OP Waifus – Chapter 14

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C14: Let’s register at the adventurer’s guild since things have finally calmed down.


The next day.

Cecyl, Rita and I go to the adventurer’s guild of Metekal City. There, we receive a general explanation from the person in charge about what the prohibited matters are (It’s prohibited to kill other adventurers. However, it’s an exception if there’s a proper reason. It’s prohibited to harm civilians. Don’t violate the Metekal autonomy laws, and so forth) and it ends by signing a written oath.

We pay the registration fees at the end and finally, we become official guild members. We signed a pledge for the vows instead of establishing a 【Contract】 because the penalty for a contract is way too high and the guild apparently won’t bear the responsibility to that extent.

For example, what if someone was having a headache from violating the 『Contract』, and they were killed by passing monsters?? Or what if a malicious civilian attacked an adventurer for their quest rewards and such, and they weren’t able to resist because of the 【Contract】?

A danger is an unavoidable part of an adventure. It’s pointless to lose one’s life by being bound to a 『Contract』. You’ll be banished from the guild if you violate the pledge, and you’ll be judged in the usual way if you violate the Metekal autonomy laws. The receptionist Onee-san tells us that so far, it works well that way.

They didn’t confirm our skills and parameters. When others know the abilities you possess then conversely that means they know what you can’t do ー in short, it’s like exposing your weaknesses. It’s a standard policy to not collect one’s personal information since the guild will be troubled if their members start hating it if their information leaks out from somewhere. Thanks to that, Cecyl and Rita’s identities weren’t exposed. Cecyl registers as a dark elf while Rita hides her tail and ears and registers as a human. Although, both of them are treated as my slaves.

It seems that there were dark elves who registered before in the guild, so it looks like there’s no racial discrimination.

The benefit of joining the guild first and foremost is getting a job. It appears that the purpose is to avoid struggling for jobs. In the past, people used to fight over good jobs, and in some cases, they even killed each other. I was told that it’s now a rule to get jobs through the guild to avoid that.

The second benefit is that you can use the guild-owned facilities preferentially. Inns, boarding houses, shops………facilities that an adventurer might use, for a small bargain.

By the way, there are two guilds in Metekal.

First is the one we registered at which is the 【Common Guild】. The Metekal merchants who sponsor it are the administration. There are a lot of adventurers who come from outside the city as well as people from Metekal itself registered as adventurers.

The other one is the 【Noble Guild】which is managed by nobles. Over there it’s mostly sons of royal families and nobles’ children and such who register for the sake of prestige. The noble guild is commissioned by the royal family to do big jobs, though there are only a few actual talented members in the guild.

At the moment, it seems that the jobs which can’t be done by the noble guild will be given to the common guild. And the receptionist Onee-san said that in the end, the 【Common Guild】greatly benefits society.

Those with talent can go into dungeons, while those who lack confidence can do fetch quests. Anyway, by distributing jobs to the people who want them, the guild gets them to find the most suitable way of life.

If you think that you’re not suitable to be an adventurer, you can take quests that are likely to build personal connections and look for other work through those. Metekal is a commercial city so the economy can keep running that way.

In short, this is a system so that people won’t dieー

says the Onee-san, finishing her explanation. After that, she complains 『Though sometimes the system doesn’t function properly……』at the end.


We return to our inn before taking our first quest.

Since we have agreed that it’s better to confirm each of our skills and their effects first.

First, my skills.

From what I understand about 【Reconstruction ability】, the skill will be 【R (Rare)】if I reconstruct it alone while it will be 【UR (Ultra Rare)】if I reconstruct it with Cecyl and Rita.

The level is for reference only. It’s calculated by the average value of the skills. For occupation, it’s a rough image of what one can do. It’s not like the race will be reported to the guild so let’s leave that aside.


Souma Nagi

Race: Human
Occupation: Skill・Structure
Level: 2

Unique Skills

Reconstruction ability Skill・Structure LV2
-Able to manufacture new skills by changing the 【Concept】of your slave’s skills with yours.
-A skill that is produced has a characteristic that makes it easier to be a high-grade skill by reconstructing the existing skill with your skill inside the slave’s body.


The ability for LV2 is unknown.

I still can’t grasp it even though I did various experiments last night. Well, I’m really sorry, Rita.

All I did was fondle your skills all over, I didn’t use Reconstruction or Execute, so please don’t be so upset…


Common Skills

Sword Gifting LV1】(R)
【Increase (10% + LV+10%)】【Resilience】by using 【Sword and Katana】
-Effect: Increase the opponent’s resilience who is slashed by sword or katana.
-The effect is added to the existing regeneration ability.
-Increase value is LV x 10% + 10% (current increment : 20%).

Building Strike LV1】(R)
-Deals powerful damage to the walls and interior of the room.
-Destruction Specialty 【Bricks】【Wooden walls】

Quick Analysis LV 1】(UR: Cecyl)
-A quick analysis of the surrounding.
-As the speed increase, the range effect will be reduced.

