Reincarnated as My Little Sister – Chapter 21

Translator: CloudLys (Flowingcloud + LysUltima from Ebisu TL)


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Looking for Books


“Okay, I’ll just sit here, so…good luck♪”

Wow, I want to punch this senpai~.

“What are you saying! It’s for you, so do it yourself! I’m just helping you!”

In the first place, I don’t know what to find…

“Haahh, I guess I’ll look. Ah, this note. Take the books that are written here, kay? There’s a lot of books my cousins wanted.”

I was handed over a note with a several titles written.
Or so I thought, but if this was handed over to a staff member, wouldn’t they explode…
Well, there’s quite a lot, I guess I’ll try asking the ones I truly can’t find.


We separated and started looking.


In the end, we found over half of the books on the list.
Mainly because I loved these books in my previous life.
I knew their locations after I borrowed them so many times.
I recommended the good ones to Kouyou, but he doesn’t read, so there was no point.

“I’ve troubled you!”

Are you my superior or something!?
Ah, more or less, she’s my senpai……

“Senpai, did you find even one book?”

Even if you had never come to the library before, you’d probably be able to find some!
This senpai slacked off…

“No, I found one.”

Saying that, Ran-senpai took out a single book.
The title was “Paradise of Death and Dreams.”
Huh…the title rings a bell…
I didn’t read it…But…

Huh? Come to think of it, I don’t remember that title being written on the note though?
Did she just take that book off the shelves nearby?
From what she’s done so far, I find it hard to trust her now.

“But, the title isn’t written on the note?”

“Eh? …Ahh, sorry. I forgot to write it on the note, probably. Well, I found it so it’s fine. Let’s go check these out.”

“But we don’t have all of the books?”

There were quite a few book titles that we haven’t found yet.
After coming this far, I want to find them.

“With this much, my cousin would probably be satisfied. To be honest, the one bringing it home is me, so it’s better if there’s less.”

That true opinion somehow makes me feel like I wasted my time.
They were really hard to find.

“Was there a need to tell the truth?”

“If I don’t say it, you won’t understand.”

Well, I was going to look for them without her agreeing though…

“I guess so.”

“Well, if there’s a book you want to read, my cousins are here.”

It isn’t like this is the only time I can read.
Haa, I had more fun today than I normally have reading books, somehow.
This is thanks to senpai I guess.

“I understand. See you later.”

“Aah, see you Monday.”

“Yes, at club.”

When I headed towards the exit to go back home, I was stopped by Ran-senpai, who had left before me.

“Oi, Yuuyami.”

“What is it, senpai?”

“…Teach me how to get a library card.”

…Come to think of it, I forgot she’s a person who never came to the library before!



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