OP Waifus – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 : The optimist chief priest and the pessimistic visitor.


Steam enshrouds our surroundings. Though I said that the lake blew up, I think at most a third of it did. Nevertheless, the sounds of a rampaging whale are nowhere to be heard anymore.

The ground around where Rita and I were fighting the tentacles has been gouged out and water is flowing into it. It’s not rain that is falling on my head, but the water from the lake that was flung into the air.

The 『Leviathan』is… yeah. It vanished without a trace. Was it vaporized, or did it escape? Well, either way is fine with me.

「Ancient magic is totally a cheat.」(Nagi)

My slave is a cheat. What do I do?

「…Well, guess it can’t be helped.」(Nagi)

Both Rita and I are safe. Since I am Cecyl’s master, it seems that I was protected from her magic. Although either way, I was at a safe distance since I ran. Likewise, Rita is safe too.

It seems that those 『Iturna Cult』 members are alright as well. It turns out that the carriage had somehow become a shield even though I had distanced it from the lake. The very thing itself has broken into pieces, and those guys who were in the carriage are scattered at different locations as they still affected by the poison.

They really are unconscious.

My eyes meet with one of the priest’s. Is he still affected by the poison? He’s just sitting, doing nothing. Anyhow, the most important thing is that they are still alive.

I hope they will testify that I saved them.

And then when I look closely, there are something like fish scales at my feet.

There are 7 of them. The size is about my palm. And their colors are pearl grey. They are skill orbsーaren’t they?

I don’t know what are their effects. I wonder if they are 『Leviathan』’s item drop. I pick them up.

「…Nagi… hyama… 」(Cecyl)


Beyond the rain, there is Cecyl. She looked like she’s coming out from the steam. Her clothes are wet, and her long silver hair is sticking to her body.

Above all else, Cecyl’s face is bright red and her eyes look like they are going to shut anytime soon.

「A-are you alright!? What happened!? Cecyl!」(Nagi)

「…-lright… perhaps… magic power… used… hiiii… gi…」(Cecyl)


I catch her small body that is about to fall in a hurry.

Did she use up all of her magic power…? I see.

Even if she is from the demon race, it seems that the『Ancient Language Magic, Fireball 』’s magic power consumption was way too much for Cecyl’s small body.

Because of this power. For 『Ancient Language Magic』, the 『Light』and 『Flame Arrow』are probably the limits that can be used generally.

Even so, I have to think about it in the future.

「That’s enough for today. Let’s go back, Cecyl.」(Nagi)

「Wait a minute!!」(Rita)

Ah, there’s one bothersome fellow here.

When I look over my shoulder while carrying Cecyl in my arms, chief priest Rita is glaring at me with burns all over her robe.

「Thank you, Chief Priest Rita. With this, I think I have completed the 『Contract』, right?」(Nagi)

「Eh… yes, you have completed the 『Contract』. You have saved us from that monster.」(Rita)

「Then, I want to go home since my job is finished. Good-bye.」(Nagi)

「Hey, who are you guys?」(Rita)

「I hate to work overtime. That’s why please let me go home.」(Nagi)

「Don’t go ahead. I’ve never even heard of a skill that could make a regeneration ability go rampant, and what was with that magic just now? How did a girl who could use that kind of magic become your slave?」(Rita)

「I’m just someone who came from the east.」(Nagi)

I really have faith in Rita. She was kind to Cecyl and even gave her a skill orb. When they reached the village, she diligently tried to gather some information. What she’s doing is decent too.

But, that’s it.

「I’m from a distant country, and I’m just someone who has weird skills which are mementos of my grandfather. There’s nothing bad about me.」(Nagi)

I decide to change the topic before it becomes more serious.

While I’m at it, I pull Rita away from those priests. I don’t think they would be able to hear anything, but I don’t really want to take the risk.

「…Rita, don’t you think you should quit the cult?」(Nagi)

「What!? It took me a lot of effort to become a chief priest, y’know! 」(Rita)

「Is it fun to be surrounded by subordinates who don’t even listen to your words and are obsessed with the doctrine?」(Nagi)

If it’s the pattern that I know, an organization that prioritizes its local rules over reality is doomed to collapse, though. Furthermore, the damage from the hard landing is high.

「This time it ended up with nobody getting injured, but isn’t it best for you to leave the cult before something even worse happens? Rita has no discrimination towards demi-humans, so you must at least have a decent sense of judgment.」(Nagi)

「No! I have nowhere to go if I leave the cult! 」(Rita)

「How about becoming an adventurer or something? With your combat abilities, there are those who would want you, you know?」(Nagi)

「…Want me? Does that include you?」

「Eh? Uhm, yeah. I really want someone who can fight in the vanguard.」(Nagi)

「……Oh. Thanks.」(Rita)

Rita flushes a bit and *kohon*  clears up her throat.

「B-but. I can’t just change my way of life right now. I’m scared. I have been doing jobs for the cult for a long time, ever since I was little.」(Rita)


As expected, the advice is as per the pattern, isn’t it?

That’s not it.

I can assuredly say that from my experience, Rita’s position is considerably dangerous. That’s why I can’t just let it off the hook.

「Rita, the fact that you became the chief priest…」(Nagi)

「It’s just a temporary measure since a lovely girl is better at gathering believers at Metekal. I’m just a poster girl for the sake of gathering more believers, right?」(Rita)

Rita say it like it’s nothing. What, she was already aware of that?

