MLW – Prologue

Translator(s): DCThanatos    Editor(s): Yuzuha    Proofreader(s): Merp-Merp\

Aizawa Azusa’s Perspective

Aizawa Azusa, twenty seven years old.

Corporate slave.

For work, I only lived for work.

I put love and fun aside, and worked earnestly.

Then one day, while I was working on my precious work, I lost consciousness.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was met with a young woman’s face. For some reason, she had angelic wings growing out of her back.

“Oh, I’ve died, haven’t I?”

It looks like in the end my life really only was work.

And I do not know whether this person is an angel, or a shinigami, but they are something of that genre.

“It is so. You have overworked yourself to death, and you’re only in your twenties. Such a heartrending thing……”

She was grieving for me.

As it is, I’ll try and be kind to this child in some kind of way.

“I will give you another life, one where you can enjoy yourself. I’ll give you anything you desire, what would you like? Or I could make you reborn as princess of a kingdom. Oh and it doesn’t matter what gender you choose. Lately, even men have not minded their next life being a woman.”

“Will any wish really do?”

“Yes! I’m lenient and generous towards women”

There’s no gender equality? Well, even if it’s unfair it’s better to have fewer restrictions, than to have many.

They said anything was possible, so without any hesitation, I immediately said what I wished for.

“Then please make me an ageless existence. Is that possible?”

That was my wish.

Because my life ended while I was pressed by work, I wanted this one to be longer.

“Then, I will let you transmigrate into a body which has Mana circulating round and round, preventing  you from aging.

Such a thing seemed so simple. How wonderful it would be.

“Are there any other requests?”

“No, that much is fine”


“Yes. Because I plan to live a long, slow, and leisurely life. I’ll be self sufficient and live atop a mountain. And then, for the things that are harder to come by like salt and so on I could help out in a nearby village and have them share some with me.
Because I lived in the big city of Tokyo, I wanted to live comfortably in a house atop a mountain.

“It is truly a slow life, is it not?……But I guess you can’t help it since you had a hasty way of living before. I understand. It may be incomprehensible and immature, but I want you to relax and rehabilitate on top of a plateau. Although it is not that you wish to live a long life as a grandmother. So I shall grant you a seventeen year old immortal body.”

Then, I began to fall unconscious.


When I woke up, I was really laying upon a plateau.

Nearby there was a single isolated house.

When I approached the house, I noticed a label. By the way, it shouldn’t have been Japanese, yet I can still read it for some reason.

“The person was very generous, I got lucky… No, rather it was because the angel had me reborn at such a place”

Speaking of being born again, I wondered what kind of face I had, so I went inside the house and found a mirror.

“I’m really seventeen years old and although the face isn’t bad, it’s more of a western style which I’m not used to.”

Well, it’s my face now, I’ll get used to it sooner or later.

“Well, from today on this is my house. The House of Azusa!”

There also seems to be a field next to the house, so I’ll be able to plant and harvest vegetables here. I think this place is quite convenient for a self-sufficient life.

The clothes that I’ve had on since I reincarnated contained about 15 gold coins, so I should be able to buy the minimal necessities with it.

In addition to that [the coins] my waist was equipped with a knife. Well, I suppose as a girl living on her own that’s for the best.

I saw a town at the foot of the plateau, no rather it was a village

Well then, let’s wander around and go shopping.



6 thoughts on “MLW – Prologue”

    1. I hear you. No one really knows what happen after you died. The scientific term says it in a boorish way while I like the part in the religion belief. You either go to Heaven, Hell or in the Spirit World which is a separate dimension as a place for both good and evil souls.
      But lately I more intent to believe that no soul is wasted upon death. Souls that are transverse, recycled, rebirth, reincarnated in the whole range of the Multiverse. I like even more that part as a never ending cycle of souls being born then died born again. Such the cycle of eternal spirits.


      1. Budis think more of like school of souls , we are here to learn . But I think is imposible learn if you dont remeber what you did bad in your life before XD For that I tried to be good person and when I died going for religion right XD


  1. How is being a princess an easy life where you can enjoy yourself? In the best case scenario, you’re in line for the throne and you’ll have to fight your syblings to the death whether you like it or not. In the worst case, you’ll be sold into sexual slavery as a baby making machine to someone who may not even treat you as human in a place so far away that you shouldn’t even bother dreaming of ever seeing your family again. Well, unless this is a more modern monarchy and you’re basically just a figurehead that politicians mostly ignore and disregard.

    I have a hard time believing that someone that worked herself to death before she even made it to thirty, would be okay living a slow life. I mean, sure, she might think that that’s what she wants, but she’d get bored of it fairly quickly. Well, assuming she didn’t starve first from not knowing the first thing about farming anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HONESTLY she probably never read a isekai novel in her life
    can you honestly see your self in her position(even worse as a woman) and choose to be a immortal pretty 17 year old and nothing else
    thats an eternal slave and other depraved things right there for the taking if she was ever found out(unless immortality was a normal thing around those parts)


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