OP Waifus – Chapter 7

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Meeting with the chief priest on the way to Metekal


Metekal is the second city in the kingdom and it takes 2 days to walk till there from the royal capital. Since I’m not accustomed to traveling and Cecyl’s steps are small, this is going to take two and a half days.

「Since I’m worried about the pursuers, let’s rush in the first half and take it easy in the second half, how about that?」(Nagi)

The highway goes on from the royal capital and the grasslands spread out in the surrounding. People who are traveling all moved in groups and encircled the carriages. They took such a formation so that they could defend against the demon attacks. The two of us are the only ones traveling.


「Yes, Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)

「At times like this, can’t I just go blend in with any suitable caravan?」(Nagi)

「I believe you can. If you are a capable escort, surely the other party will be glad to have you with them.」(Cecyl)

「A capable escort?」(Nagi)

「Like Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)

「Cecyl is a cheat character, but I’m not sure about myself.」(Nagi)

「I don’t really understand about it but a『cheat character』? You are my master, therefore, please puff out your chest with pride.」(Cecyl)

「Then, I’ll try negotiating with them somehow.」(Nagi)

There are 2 carriages moving on the highway.

One of them is in front of us and the other is behind us. The carriage in front of us is a rich-type carriage with a dragon emblem on its wall. According to Cecyl, the ones who used the dragon emblem are the merchants who back the adventurer guild. That’s why there are swordsmen wearing armor and magicians holding canes as their escorts.

Likewise, the carriage behind us has something like a wing emblem attached to its roof and walls.

It is slightly smaller than the one in front of us, and it has fewer decorations.I have a feeling that the carriage is used for a practical purpose. It seemed like it is『Iturna Cult』’s carriage, the cult that worshipped a female goddess of this world. Around it, there are people wearing robes and some of them are holding something like a staff. They really are a group of priests.

The one who rides the merchant’s carriage is probably a guild official.

If they are going to the guild at Metekal, then their destination is the same with ours. If I come in contact with them, surely I can get any information I want on the other side, and if there are only adventurers around, then it’s not a bad decision to get along with them.

I think the one who is riding the 『Iturna Cult』’s carriage is someone who has a high position in the cult. That cult is a human supremacist doctrine that is gentle to a human being like me but despises the demi-humans like the elves and dwarves. (T/N: Anthropocentrism

However, most of them are recovery magic users so it would be rather complicated to be kind to a sick or weak fellow if they are a demi-human…..

What if the goddess’s teaching is to『Extend your hands toward the weak』? Actually, I don’t really want to associate with them. But, I can’t guarantee the safety of my journey. If we assume that traveling together is necessary by all means………

Then, in that case…


「I have made my decision.」(Nagi)

I face the carriage at the back.


「What is it. Cecyl?」(Nagi)

「Aren’t you going to the other carriage?」(Cecyl)

「Why do I have to meet the guild’s people right now? Didn’t we decide that we’ll meet them when we reach Metekal?」(Nagi)

「Well, I want to get some information and introduce myself or something like that.」(Cecyl)

「Cecyl…… Think carefully.」(Nagi)

Cecyl is a smart girl. Her memory is also good. But, there is one thing that she forgot.

「If someone in the guild takes interest in you, you will have to work.」(Nagi)

「Is there anything wrong about that?」(Cecyl)

「What if you are given a job preferentially?  Can you refuse them with gentle words?」(Nagi)

「I think it would be nice if I just take the job.」(Cecyl)

「And because of that, there might be a risk of our abilities getting exposed, don’t you agree?」(Nagi)

My 『Reconstruction ability』is an incomprehensible skill that can create rare skills, and Cecyl’s skill 『Ancient Chanting』 which converts the weakest magic to strongest magic is, without doubt, a cheat skill.

I will be troubled if my identity got exposed as I don’t want people to get close and inquire about me personally. That’s why I want to keep in contact with the guild only for the job business only.

Look, when I got along with the people I worked with, they said, 「You and I are friends right? I guess you can work all night long. There is not even a midnight allowance or things like water! Oops, I pressed your punch card twice. I don’t know how many hours you’ve to work this time.「Ha ha ha!」And so on.

「Have you forgot already our objectives?」(Nagi)

「『Doing nothing while taking things as they come and enjoy oneself in the society』?」(Cecyl)

「Yeah, don’t overdo it and live normally.」(Nagi)

I rejected the guild’s carriage because there is a possibility that our cheat skills will be seen by the others. There might be some problems, but let’s ask the 『Iturna Cult』’s carriage to accompany us.

「……But, Nagi-sama. I am……」(Cecyl)

Cecyl pinched her ears and showed them to me. Long-eared, dark brown skin. That aside, red eyes. They are proof of a demon race. Well, since the demon race was destroyed and left Cecyl all alone, she has to become a dark elf.

