OP Waifus – Chapter 2

Translator:  D0dz   Editor: Matty   TLC: Yomigaeru

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Using [Reconstruction Ability] to save a girl.


Residual thought…

It often appears in video games and anime; fragments of thought that lingered in the physical world.

Yeah, that’s how it usually goes. But this instance doesn’t seem all that peculiar…

After all, this is a fantasy world.

It can’t be helped that it actually exists.

I have to accept the fact.

“Demon race…? Is it any different from what the demon lord is…?” [Nagi]

It is different. The demon lord refers to the ruler of all demonic beings poised to harm humankind. It is a vastly different existence from the human race. But on the other hand, we, the demon race, are a kind of demi-human; we are a human subspecies.” [Ashtarte]

I see.

Well, I thought it strange for a demon – who is supposed to be fighting at the frontier – to be in the epicenter of the enemy’s royal capital.

“…Then, how did the demon race perish?” [Nagi]

“Although we and the humans share the same appearance, they were alarmed by our existence, one capable of harnessing enormous amounts of magical power. And so, it came to be that we were called ‘the detestable demon race’. Eventually, we were annihilated, torn to shreds. Our species wasn’t fond of war, you see…” [Ashtarte]

“Then why me of all people?” [Nagi]

“A visitor excluded from the royal family’s protection and the sole survivor of the demon race are not so different.” [Ashtarte]

“Well, if you left me to figure out things on my own, I’d probably die.” [Nagi]

“I shall not demand you to look after Cecyl for what remains of your lifespan. But I do wish for you to buy her. Rather than let her be among those prejudiced against the demon race, I’d much rather you be at her side, visitor.” [Ashtarte]

“In return, will you teach me how to use that skill?” [Nagi]

“Only if you promise to buy the girl with the money earned from those skills. You don’t need to do it immediately. She has been in that shop for the past few days, disguising herself as a dark elf to conceal her true identity. The price is quite cheap for a slave, a mere 12,000 arusha.” [Ashtarte]

“Don’t make it sound so easy.” [Nagi]

『Contract Formed』.

So, if Ashtarte teaches me how to use the skill, I will be obligated to set that girl free. Wait a second,… Isn’t this the same deal as the king’s shady quest?

I can only hope that girl stays there until I can accumulate enough money; what if someone else buys her first?

Will I have to pursue her to the ends of this realm?

That’s just how the contract works.

“Well…” [Nagi]

In short, I’ll have to learn the use of this 『Reconstruction Ability 』myself. At least I’m used to this sort of thing.

During the work breaks in my past unpaid part-time job, I once tried to make a doujin game. [1]

I had read a story on some site about 『How I Made it Big with a Doujin Game』…

I figured I could get rich the same way too.

But the fact was, that was only a fantasy, and my game site just got flamed into oblivion in the end…

Anyway, you want me to figure out the skill system on my own…?

Let’s try it. I can still form the contract with Ashtarte after that.

Once again, I invoke 『Reconstruction Ability』

The window with the 『Smite』skill display appears.

『Smite LV 1』

(1) 『Deals』『Powerful Damage』to『Low Level Monsters』

The characters are displayed.

But there’s still some blank space somewhere in the display.

What happens if we assign another skill to it?

Come.『Cleaning LV 1』!

『Cleaning LV 1』

(2) 『Clean』the 『Room』using 『Cleaning tools』skill.

I got it.

… Somehow, I could figure the system out.

『Reconstruction ability』is the ability to disassemble a skill’s attributes.

In more complex terms, it’s 「Skill Reconceptualization」.

I can Dismantle and disassemble them………Maybe I can ‘reconstruct’ them too?

For example, what happens if I replace the details of a skill?

I place my finger upon the window.

I can displace the components 『Low level monster』and 『Cleaning tools』after all.

Then.. how about this..!

(1) 『Clean』『Low level monster』using 『Cleaning tools』

(2) 『Give』『Powerful damage』to 『Room』skill.

「Execute! 『Reconstruction Ability・Skill Structure』!!」

I press the 『Execute』character displayed on the window display.

The composition of the reconstructed skills did change!!

I seeー I knew it!!

For example, this is like breaking a curry into its base ingredients: 『Meat・Vegetables』,『Water』, and『Curry roux』.

You can make meat and potato stew if you replace『Curry Roux』with 『Soy Sauce and Sugar』.

A skill with the ability to rewrite skills…

That is the true identity of 『Reconstruction Ability』.

