MLW – Chapter 60

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New Family Member is a Ghost


As a result of what happened, when Rosary’s soul was put to sleep and Harukara’s soul reappeared. This method of making Harukara’s consciousness stronger was a success.

When she passed out drunk, Rosary’s consciousness that dominant was replaced by Harukara’s. Once that happened, it was now the matter of making a situation where two souls can’t be in the same body.

It was originally Harukara’s body so as expected, Harukara’s soul would remain while Rosary’s soul which became unconscious was the one that came out.

Once you knew the theory behind it you wouldn’t be surprised however we didn’t completely understand the process so we were fairly anxious. First off, we weren’t able to make the assumption that Rosary’s consciousness had receded into the background.

“Before we do that method again, I’d like to at least investigate this method: if we somehow got Rosary to sleep in a bed, we could have possibly managed to wake up Harukara’s consciousness. As I thought…working an all-nighter isn’t good; your overall quality drops.”
“However, when I was summoned over here, if I did not emerge from the bath, the last idea might have no appeared. The great achievement of the injured.
Beelzebub had a triumphant look on her face. Well, since she actually did manage to pull off something worthy of that look, it was alright.

With this, the incident was settled safely but――

“Everyone, I assume we’re all tired from this, so I think we should all sleep until 5 in the afternoon. We can take care of everything else once we’ve rested up….”

Everyone took my advice and obediently went to sleep in their own beds only to quickly wake up in the evening.

“Uhm, once again, I will introduce her. This is Rosary, the ghost that will start living in this house from today.”

Everyone gathered around the living room table and gave their self-introductions.
Even though Rosary is a ghost, she was able to sit on a chair. She can make herself appear in our vision if she wills it and right now she was visible to everyone.

“I’m Rosary. I am sorry to have troubled everyone earlier! Please be friendly with me!”

Everyone welcome Rosary with applause. Even with all that’s been said and done, the members in this household are proficient at adapting. Soon, Rosary should be able to live here without any discomfort.

“By the way, are you able to move around within the house?”
“Yes. I can move to anywhere within the grounds, including the garden. Actually, I can even move past the garden. I can probably manage to go anywhere now.”
Eh? I thought you can’t move yourself from a haunted building?
“I think this is because of her fixation with the with the land she died in got resolved when she was moved. Right now she isn’t a ghost anymore, just a normal spirit.”

Well, indeed this place has nothing to do with Rosary’s past grudge.
“That’s pretty convenient. Well then, about your room….you can use the free room on the second floor of the Log House area. Even though I did say use, you are a ghost. Just tell me later if you want to move some things in and out of that room to suit your taste.
“I understand! Thank you very much Nee-san! I will never forget this kindness!”
For a person who is already dead, I’m not sure how much power the phrase “I will never forget” actually has but, it can’t be a bad thing either.

“Umm, this might be a little rude but…would there be any change in the cooking duty rotation?”
Leica’s so diligent. She’d definitely be a Class Representative-type.
“Well, I don’t think Rosary can cook in the first place, right?”
“Actually…I am able to do that.”

A cup on the table started to float gently.

“I can actually cook if I move a knife of a pan like this. However, I can’t guarantee the taste though….”

“I see…. It would be alright if you could do it but…. Hmm…is it really necessary to make it an obligation?”
I feel a little bit uneasy about this.

“Oka-san, you usually require someone to go on cooking and cleaning duties because they do eat and things get messy as they live their daily life. However since Rosary is a ghost, she can’t eat or make a mess. I think it’d be weird actually to make her do all that, Oka-san.”
Although Sharusha said it in a formal manner, that is precisely the reason why I was feeling uneasy. Because she is able to do those things, is it really necessary for Rosary to do them?


“Neesan, what you said doesn’t make sense! Please! Let me do those and other chores!”

Rosary stood up. To be more precise, she floated up.

“I’m going to live in this house from now on. Even though I am just a ghost, it doesn’t change the fact that I will be living here! Since that’s so, I must be able to repay my gratitude for that!”

Rosary’s eyes were burning with such passion.

“I’m sorry Rosary, I misunderstood. Well, we will let you do the things you can do, alright?”
If someone tells you that you have no obligation to do anything, you would probably feel anxious rather than be happy about it. You’d definitely be concerned. You can’t just make a housemate feel anxious.

Yes, Nee-san! Please, take care of me! Also to my other senpais, if there’s any trouble please let me know! There might be something I can do because I am a ghost!”

“Yes, best regards~!”
“Also, I would like to ask your opinions unique to being a spirit.”
I wonder if Sharusha intends to earnestly study spirits and write something.

“Rosary too – if there is anything that you don’t know, please ask us.”
“Umm…please don’t possess me too much…okay…?”
Well, Hurkara’s life WAS involved in this incident…. However, ghosts are scary because they usually can’t be seen. With Rosary making her figure visible, Harukara will surely come around to her.

“If I get new materials relating to spirits again I’ll bring them here and do some more research. Well…it’s not a pressing matter for now.”
“We were really in your care this time Beelzebub. I’m sorry to drag you into this even though you’re so busy.”
“Well, this incident was resolved because I was here, so you were right to call me.”
Next time, I’ll prepare something for Beelzebub. We’ve been in her care many times now.

“Alright then, since that’s over and done with…in commemoration of gaining a new family member, why don’t we have a party!”
However, before I was able to leave my seat, caught sight of Rosary.

Rosary was crying. You could even say it was at the level of wailing.

“I was betrayed by my parents…. T-to be cherished by everyone whom I don’t even have any blood relations with…. I-I’m deeply moved….”
“Well, when you’ve lived for a long time…you can actually experience happiness such as like this eh? I’m so happy for you.”

“…Don’t you mean when you’ve been dead for a long time?”
Beelzebub just had to make a tsukkomi. (TL: Tsukkomi = retort.)



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