce…”
“Everyone? Isn’t it becoming an ‘it’s somehow’ my fault’ kind of mood?! Isn’t that weird?!”

However, at times like this, children were sincere at least.

“You aren’t leaving! Farufa, happy!”

Farufa reached and hugged Harukara.
“T-thank you very much! It feels like I received a congratulations. Finally!”
That’s it. It is a happy thing is for certain, so that kind of shift is all you need.

“Well then! We will now start the ‘Congratulations for Staying Harukara’ party! Everyone! Prepare the alcohol and the juice for the toast!”

In any case, we had an extravagant dinner that day.
“Ah~… This wine~. It is truly mild and mellow~. I can’t resist it~.”
“Of course you wouldn’t be able to. You’re drinking and crying at the same time. Actually, I’ve never had a drink this pricey.”
The best I had before was a time when I was invited into the village for an event and they opened a bottle of expensive alcohol for me.
“The meal today is extremely delicious. Are all of my favorite things used in them?”
“That’s because I made it while considering that it would suit Harukara-san’s tastes well. Personally, I’d prefer a little more meat. I don’t want to waste food, so please eat up.”
Leica brought out one dish after another. I thought that the portions were a bit small; it seemed to be a strategy to win by the numbers.

According to Harukara, if she made the workshop at Nasukute, she would be able to go there and back within the day if she walked. Since she’ll be the president, there won’t be a need to be there everyday once things work out well.

“By the by, don’t you need an enormous sum to create a workshop?”
“I’m putting in the money I’ve earned so far. Even if I fail though, I won’t be having any debts, so it’s safe. However since I’m going to make it here in a different region, I have a lot of uncertainties to think about whether it will go well or not.
Harukara seems to be reliable on that point, so it’s fine.

“The town of Nasukute is at the foot of the mountain. Since underground water flows around there, spring water is abundant. So, if I use that water, it’ll be possible to put on sale a health drink similar to ‘Nutritional Alcohol’ in large quantities.”

“Also, there’s a limit to employing people from Furata Village, but if it’s Nasukute, it’s possible to hire ten employees. I’m planning to bring experienced elves at the start, but if I can get many people from Nasukute as staff, it will also become job creation, whether it will be good or bad.”
“I see. The plan was to make it approximately the town’s speciality, so do it firmly ok.”
“Yes! I will work hardly!”

Three minutes later and Harukara drank herself drunk. Now she couldn’t make a meaningful conversation but….

“It will probably be fine.”
Leica said that as she smiled while looking over Harukara.
“That’s right. Management is her strong point.”
I was able to to celebrate the start of a new life of a family member, so that was good.

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