The execution of『Reconstruction Ability』produced 2 new skills.

『Demonic Wipe LV 1』: Blow away nearby low-level monsters with cleaning tools. 

『Building Strike LV 1』: Deals powerful damage to the walls and interior of the room.

Destruction special characteristic: 『Bricks』『Wooden walls』

… What is this?

No, it’s good enough, considering this is my first time using the skill.

For the time being, I should save up on funds to buy other skills.

“Tsk, It’s different. This is bad, Ashtarte. I shouldn’t have used it until you told me what it did.” [Nagi]

“... That’s a shame.” [Ashtarte]

“Figuring stuff out on my own is my strong point!” [Nagi]

“It seems I underestimated you. Just what kind of person were you, back in your original world?” [Ashtarte]

“I made a doujin game, among other things..” [Nagi]

It didn’t garner any popularity.

And it turned out to be objectively terrible because I made it myself.

“When creating a character, there were 260 independently-adjustable character creation parameters, as well as 690 ways to distribute the other parameters like earth/water/wind/fire elemental attacks and resistances, agility, vitality, charisma, etc, plus magic and skills to assign. When you met the king, you had to see through his 16 lies or you would get sent to an area with high-level monsters. Oh, and when it came to recruiting party members, there were Galgame-like choices and events systematized by affection mechanics. It was free, but it still went down in flames from all the criticism.” [Nagi]

“I don’t quite get what you’re saying, but I can feel your conviction.” [Ashtarte]

“I’m sorry for not being able to do the contract with you..” [Nagi]

“…  It can’t be helped.” [Ashtarte]

“But I will give you my thanks, in return for giving me information about this world.” [Nagi]

I brush the hem of my coat and stand.

My butt hurts since I’ve been sitting for so long.

I decided on what to do from here.

First on the list, let’s aim for a comfortable level of happiness.

There is a way to get information to accomplish that goal, after all.

A source who knows about this world and can close the gap between me and this world.

A trustworthy companion, one that can share their experiences of this world.

“Hey, Ashtarte. This is just going to be idle chatter, so you don’t have to answer. How much does a skill usually go for?”

“…? I heard common skills value at approximately 100 arusha. For a rarer, more uncommon skill, around 1000 arusha. Rare skills can range anywhere from tens of thousands to one million arusha.” [Ashtarte]

“Is that so… Then, can we manage to get enough somehow?” [Nagi]

“..?! Don’t tell me, you..?” [Ashtarte]

It is just as you think, Ashtarte.

I open the door to the slave shop.

There is a small man with a mustache standing by the entrance.

Is he a slave merchant?

In that case, I will be his customer.

Let’s get to it.

“There is someone in mind I want to purchase,” I said to the slave merchant.

“Her name is Cecyl. She has dark brown skin, a petite figure, long ears, and is the most beautiful girl in the shop. I’m in a hurry, so make it quick.” [Nagi]

I can’t help but want to help. Ashtarte told me information about this world, tentatively.

A 『Contract』; A rule that makes it so anything and everything can be bought and sold.

There’s a big difference between knowing and not knowing its rules.

Ashtarte told me how it works before making the contract – so they can be trusted.

And that Ashtarte introduced me to someone that is now the closest thing I have to an acquaintance

In other words, Cecyl Pharott will be my most reliable source of information.

“Welcome, Customer. Is this your first time buying a slave,” The Slave Merchant responded.

He inspects me while rubbing his hands together.

The man then claps his hands inciting a middle-aged woman to leave her seat and go into the store.

She opens a door to the shop interior and enters a different room without delay.

After a while, she comes back with someone.

The brown ‘dark elf’ girl of the demon race.

Cecyl Pharott.

She wears white, plain clothes.

The clothes fit her body like an unsightly sack. It was a simple piece of clothing with a hole in the middle for inserting her head, and tattered sleeves for her arms.

She wears a leather collar.

Chains are attached to prevent her from escaping.

As Ashtarte said, she did indeed have beautiful dark brown skin.

Her long ears are hanging listlessly, and her red eyes are pointing downwards, hardly unable to be seen.

Her long silver hair was probably recently groomed by that woman just now.

It looks brilliant against the light of the lamp.

Her figure is much smaller than mine.

How should I put it… She looks awfully like a criminal with the collar locked to her neck.

“I don’t recommend this girl. She is a dark elf, and on top of that, a very morose and unfriendly lass. I picked her up as a spoil of war.

