OP Waifus – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 : The brilliant change of Chief priest Rita


Let’s think about this carefully.


Standing in front the door with a face that’s about to cry is the 『Iturna Cult』’s chief priest Rita.

I’m sure about it.

She wears the same robe and has blonde hair and cherry blossom pupils.


No……there’s something different?


She is wearing a collar.

It’s a leather collar which is identical to Cecyl’s.


Does that mean Rita has become a slave?


To whom?


「To Nagi.」(Rita)


Rita said it when she noticed that I was looking at the collar.



「That’s right.」(Rita)






「That’s the 『Contract』right?」(Rita)

「Yes. It certainly is.」(Nagi)


The 『Contract』was to save those priests for 20000 Arusha.


What did Rita say at that time?


「I’m doing this『Contract』as a representative of the 『Iturna Cult』’s caravan. Please save us since I’ll pay 20000 Arusha! But if I can’t pay that, then I’ll become your slave and you can do anything to me, right!」
「……Then just pay me, right?」(Nagi)

「That’s why! Didn’t I tell you that I was fired from the cult! 」(Rita)

「Don’t you have something like savings or salaries before this?」(Nagi)

「Salaries are only for higher position priests, other than that, our living expenses are offsetting each other! I who just became a special rank 3 chief priest haven’t received my salaries yet! 」(Rita)


*zun* And Rita enters the room.


I close the door behind me and when I think that I’m going to be yelled atー she bursts into tears.


She bites her lips and the tears flow out from her eyes.


「I told them properly. The ones who saved us were Nagi and Cecyl. They helped me fight the 『Leviathan』and moved the carriage to a safe range. They risked their lives, I told them properly! 」(Rita)


*ban*baban* Rita hits the bed.


Dust is scattering around and please stop since you’re worrying Cecyl.


「The compensation for the rescue is 20000 Arusha. I said that I should pay them for the cult’s honor.」(Rita)

「And, what happened then?」(Nagi)



With a sorrowful expression, Rita glances sideways at Cecyl’s face.


「………The demon attacked us because I let the wicked dark elf into the carriage……they said that it was the goddess’s punishment upon me.」(Rita)

「Alright, let’s go and destroy the cult right now.」(Nagi)


I’m lifting the cheat ban.

To destroy them right now.

Let’s do it.


They have got to be fucking kidding me.


That’s what they said after I’ve helped them out.


「Cecyl, I allow you to use the『Ancient Language Flame Arrow』.Let’s blow up the 『Iturna Cult』’s branch.」(Nagi)

「Please don’t do that!」(Cecyl)


Cecyl seizes my hand in a hurry.


「Please don’t mind about what they said about me. Nagi-sama’s goal is 『Hiding your abilities, pretend to be useless and travel around the world』right? What are you going to do with such flashy acts?」(Rita)

「Only this time. Because I’m just going to burn them stealthily.」(Nagi)

「Then I’ll be troubled. I’m happy with Nagi-sama’s feelings but please stop since it’s going to hurt me.」(Rita)



Even though I want those guys to know what will happen if you anger a harmless doujin game creator.


I never felt something like this, not even when my site was destroyed.


「And then what happened when Rita was being told so?」(Nagi)

「Wellー, I snapped a bit at that moment. Like that, I called Bishop-sama a heretic. Ehehe.」(Rita)


You don’t have to be embarrassed, right?


「Inadvertently, my 『Divine skill』was sealed away. Hahaha」(Rita)


And that also is not a laughing matter.


「Well, I thought I was a little adult at that timeー. But, when they said bad things about Cecyl-chan, And those priests that traveled together with me also said 『This is all your fault! How are you going to take the responsibility!? 』And before I noticed, I was yelling… 『This heretic! 』.

Then the bishop-sama said 『If you’re able to say something to that extent, then you may also consider paying those adventurers’ rewards.

But I’m going to seal off your power as a punishment for your remarks.』. He said .」(Rita)


「Then did Rita voluntarily agree to seal off your 『Divine power』?」(Nagi)

「That’s rightー. Then once again, bishop-sama, his assistant, and other priests discussed the situation.」(Rita)

「As expected they can’t pay it after all?」(Nagi)

「I completely misunderstood that.」(Rita)

「Then, did Rita called the bishop a heretic again? 」(Nagi)

「Well… I just roundhouse kicked them.」(Rita)


Of course, you’ll be fired for that.


