To join the Yado Inn family, please apply using this application form. A response can be expected between one and five days.

To somewhat help others understanding of the roles that they would need to carry out, here is our opinion of what each position is like, and what is needed from that position:


For a Translator, they are the most required piece to the puzzle that is novel translations. When translating, there will often be mistakes or times where one will require assistance. The main objective is to thoroughly translate the given chapter and to also attempt to minimize as many errors as possible.

Another key point about translating is for self-improvement. Obviously, you most likely won’t be a god-tier translator, especially right off the bat, which is why you want to strive for self-improvement.

Translation Checker:

Translation checking is the second in line in the process of novel translations. Translation checking requires that the one who is responsible for this job must check over an entire chapter to make sure that there were no mistranslations or for translations that the translator did not know how to translate.

This job requires a good understanding of the given language.


As for Editors, what is expected of someone who applies for this position is patience, endurance, motivation, and a good understanding of grammar and a large selection of vocabulary.

Editing is the most crucial part of novel translations after translating(and translation checking), as making the story advance smoothly, as well a sound good is the main job of an editor. Editing also requires a lot of time and commitment. You would be well-off to have an iron will and or dedication.


Proofreading is along the last line of things to do involving the cycle of novel translations. Proofreading mainly requires a good eye to catch errors and a really good grasp on grammar. A Proofreader’s job is to make sure that the entire chapter makes sense, and that there are little to no errors left within the final product.


Here is a list of the current positions that are filled and or are open:

Translators: Open

Translation Checkers: Open

Editors: Filled

Proofreaders: Filled



One thought on “Recruitment”

  1. Now you can feel free to leave comments, etc. Also, as of now, the application is closed for a while. If you still want to apply for an open position, please email me. That also reminds me, but if there is anyone that wants to apply to help out with a manga, please feel free to email me. We’re currently looking for a re-drawer, and maybe a typesetter.


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