“……Hmmm.” [Nagi]

“Her name is Cecyl. She looks young, but I think she’s around the same age as you, Customer. People say there are some with precocious growth, while some others are stunted in their physical development. She has no use in combat since she’s somewhat traumatized by it…”

“I’d like to talk with this girl first. Would that be alright?”

After the small man nodded, I approach Cecyl.

The silver hair shook slightly.

She casts a glance at me with her crimson eyes, but immediately averts her face promptly after.

“I was asked to come here by Ashtarte, Cecyl Pharott.” [Nagi]

I whisper quietly enough so that the slave merchant can’t overhear.

“Well, it’s not a big deal, so I’ll buy you. In return, can you tell me about this world? I want you be my teacher, in a way.” [Nagi]


Her eyes go wide open, looking to be in complete disbelief.

But, her eyelids lie back down shortly after.

Ah, it’s the same face I made when working part-time.

Like that time I got hit with the combination of, ‘We’re raising your hourly wage – never mind; it’s not possible.’

If it continues like that, she won’t be able to keep up hope.

“So, shopkeeper, what’s the current bid on Cecyl?” [Nagi]

“18,000 arusha. She is a precious dark elf, after all.” [Slave Merchant]

“How about 12,000 arusha?” [Nagi]

He’s probably noticed by now that I’ve seen through the market price.

The light in the little man’s eyes seemingly disappears, as he tilts his head down.

“Customer, sorry to ask this, but do you have the money with you? Our motto is no sale with no bill. [2]

“What if I pay with skills?” [Nagi]

“Skills…?” [Slave Merchant]

“Skills can be traded for money. There is a skill shop right next door to this shop. A direct transaction would be quicker that way, wouldn’t you say so?” [Nagi]

“Can I call for an appraiser beforehand?” [Slave Merchant]

“Sure.” [Nagi]

The little man exchanges a look with the shop assistant.

The middle-aged woman stationed at the back of the store runs over to the nearby skill shop and brings its clerk here.

Ashtarte did tell me, ‘With the entity’s consent, you’d be able to take out and examine their skills’.

Conversely, without one’s consent, the skills would remain unclear to the examiner.

It might be a good idea if I hide my “Reconstruction Ability” for now.

As you’d expect, the skill I want to sell is the “Skill to blow off low-level monsters with cleaning tools”.

I put my hands over my chest.

I call out 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』.

*zururi* I can feel it…

A crystal ball able to fit in my palm comes out.

“………『Demonic Wipe LV 1』? I have never seen a skill like this one before?” [Clerk]

Said the glasses wearing clerk of the skill shop.

I guess she wouldn’t. I did just make it myself.

“As for its effects……Yeah, it is as this fellow says. How much do you want to sell it for?”

“12,000 arusha.” [Nagi]

“Nnー” [Clerk]

The skill shop clerk makes a troubled face.

“It might be better if you see its effects for yourself. I would like to borrow a broom. Are there any harmless monsters nearby somewhere?”

“If you need one for the demonstration, then use a slime.” [Clerk]

Is there really such a thing here?

The clerk of the skill shop brings in a colorless slime from the shop.

It seems to be chained in place by magic, as it does not move.

We went outside.

Cecyl is glancing here.

Her eyes seem more filled with hope than before.

Yup. Cute.

I’ll show you something nice.

“I’ll let you decide for yourselves if this skill is worth 12,000 arusha or not.” [Nagi]

I reinsert 『Demonic Wipe』into my chest and get into a stance with the broom.

I was the one to create this skill, so I should know how to use it.

I gave a light sweeping motion with the broom towards the stationary slime.

And thenーー


The slime is sent flying.

It’s almost like a golf tee shot.

It soars high above the people in the plaza and over a building.

Well, it’s out of the park, I think.

It must’ve flown at least 300 meters, didn’t it?


“How do you like that?!” [Nagi]

“… Even if it does work as intended, how would this be useful?” [Slave Merchant]

The slave merchant makes a curious face.

Oh, Cecyl is nodding.

It seems she understood its purpose.

Then, it’s going to be pure bartering from here on out.

“Since you’re a slave merchant, you often travel across the lands to purchase your ‘merchandise’. Don’t demons usually attack you on the roads? I think you do have a use for this skill.” [Nagi]

“Not really. We hire bodyguards to escort us and actively avoid places where the monsters are too much to handle.” [Slaver Merchant]

The slave merchant simply shakes his head, still not finding the use for the skill.