That’s among the top 3 things you shouldn’t do before you retire.


「It’s alright, I don’t need any sympathy. It’s just my bad habit where I’m overshadowed by my short-temperedness. The bishop who only thinks for his own sake is also bad. And I properly washed and cleaned up when I came!」(Rita)

「Even so, it’s useless. And, the last part is not trivial.」

「Afterwards, they subdued and threw me out from the cult branch while saying『Get out, you’re firedー!』, that’s it.」(Rita)


When I’m about to disperse the heavy atmosphere, and *panpanpan* Rita claps her hands together.


「………I misunderstood it after all.」(Rita)


Rita breathes out a long sigh.


「I knew it. I’m not suited to be something like a chief priest.」(Rita)

「The one who is the problem is the cult itself.」(Nagi)

「Well… When I kicked the bishop, I realized that I’m not fitted to be in the cult. A person can manage himself if there’s a problem in the cult. But I’m not for something like that. I’m sure, it would be like this sooner or later.」(Rita)


Rita stretches herself and said with a refreshed expression.


「It’s good that I realized it sooner. I couldn’t go back if when it’s already 10 or 20 years later. I’m sure that I’ll be more depressed. My life would have broken down. With this happened, it’s more than enough.」(Rita)


I see.


Well, if the person herself agreed, then it can’t be helped but to consent with it.


………huh? Why did you kneel before me?


She takes my hand carefully as she cherishes it, kisses with her lips ーtte, what are you doing?


「I, hereby pledge, on the basis of the 『Contract』, I recognized Nagi as my master, and I devote this one body, soul, and mind, to be his slave and serve him. So I wish that this bond will never break apart even in the afterlife.」(Rita)


「I can’t see this collar.」(Rita)

「But I can see it though?」(Nagi)

「This is a proof that the 『Contract』has been invoked. When I was fired from the cult, I can’t pay the rewards that I had promised Nagi, so I had to fulfill the other promise which is 『I will become a slave if I couldn’t pay the rewards.』.

The collar is the proof.

It’s the effect of the 『Contract』.」(Rita)


That being said, Rita took my left hand.


Next to the red crystal ball when I made a contract with Cecyl which has the same size except it is in cherry blossom color.


ー!!, when did you!?


「See, Nagi has the proof for the 『Contract』as well……」(Rita)


Rita stands up and look at me. For some reason *chirari* her cheeks turn red.


「I have made up my mind. Now, my master! Come at me!」(Rita)


Rita is a little bit shorter than me.


She looks downward as her face becomes bright red while intertwining her fingers with her soft blonde hair.


She’s nervous and her shoulders are trembling.

The collar around her neck that has some metal fittings on it ring.


Those likely elastic breasts are shaking under her robe.


Rita has hand-to-hand combat abilities which allowed her to fight  the 『Leviathan』with her bare-hands.

Since I’m training myself, my body is well-trained but compared to her, mine is out of place.

Unconsciously, she stole a glance at me and when I noticed that I was looking at her from her chest to her waist, I averted my eyes in a hurry.


「D-don’t just  「Come at me!」 I’ll be troubled if you decide that at your own convenience! 」(Nagi)

「I’m troubled as well. And I really took it into consideration!」(Rita)

「Didn’t you say that you hate being my slave!」(Nagi)

「When I said 『Is that really soー』, I didn’t really mean it! The things about Nagi and Cecyl being together, such things like that. And then………」(Rita)

「And then?」(Nagi)

「……Since it can’t be helped and it’s not a bad thing if the other party is Nagi…… What are you going to do!? This is the first time I’ve felt something like this! Therefore, take the responsibility, master!! 」(Rita)

「Does a slave has that kind of arrogant attitude! 」(Nagi)

「Nagi is the one who told me the things that I didn’t know about the cult from the other point of view. You helped me and even gave me some advice. And you listened to my stories. Besides…… You cherished your own slave, I can tell by looking at Cecyl! Therefore, it’s fine! 」(Rita)

「……Even if you told me that it’s fine.」(Nagi)

「Besides, I don’t have anywhere to go! 」(Rita)

「Isn’t that your real intention?! 」(Nagi)

「Is Nagi going to be an adventurer after this? Although my divine skills have been sealed off, I still have my hand-to-hand combat ability. I think it would be balance if Cecyl-chan is the rearguard while I fighting in the vanguard?」(Nagi)


I am lost for words as she says that.