「I don’t want the other people look down on Nagi-sama just because of me.」(Cecyl)

「It’s alright. I’ll figure it out somehow.」(Nagi)

I’ll make sure that not just me, but even Cecyl won’t be despised. Let’s start by doing something that would surprise them. It’s here, let’s meet them since I don’t have anything to lose.

「『Iturna Cult』 I’m a traveler. Since I’m going to Metekal, how about I accompany you on the journey?」(Nagi)

I called out someone from the group of the priests around the carriage. I felt likeー the eyes under the hood were looking at me and Cecyl. Ahー, I can imagine the gaze comes back somehow.

「We don’t want to travel with the lowly dark elf slave and her master.」(Priest)

「This girl is not a slave. She is my wife.」(Nagi)

I immediately reply.



Cecyl made a sound *bon* and become bright red, as the priests raised odd voices.

「But, isn’t she wearing a slave collar?」(Priest)

「That’s just a play.」(Nagi)


「B-but, there is no mistake that she is a dark elf!」(Priest)

「The power of love has purified the body.」(Nagi)


「Th-th-thi-this, this little girl!?」(Priest)

「The growth for dark elves differs from the human’s. It doesn’t matter how big her body is. She is an adult with splendid both body and mind, a human-like vessel that accepted me.」(Nagi)


「I heard that 『Iturna Cult』worships the goddess of mercy. I thought it is contradictory to the cult’s teaching to discriminate her, who overcome the border of different races, accepted me and aimed for the right path, right?」(Nagi)


Cecyl who had her face bright red to the limit, crumbled down.

Alright, nice assist.

「Aah, my wifeー, I guess I had too much with youー, are you alrightー?」(Nagi)

「A-a-h……C-chief priest.」(Priest)

The priests become confused and rushed towards the carriage.

After they discussed something on the small window, the priests come back.

「……The chief priest wished that girl to be taken to the carriage,」(Priest)

For some reason, a voice like it’s coming from the bottom of the earth could be heard

「I allow you to accompany us until Metekal. Until then, please mind your behaviors.」


「Ahh, poor thing! Such a small thing!」


A girl with blonde hair pats Cecyl’s head when she gets into the carriage.

The girl wears a white robe with a lot of embroideries, like wings. There are silver accessories on her long hair that reaches until her hips. Those cherry blossom colored eyes shed into tears as she hugs Cecyl that is beside her.

She is a beautiful girl.

That blond hair makes her look like an angel coming out from the game, and that face looks at Cecyl with a gentle smile. That beautiful face gives off an impression of gentle and full of mercy. Her figure is also good. Or rather, Cecyl’s head is completely buried in that large chest.

「What am I supposed to do? Kill this guy? How can you be so happy?」

But, those are abusive words coming out from her mouth.

「………Iturna Cult despises other things than human isn’t it?………」(Nagi)

「Shut your mouth, heretic.」

The blond girl is staring and scowling at me.

………This fellow is the chief priest. Or she is called so. Her name is Rita Melphius. She seemed to be the representative of the carriage.

「In the first place, why are you as well getting on the carriage? Get off from the seat since you are going to dirty it? Go and walk on the outside. I’ll drag you if you don’t want to walk. I’ll lend a rope and coil it around your neck. We’ll be in Metekal by the time you wake up. Though I don’t know if you’ll wake up or not!」(Rita)

「I don’t want to ride the carriage if Nagi-sama is going to walk.」(Cecyl)

「Oh, what a good girl? Can I call you Cecyl-chan? How about you call me Rita-onee chan ?」(Rita)

「……The people of Iturna Cult, don’t you despise with the dark elf………?」(Nagi)

「The Pope and bishops are………」(Rita)

At last, chief priest Rita released Cecyl and sighed. She continues talking in a low voice so that it can’t be heard by anyone.

「That’s why I can’t help but put up with such appearance. Other than the demon race, to despise the demi-humans is something old-fashioned, isn’t it ?」(Rita)

……This person. Just now, she didn’t even hesitate to say that she hated them.

「Oh, but it is alright even if Cecyl-chan if from the demon race──」(Rita)

Take back what you just said. This fellow is a stupid one.

「Whether it is a dark elf or demon race, cute girls like Cecyl should be saved! Merciful! That’s why I won’t allow you to wear a slave collar for such erotic playーWhat is this. It can’t be taken off.」(Rita)

「Because that is a 『Contract Agreement』」(Nagi)

「『Contract』!? To what extent do you take this matter to!」(Rita)

*garuru* And the chief priest showed me her fangs.

Ahーif this is in the real world, surely you are going to be reported. It’s good that it’s another world. Cecyl is glancing at me.

That reminds me, I don’t even discuss what we are going to do after we successfully accompanied Iturna Cult.

