My Sister is Jealous of Another World Girl~Fun Harem Store Management

Author: Hong Hu(紅狐)

While living together with her younger sister, Yuki Kinoshita ( 3rd-year high school student) transfers to another world in front of her younger sister’s eyes.
To rescue her older brother, she pursues after him into another world by transferring there right before her brother in naked.
The siblings will have debts in another world, and start managing the stores together with an elf to repay their debts.
As a kemo-eared girl and a young woman join them, both siblings are trying to find the means to return to their original world.

Harem, kemo-eared, magic, flirting, multiple races, battle scenes and so on.
There will be some ero jokes, so please take note.


Chapter 0: Family Meeting and Departure
Chapter 1: Omurice and Messages
Chapter 2: Necklace and Stripes
Chapter 3: Ring and Tray
Chapter 4: Magic and Pot Lid