Foreign World Language LV5
-Able to speak another world language.
-And has a potential to read letters.

Transcendental Sense LV1】(UR: Rita)
-By being【Silent】, the owner can temporarily block his/her five senses.
-During the sensory deprivation, the sixth sense will become sharper.
-This skill can only be used once a day.


Next are Cecyl’s skills.


Cecyl Pharott

Race: Demon (Dark Elf)
Occupation: Little Sister Witch
Level: 2

Unique Skills

Magic Aptitude LV3
-Increase every magic effects by LV X 10%+10% (Current Increment : 40%)

Common Skills

【Ancient Chanting LV1】(UR: Cecyl)
-Cast spell using ancient chanting (Ancient Language)
-Casting speed is slower than usual but the power will increase significantly.
-Increase rate is from 200% to 800%.
-But, the magical power consumption depends on the increase rate.

【Magic Resistance LV1
-Decreases damage from magic attacks by LV+ 10% (Bonus Value) (Current decrement: 11%)
-The bonus value increases as the level increases.

【Magic Detection LV1】
-Able to sense magical power in the surroundings.

【Appraisal LV2】
-Able to see the value of a target item.
-Success rate is LV x 10%.
-In case of magic items, the appraisal success rate is increased by 【Magic Aptitude】 LV x 10%.

【Animal Empathy LV3】
-Able to communicate with animals.

Acquired Magic 【Flame Magic LV1】
【Light】【Flame Arrow】『Fireball】


And finally, Rita’s skills.


Rita Melpheus

Race: Demi-human (Human)
Occupation: Wild Holy Fighter
Level : 3

Unique Skills

【Melee Combat Aptitude LV4】
-When not equipping weapons or armor, one’s agility will increase by 【Melee Combat Aptitude】 LVL x 10%.

Locked Skills

【Divine Power Control LV1】(Lock: Can’t be removed) (UR: Rita)
-Allows the owner to grasp their own divine power and concentrate it on any desired body part.
-The strength of the desire body part will increase thus reinforcing both its offensive and defensive power.
-Bonus damage for the【Divine Fighting】will be doubled.
-Strengthens the 【Divine Protection】.
-Neutralizes poison, paralysis, curse and lethal magic.

Common Skills

【Divine Fighting LV4】
-Increase damage dealt to the opponent by 【Divine Fighting】LVL x 10% during combat.
-If the opponent is an undead, the damage will increase by 20%.
-Currently, the damage bonus is doubled due to the effect of 【Divine Power Control LV1】.

【Divine Protection LV4】
-Decrease damage receive from opponent by 【Divine Protection】LV + 10% (bonus value).
-Bonus value increases as the level increases.
-If the opponent is an undead, the damage will decrease by another 20%.
-Neutralizes paralysis and poison effect.
-Currently, neutralizes lethal magic and curse due to the effect of 【Divine Power Grasp LV1】

【Singing LV4】
-A skill that allows singing a very lovely song.
-Novice minstrel level.

【Presence Sense LV4】
-Able to perceive movement nearby via smells, sounds, presence etc.

【Unarmed Combat LV1】(R)
-The damage inflicted with bare hands will increase by 『Unarmed Combat】LV x 10%.


That’s all of them.

Looking at the level of Rita and Cecyl’s abilities again, my own lack of combat strength is painfully obvious. Well, my objective is not to become a hero but to create a『Skill to keep living without having to work』so it’s fine though. I just want collection-type skills.

It would be best if there’s a 【Money】in a skill concept. If I’m able to reconstruct a skill like 【Increase】【Money】【Infinitely】, that’ll solve it.

Alright…let’s do my best. It’d be nice if I could stay in Metekal forever though……

Or more precisely, it’s tiring moving around here and there.


After we return to our inn, we discuss and decide what we should do for our first quest.
First, let’s get used to the geography around Metekal. Memorize the map.
Find an acquaintance whom I can put my trust in.
Anyhow, survival is the priority.
It’s unreasonable to go to somewhere like the dungeon.


Like that, our discussion ends and we head toward the guild. We go to the bulletin board where all the quests are postedーfrom the quest board, we search for collection jobs.


There’s nothing.


All the paper quests that had been pasted when I registered at the guild a little while ago have been peeled off. There’s only one job that can be taken.


『Open Participation Quest』

Cursed Sword Contest

We have received information that the【Cursed Sword Reginablus】has appeared in the dungeon for the first time in 80 years.

As we all know, the noble guild always pushes us to do unreasonable jobs.

They are only getting more arrogant.

If they even obtain the cursed sword on top of that, who knows what we will have to suffer through.

In order to prevent that, all members of the common guild will participate in exploring the dungeon to search for the cursed sword.

According to detection magic, the cursed sword is probably in the vicinity of the lowest level which is level 12.

We wish you all the best of luck.



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