Well, I never thought that I’ll be able to ride the carriage. Besides, this one’s attitude is too different from the other priests’. There is no bit of dignity. Or more precisely, she had a friendly attitude (mainly towards Cecyl).

「I am the property of Nagi-sama, therefore…」(Cecyl)

Escaping from the priest’s grasp, Cecyl runs toward me.

「I hate those who said Nagi-sama is a bad person.」(Cecyl)

「………………This heretic!」(Rita)

Oh, I’ll get mad too.

「Did you do something to Cecyl-chan so that she won’t run away from you? Oh what a helpless one……I’d buy her if I had the money but…… 」(Rita)

「I am really expensive, alright?」(Cecyl)

「How much did you pay to lift the contract!?」(Rita)

「12 million Arusha.」(Cecyl)

…………Hey. Wait a minute. When I took Cecyl, it was 120000 Arusha isn’t it? Why did it become even more expensive?

「I, by Nagi-sama hands, have become『the new me, a cheat character.』………」(Cecyl)

「What a pitifuーl!」(Rita)

(You don’t even understand the meaning do you!? Don’t just take it by your own understanding!) (Nagi)

Tte, I want to say something like that but……… I can’t put it into words. The priests around the carriage were stunned. I’m asking you guys to support me. Don’t just leave me hanging over here.

According to Cecyl, she apparently is the next highest ranked(eminent) after the pope and bishops, but despite with her rank, this fellow is actually crying in front of me.

「Sorry, I can’t just use that much money…… That’s right.」(Rita)

While talking, the chief priest Rita takes out a small sphere from the luggage under her seat. A white crystal ball. It’s a skill orb.

「Cecyl-chan, please accept this one. I’m sorry that it’s a common skill. It’s a「Healing ability LV1」Use it whenever you get hurt during this journey.」(Rita)

「Is that alright?」(Cecyl)

「This is the only thing I can do. And I also give this one to you.」(Rita)

Together with the words, a transparent crystal ball comes flying.

The skill has no owner. And I know what it looks like. Let me see.

「Meditation LV1」

「Use this one, do some meditation when you want to reflect yourself.」(Rita)

……Uhm, this one is

『Meditation LV1』:『To perceive』the『5 senses』in『Silence』skill.

To use this……

「W-why does the chief priest wants to go to Metekal?」(Cecyl)

「It’s an invitation from the believers.」(Rita)


That’s quite common.

「There is insufficient recovery services in the devil king’s subjugation. When you enter 『Iturna Cult』, you will be able to use recovery magic with sacred skills. I invite and dispatch out people who can use recovery magic to the important people. Since humans have the highest aptitude for the ability of the sacred system.」(Rita)

*fufun* Chief priest Rita acts like a spoiled child.

I seeー. Is that’s why she has to stick to the human supremacy principle? This parallel world is also quite troublesome, huh……….

「When you become the newly appointed elder priest, the work also comes around. Well, it is as I expected. Since I have been selected with great effort, I have to put up good results.」(Rita)

「Can I ask you one question?」(Nagi)

「No, you hereticー ah, I’m sorry! Please don’t scowl at me, Cecyl-chan! …………Sure, I’ll listen to it.」(Rita)

Why does this fellow love Cecyl so much, despite the discrimination towards the demi-humans by the organization? Or do you like the little ones? It is clear that you like dark elf.

ーtte, that’s what I thought but it’s different from I heard before.

「You don’t have the discrimination between the races, don’t you? So why did you become a chief priest of the cult?」(Nagi)

「I can’t do anything about it because I was chosen.」(Rita)


「I’ve said it, I think, 『Iturna Cult』is a benevolence religious, right? The children who lost their parents were taken and raised by certain humans. From there, we educate only the children who have the aptitude for sacred abilities and turn them into cult’s members.」(Rita)

「How about the children with no aptitude?」(Nagi)

「……You can figure it out, don’t you?」(Rita)

「They become slaves?」(Nagi)

「Not really but, there are some children who become adventurers and some are helping out in the shop. Because everyone has their own circumstancesーtte, anyway!」(Rita)

*pan* Chief priest Rita taps her thigh.

「I, finally have become the Elder priest who is in charge of collecting the believers. I am a third-rank special! I’ll change the organization when I become the Pope ! I’ll stop the discrimination against the demi-human so that I can pat Cecyl gracefully!」(Rita)

Since the person herself is satisfied, then that’s good. Or rather, things like belief or goddess or something like that never comes out from this fellow’s mouth.

「I used to have a human-beast as my friend. Didn’t they feel ashamed when they bully Cecyl-chan? I have decided not to do that anymore.」(Rita)

*ehhen* And chief priest Rita puffs out her chest.