“I have a band of competent bodyguards for those situations. Why would I need to depend on a strange skill to –” [Slave Merchant]

“As for the demons, can you defeat them if you fight them head on?” [Nagi]

“Yes”. [Slave Merchant]

“Then, how long do the battles usually last for?” I said. [Nagi]

The slave merchant’s complexion seemed to change.

“Surely, you guys have long trips in between towns. If you encounter monsters on the way, it takes up your precious travel time. And if you can’t make it to a civilized area before nightfall, you’ll have to camp out for the night. That drives up the risk of being attacked by dangerous monsters. This skill keeps weak monsters at bay for that reason; it will save you time.” [Nagi]

I continue.

“Your merchandise are slaves – people. If the monsters kill them, you lose your cargo and all potential profit. When they get hurt or get sick, their value goes down. The more time you spend on fighting monsters, the greater the risk.” [Nagi]

“………Uuu” [Slaver Merchant]

“Well, honestly, what I want to sell is not the skill itself.” [Nagi]

Once again, I took out 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』in its orb form and said.

“What I want to sell is the『Time』you gain with this skill.” [Nagi]

“And you think it’s worth 12,000 arusha. “ [Slaver Merchant]

“That is up to your judgment. If you think about it, how many times have you encountered monsters on your trade routes? How long do the battles last? The journey is delayed; the food expenses for the entire caravan increases; the maintenance fee for weaponry are consumed during battle; the medical expenses become more than you want. And above all, the sense of security is lessened. You can gain a peace of mind with this skill by driving away low-level monsters during your journeys and time you can spend with your family by arriving home early.” [Nagi]

Why don’t I double down here?

“If you don’t think it’s worth 12,000 arusha, then I’m off to sell it to another place who does.” [Nagi]

This was made by my 『Reconstruction Ability 』, so it’s one of a kind.

Given its rarity, there will be others who are interested in it.

“Uu……” [Slaver Merchant]

The slave merchant side-glanced the skill shop clerk as if to plead for help.

“If I’m not mistaken, it is a rare skill. The price for a rare skill ranges anywhere from 5000 to 15000 arusha; where it lands in that range is entirely dependent on the buyer.” [Clerk]

The skill shop clerk shrugged his shoulder.

“.. I understand! Let’s exchange 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』for this child!” [Slave Merchant]

After the slaver merchant folded his arms and groaned for a while, he nodded once more to confirm that was his final decision.


I do a guts pose in my mind.

I put it up for sale without having a sales pitch in mind, but I managed to sell it somehow… That was good.

I was wondering what I was supposed to say and do.

“Let’s make an official 『contract』for this exchange.” [Nagi]

I say so while acting like I’m calm.

“Alright.Your medallion, please.” [Slave Merchant]

“Medallion……Ah, this thing?” [Nagi]

When I first transferred to this world, a pendant suddenly appeared on my chest.

It is a golden pendant with a crystal key attached to its head.

Ashtarte taught me what it’s for just now.

A contract is constructed using this pendant, for humans.

“Under the name of the God of 『Contracts』”

“Exchange 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』skill and 『Cecyl』with mutual agreement.ー『Contract Agreement』.”


The keys knocked together.and discharged a radiant light.

At the same time, Cecyl’s collar quaked and a ring materialized on my left hand.

It is a ring with a small red crystal ball attached to it.

Is this proof of the master-slave contract relationship?

“With this, the contract is sealed. Oh, and as for Cecyl’s skills, you can examine them at the inn. You have the capability to, as her master.”

“Ah.” [Nagi]

“After all, you’re clearly no amateur. By the way, customer…”

Both the skill shop clerk and the slave merchant curiously peered at me with suspicion in their eyes.

“About this rare skill… Just where the heck did you acquire it?’

“I come from the east. It was a memento I inherited from my grandfather. I have dark elf acquaintances back in my hometown, and I was asked about the whereabouts of Cecyl.” [Nagi]

Making up scenarios is a skill I’ve developed while making that doujin game.

…Of course, I made that game for all ages, all right?

“I see. Well, please let me know if you have any other skills you’d like to sell.”[Clerk]

“I’ll think about it. Well, then..”

I honestly don’t feel like coming here again.

I give the slave merchant and the skill shop clerk a wave of the hand before leaving this place.

While eyeing me strangely, Cecyl joins hands with me.

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  1. Doujin games: Video games created by Japanese hobbyist or hobbyist groups.
  2. Meaning you pay the whole thing w/o having any debts.



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