My purpose is to 『Survive without having to try my best as much as possible.』


It’s different from defeating the devil king and I don’t want to become the top of the Adventurer Guild either.


My final goal is to do escort quests, while collecting skills and to create a skill that allows me to live without having to work.


But, in this world, by all means, having a combat ability is indispensable.


Cecyl’s 『Ancient Language Chanting』is for sure a cheat skill but that being the case, its chanting speed is the demerit.


One person is needed to gain some time until the magic is invoke.


I don’t feel like making an alliance with somebody from the guild because then when the other party ask『How do you get such rare skills?』and they may investigate about us then.

A reasonable, trustable, and a comrade that I can put my faith on himー I don’t think it would be easy to find someone like that.


In that aspects, Rita is the perfect one.


At least, there is a slave『Contract』.

Rita can’t defy my orders.


And she had shown me her combat ability the other day.

I’m really lucky to meet Rita and Cecyl.


There will be no problem even if I just tell them that I’m a 『Visitor』from another world.


They are beautiful.


I’m not interested in big breastsーwait, that’s enough!


They’re A though they don’t fit my taste.


This feeling is 『Ah, I have done it』.


「Do you like me, Rita?」(Cecyl)

「Cecyl-chaaaaaaaan! I love you!」(Rita)

「But, you have chosen Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)




Cecyl reflexively hugs me, completely cutting through Rita.


Can you forgive me since this is regarding the 『Contract』………


「……What if I say no?」(Cecyl)

「When that time comes……then Nagi has to hand over me to someone else. Since we’ve established the master and servant contract.」(Rita)



I scratch my head.


If you think about it, when the 『Contract』had established, the binding force also works on me.


I have two options whether to accept Rita or to sell her to another person.


When it’s about options, I have already decided the answer.


But, there’s something bothering in my mind.


Or rather, isn’t it too easy for Rita who fixated to the cult to some certain extent, to get away like that?


「Well, Rita. Did you hide somethingー」(Nagi)

「Excuse me. I have something interesting to talk with you.」(???)


Without a knock, the door is opened.


A man who is wearing a priest clothes with jewels on it enters the room.


「I am Algis, the Deputy Bishop of the 『Iturna Cult』. I have come to talk about the 『Contract』. I would like to buy Rita Melpheus, the girl over there.」(Algis)

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  1. Oh boy, we got a muscle head who looks at the MC as their savior. It’s not bad, but the [attacks] are going to be a LOT.
    And yeah, I knew it; they’d be knocking on the door wanting her back…well as a slave that is.
    The question is…how much? I’d bet there’s several more members of the idiot cult outside ready to storm in. Heck, I’d do it too…except I would’ve used more people and would NOT have gone and announced my presence and just blasted the MC.

    Of course, I’m not the cult and they’re not savvy to the detail of them beating up a Leviathan, ne?

    TL,DR: I predict we need popcorn for the next chapter~~

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  2. “I am Algis, the Deputy Bishop of the 『Iturna Cult』. I have come to talk about the 『Contract』. I would like to buy Rita Melpheus, the girl over there”

    I hope Nagi give him the finger and asks Cecyl to burn him to ash (or alternatively Rita give him a ‘Team-Rocket-Punch’). Well one can hope.


    1. Yea, No freaking sale! Its hard to find a second Waifu who loves your first Waifu as much as/more than you do and is completely tsundere for you.
      The threesomes will be legit.


  3. Oh, now that I reread this, I noticed something odd:

    「Cecyl, I allow you to use the『Ancient Language Flame Arrow』.Let’s blow up the 『Iturna Cult』’s branch.」(Nagi)

    「Please don’t do that!」(Cecyl)

    Cecyl seizes my hand in a hurry.

    > That flow of speech somehow makes me think the author made a mistake. I’d imagine the one who reacted wasn’t Cecyl but Rita. Meh. Just pointing out a potential author’s mistake.


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