「And, did you have fun when you entered the cult?」(Nagi)


「A song. When the sun set or rise, 『Iturna Cult』is supposed to face toward the sun and sing a song that praises the goddess. If possible, do it when there is no people or at a private place. Then you can feel its intensity. It is said that it will wake up even if the god is sleeping.」(Rita)

「……I’d like to hear it. 」(Cecyl)

「I’m sorry. I’m afraid the other people on the outside will hear it. But if it’s for Cecyl-chan……… Aah, but what if the other people hear it, then my position as a chief priest will…… Aah, but I want you to listen to it.」(Rita)

「It doesn’t matter.」(Nagi)

「I don’t want you to say it, you heretic. And I feel disgraceful for talking about it with you.」(Rita)

「Is that so? Then  for our sake, let’s just ignore it to protect the chief priest’s true identity, Cecyl.」(Nagi)


「Ahh, wait a minute, let me pat Cecyl-chan just one more time!」(Rita)

*wata*wata* The chief priest Rita waves her hand and at the same time I heard there is a knock on the carriage’s door.

「Excuse me, Chief priest. Have the sermons for the heretic finished yet?」

「ーthat’s what it means! Doth thou understand? Dark elf girl. If only thou obeys the teaching of 『Goddess of Iturna Cult』, thou will be able to gain the same rights as the human! And again, young lad! Thou …… since thou are beyond saving, thou shalt head straight to the hell」

Yes yes.

I just ignored her parting threat and both of us get off from the carriage.

「………Good grief, that upstart is starting to get full of herself.」

「She doesn’t know where she belongs, doesn’t she?」

「The one who picked up by us. She doesn’t even know where she was born.」

「She is just an assistant who is an attraction for collecting the believers at Metekal as it is a disgrace for us to collect the believers by our own. Certainly, she looks lovely. But only for the purpose of collecting the believers.」

「The position of chief priest, she misunderstood it, that’s just a temporary………」

I could hear the priests’ whispers around the carriage. They look at us and *sa* avert their eyes. Because we distance ourselves from the carriage, our talk can’t be heard by the others but

…… It really was a mistake to rely upon on a religious caravan in the first place.


「……Rita-san, she’s in trouble, isn’t she?」(Cecyl)

………I think so.

I can’t say anything for sure since I lived in a different world.

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  1. Nagi should consider pursuing a career as an actor, he undoubtedly has talent… Ku,fufufu!
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  2. Hmm. Quite difficult to read. Could only figure out who was speaking about half the time. Fails to provide proper context. Excessive inter-paragraph spacing.


    1. Pretty much LN’s in a nutshell.
      You need to take the context clues into consideration and focus on who would be saying what was said.

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      1. Which is pretty much the problem. Translating directly into English removes all of the context from the original language that allows you to determine who the speaker is. Failure to provide appropriate context in the English version shows poor handling of the translation. Written correctly in English, there would be no confusion, and should read much more smoothly.

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    3. The main problem I had with this was not merely the contextual issues, but the abundance of translation errors. One primary example being this line said by Rita: 「I used to have a human-beast as my friend. Didn’t they feel ashamed when they bully Cecyl-chan? I have decided not to do that anymore.」

      The original Japanese was 「昔ね、私には獣人の友だちがいたの。セシルちゃんをいじめたりしたら、その人たちに恥ずかしいでしょ? そういうことはしないって決めてるんだから」

      Which I feel could be more accurately translated as “In the past, I had beastkin friends. If I persecuted Cecyl-chan, wouldn’t I be an embarrassment to those friends? So I’ve decided I won’t do things like that.”

      The translator incorrectly implied that Rita’s friends bullied Cecyl, which makes no sense, and in doing so, significantly changed the meaning of Rita’s words. And there is no “anymore” within the Japanese text, so I’m not sure where that came from. Maybe an editor?

      And lastly, the English language uses quotation marks “” for speech, NOT corner brackets「」, or, as they’re called in Japanese, kagikakko. http://www.japanesewithanime.com/2017/05/quotation-marks-japanese.html

      If this is supposed to be an English translation, then the use of corner brackets is inappropriate.

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      1. Actually, while I’m here complaining about things, I should note that I’m not fond of the rendering of セシル as Cecyl. If I recall correctly, the translator said the names were copied from the manga, so the manga translator is to blame in this case. I think セシル should be rendered as Cecile (or Cécile), as the Japanese rendering of that name matches up. A couple of examples: Cécile Aubry https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%BB%E3%82%B7%E3%83%AB%E3%83%BB%E3%82%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%96%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC or Cécile Croomy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Code_Geass_characters#Others

        Both above written as セシル in Japanese as in this web novel / light novel. Well, since it’s already established, it’s seemingly late to change it, but if I were translating this, then I’d likely put it as Cecile rather than Cecyl.

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