OP Waifus – Chapter 3

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Cecyl’s Strange Master


I was obtained by a very strange person.

Ashtarte refers to that person as a ‘visitor’.

A person from another world?

I just can’t wrap my head around that.

He isn’t disgusted with me even though he knows I’m a demon.

The demons are regarded as detestable beings in this world.

Due to this deep-seated animosity towards demons, I am unable to adapt to human civilization.

We are completely alienated from the rest.

If a guy does nothing but talk to animals or trees as if they were his friends for hours on end, people would naturally see it as something abnormal or creepy.

I  once lived in the human world so I can understand that kind of thing.

A race not assimilated by human cultures, like the dwarves and the elves.

That’s what the demon race is.

I am the last of my people.

I understand the reason as to why everyone loathes me, so I decided to assume the form of a dark elf.

Characterized by a dark brown skin and long ears.

That’s all there is to it.

Well, the dark elves are hated as well.

Consequently, even after I was moved to the slave shop, the only form of accommodations I received was a dark and cramped room.

I was told the chances of me having a buyer were slim to none.

All the other slaves were fully-matured and beautiful.

Some slaves were bought out by the nobles to be servants, while some others became adventurer partners; an adventurer’s partner got paid on the job and would eventually be able to buy their way to freedom.

The term ‘slave’ is a heavy one, laden with despair.  But even so, not all slaves have to go through these rumored hardships.

But, it’d be foolish to think I would have a happy future as one.


The demon tribe ends with me, doesn’t it? Isn’t it already destroyed?


Please respond.

Why am I the only survivor?

“Someday, you’ll meet someone who resonates with you.”

(Does such a person even exist?)
Surely, it doesn’t.

A person who will call me indispensable.

A person who will call me important.

Such a person doesn’t exist in this world.

I mean, just look at me.

I’m small, flat-chested.

My skin is dark brown; my eyes are the color of blood.

Even my magic spells are juvenile, level 1.

My parents died before they could teach me magic.

(Ashtarte, please don’t be so idealistic.)

Let’s make a bet, Ashtarte.

If there truly is a person who resonates with my being somewhere…

I’ll give all that I am to that person.

ーDuring my time at the slave shop, through hearing such stories, I accumulated a lot of feelings…


Was I right?

After all, there is not a single person who could resonate with me, not in this world.

And look, now I’m even being lead by this person, a person from another world?

Something wrong, Master?
Oh, this? Is it because of this? I’m sorry for holding your hand.

(I keep my hands clean, so it’s all right. I don’t really mind.)

I am master’s slave.

I am your property, right?
Why do you look so pale?

Why are you looking around so restlessly?

Are you really not familiar with this sort of thing…? Is that so…

I’m sorry.

My master.

I’m your first slave.

I ask my master,

(Master, aren’t you disgusted with me?).

To my question, he responds with, “Why?”

What a weird person.

(Because I’m from the demon race)

“Haa, well, since I’m from another world, I don’t really have a grasp on all these races: elves, dwarves, dark elves, or even the demons. Put bluntly, aren’t they all about the same?

Or is it because humans are actually scary in this world? Is that how it is…”

(Because my skin is like this.)

Eh…? ‘Dark brown skin and a flat chest are mankind’s treasure’? I don’t know what that means.

Is it supposed to be some kind of spell…?

(Because my eyes are like this.)

…What do you mean by cool? A demon eye? Is there anyone in this world who would think such a thing?

(Because I… I am alone in this world)

…My master is also alone?

That can’t be right.

Master is a human, isn’t he?

Didn’t you tell me you transferred here with some other people from another world?

“Haa, I was expelled since I couldn’t read the mood, right?”

Is that why you have such loneliness in your eyes…?

I’m sorry! It’s my bad, isn’t it!


I spoke out of turn.

“I don’t know anybody well enough to be acquaintances within this world. And that’s why…. I want Cecyl to help me out.”



Was that.. just now… ‘resonance’..?

My heart trembled.


Please respond.

I have to decide… for myself?

Since this person won’t restrain me?

Why do you understand such a thing?

“Well then, Cecyl.”


“From here on out, best wishes to you!”

I take that person’s hand.

It’s a… handshake…

“You said your name was… Cecyl… Pharrot?”



The sole surviving family name of the demon race.

The only name I’ve ever been called is Ashtarte.

That person, the person from another world, repeated the name…


I, again, tremble.

… Eh?


I will believe in this person.

Since I am drawn by this person’s… familiarity…

It can’t be helped, right?

The ‘Contract’ is done.

When my mom and dad died, it was like I died with them.

If only I could resonate with the person leading me with my hand.

I’m prepared to die for this person’s sake.

I’m sure it’d be a very pleasant thing to do.

Right, Ashtarte?

“Souma Nagi… Nagi-sama?”

“You got it, Cecyl.”

I walk forward with him, hand in hand.

To a new place.

If this person can really be trusted…

For this person… For the sake of Nagi-sama, can I dedicate all that I am to him?

(Hey, Ashtarte…?)

I have a hunch that my ‘invisible friend’ is laughing right now.

Ashtarte, the friend who will disappear once I reach that other place.

(Thank you, Ashtarte.)

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20 thoughts on “OP Waifus – Chapter 3”

  1. I completely agree on ‘Dark brown skin and a flat chest are mankind’s treasure’ and even more if you have blood red eyes too! A teen loli demon race! Moe Moe Kyun!
    Thanks for getting this novel to translate.


      1. As far as I know, in parallel worlds with civilization on the level of the Middle Ages, 14 years is a legal age, right?


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