「Still, it’s definitely a chance for me. If I can collect a lot of believers, even the bishop who governs the Metekal’s『Cult』branch division can’t just ignore my achievements right? In that way, I can increase my achievements and aim for the top. Since I’m going to change the cult from inside.」(Rita)

Rita looked at those priests who are lying around and made a wry smile.

「Didn’t I say before? I once had a human beast as my friend. I want to tell those people. That I will not discriminate against others by their race. And I want you to understand that.」(Rita)

…She’s really amazing, isn’t she?

Rita is probably the one who can change the organization.

「Anyway, I still didn’t say thank you for your help. Thank you.」(Rita)

Rita bows deeply.

「You… etto, Nagi right? Both of you and Cecyl-chan had saved our lives. I will report this matter properly to the Metekal’s cult branch. Please be relief since I will pay your reward properly.」(Rita)

「It’s a 『Contract』right?」(Nagi)

「…B-by no means do I want to become Nagi’s slave.」(Rita)

Rita flushes a bit when she says it.

Then, she looks at Cecyl who is in my embrace.

「But, I’m sure that you’re taking care of Cecyl-chan properly. That’s just my speculation. I’m sorry for calling you a heretic.」(Rita)

「Yeah. It’s good that you understand. Well then, we’ll be going.」(Nagi)


「It would be good if you can keep a secret about my skill and Cecyl’s magic.」(Nagi)

「That’s fine, but… If you said that you had driven away the monster of the lake then won’t you get the rewards from the village?」

「Unーno. I don’t want to incur someone’s enmity since I snatched away the people from the guild’s work. A person was happened to pass by and drove away the 『Leviathan』with his magic after saving the priests. The strange thing was that the lake was that the『Leviathan』 suddenly went on a rampage… I think that would fit the story. For the sake of Cecyl too.」(Nagi)

My job and Cecyl’s were to save lives until the end.

It has been decided that the reward is for one to risk his life to save the carriage while being attacked by the 『Leviathan』’s tentacles.

「Understood. I’ll match it up with the story. You have some circumstances, right?」(Rita)

「Thank you. Rita.」(Nagi)

Actually, I want to make a『Contract』with Rita to keep her from telling about our abilities… but I think it’s fine.

After all, Rita gives off the feeling of trustworthiness… Or more precisely, I trust her that much.

She really became a shield throughout the battle and she even protected me from the paralysis needles.

If not, I would be paralyzed by now.

And Cecyl also seems to like Rita.

It will be hard to tell Cecyl that I had silenced Rita by using a『Contract』.

「Nagi… you are different, aren’t you?」(Rita)

「I came from far away and I have yet to get used to the rules over here.」(Nagi)


Suddenly, Rita comes close to my face.

She sniffs me… I’m being sniffed? Why?

「It’s not an unpleasant scent… I think? I don’t understand it… it’s a unique scent.」(Rita)

「E-etto? What is this? Can you tell it just by smelling? 」(Nagi)

「…I-I don’t know… and I’m not an animal…!」(Rita)

I involuntarily retract my body and Rita also pulls back her head. I’m surprised. Or rather, that’s too close.

Fighting the 『Leviathan』with bare-hands, smelling other people’s scent, somehow… Rita acts like an animal.

It’s an image of a wild beast. She handled the tentacles’ attacks also by sensing them.

「A-anyway! I got it. I’ll do like what Nagi has said!」(Rita)

She clears her throat as if to deceive and Rita holds out her hand to me.

It appears to be a handshake.

「Hey Nagi, if I become a Pope and change the cult, won’t you become my subordinate?」(Rita)

「I’ll think about it if I still haven’t reached the point where I don’t have to work anymore.」(Nagi)

「You’re really different, aren’t you?」(Rita)

Rita smiles.

Then we shook hands and bid farewell.



Nothing particularly different happened when I returned to the inn.

Speaking of different, the breakfast for the next day was grilled fishes.

There was a huge uproar in the village that the 『Leviathan』had left.

The guild’s people were angry since their only『One request had gone』, but when I came on the next day, they seemed to be happy since they were treated with the village’s fish based cooking.

Looked like that『Iturna Cult』was also staying at the village for about two days since there were priests who got injured and their carriage had also broken.

We left the inn and headed towards Metekal stronghold city.

Since we nonchalantly follow behind the adventurer’s carriage, there was no occasion where we were attacked by the monsters.

We arrived at the Metekal’s inn safely on the next evening.

Somehow, I felt like I’ve been working too much.

Until we register at the guild, one day… no, it would be good to take a rest for two days… Alright, let’s have a break.

Like that, we do nothing on the first day and we take a walk around the city on the second day. After shopping, I visited the『Iturna Cult』’s branch and told them the name of the lodging where we are staying at.

It’s was a message to Rita.

Well, it will take time to explain it to the cult and I wonder how long for them to give us the rewards,ーthat’s what I thought and on the same night.

When we finished eating our meal and were preparing to register at the Adventurer Guild, there’s a knock on the door.

When I open the door, Rita is standing outside.


「…The cult has fired me.」



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  1. And then when I look closely, there are something like fish scales at my feet. There are 7 of them. The size is about my palm. And their colors are pearl grey. They are skill orbsーaren’t they? I don’t know what are their effects. I wonder if they are 『Leviathan』’s item drop. I pick them up.
    Nhmmm new skill get?. Wonder what they are and when will we see them.


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