Reincarnated as My Little Sister – Chapter 3

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The 13th Year’s Spring


I woke up to the morning sun and muttered groggily, “I feel like I had some sort of nostalgic dream….”

Looking at the clock, it was still 4:30 AM.1 Although I woke up earlier than usual, for some reason I was wide-awake and without thinking about going back to sleep, I got out of bed and headed towards the washroom.

After washing my face, I headed towards the kitchen and made my breakfast and lunch bento as usual.
It’s something that I had been repeating for many years, so I made it in an experienced manner with my hands.

“Aren’t these abilities quite good for an eighth grader? However, 13 years has passed since I reincarnated, so it may be natural.”

Although I was talking to myself, my hands never stopped, and I steadily cooked two people’s portions.

“Ah, come to think of it, I forgot that Nii-san disliked eggplant. Even though I was originally the same person, I wonder if there were differences in our preferences? Well, whatever, I’ll put it in!”

Occasionally mistakes like this will happen, but I think my cooking is done well.
My parents are often on business trips and not here, but my older brother always delightfully eats it, so it’s truly worthwhile to make.

I almost finished cooking and took a little break watching TV, and at the usual time, I headed towards the room where my older brother slept as usual.
That’s me, Yuuyami Naru. The fresh daily life of the former Yuuyami Riku.


I became my little sister, and thought that I was approaching the ideal.
The ideal family. The ideal older brother and younger sister. I think that something will change just by changing one person.

I grew a little, and the difference between my soul and my surroundings became distinct.

First, I got used to girls immediately.
Because my soul was a man’s, I thought that I was bewildered by my surrounding environment, but I unexpectedly got used to it quickly.
Also, I don’t have any romantic feelings towards the girls, but it’s good this way.
Just, to make it even more complicated, I don’t like guys either! Something like that.

Second, my face is different from my previous life’s sister.
It might be a bit harsh, but my old little sister wasn’t as pretty as I am now.
It was confusing at first, but it’s actually better this way. Having the same face would remind me of those days.
Merciless violence, abuse… ah, my head!
Well, I don’t know why my looks are different, but I can only think this as a blessing from God.

Third, the previous me is slightly difference from my older brother from now.
The reason related to this is simple; the cause was probably the little sister. (me)
His younger sister was completely different, so my older brother who group up together with me seemed to have changed.
For example, in my last life, the older brother (me) did the chores, but in this life, the little sister (me) did it, so this point is different…… IT WAS ALL ME!?
I like being thanked when I make it, so I don’t mind it.
Well, because of that, I feel like my older brother is a bit undisciplined.
In my previous life, I woke up without difficulty though.
Now if my older brother isn’t waken up, he often doesn’t wake up.
No, even if I try to make him wake up, he might not wake up…

“Nii-san, wake up! If you don’t, there won’t be any time to have breakfast!”

I shook him, but he still remained fast asleep.

“Geez, my brother is going to be late on his first day of high school…”

Today was the day when my brother was going to become a tenth grader.2 Incidentally, I’m an eighth grader. My opening ceremony has already ended, and school started for me.

“Heyyyyy! Nii-san!”

He finally started moving when I yelled in his ear. His eyes fluttered.

“Another two seconds…”

“No, shouldn’t you be asking for five minutes… wait, it’s already been two seconds! Get up already!”

My brother finally started to show more signs of life.

“Imouto, where’s my morning kiss?”

“There’s no way I’m going to do that! Baka!!” 3

As expected, isn’t it a problem to pamper this guy I wonder.
However, it seems like my older brother in this life is truly happy.

“Haha, it’s a joke. Morning, Naru.”

“Good morning, Nii-san. Your food and your will are all ready♪”

“Hey, stop talking like this will be my last meal!”

“I’ll go ahead and eat then.”

“Imouto, you’re so mean! Ah, w-wait, I’ll get ready quickly, so waitー!!”

People other than me come in contact with his cool personality, but why is he only a useless member of society in front of me?
We’re the same person, so I exposed his inner self I think…
This is my fault!

Ignoring the voice coming from behind me, I waited in the dining room.
In under a minute, my brother opened the door to the room.

“Nii-san, you’re quick to get ready every time.”

“Well. Oh, as expected you were waiting.”

“There’s no reason to eat first when we’re going together.”

Us siblings are two years apart, so you’d expect that we walk to school separate from each other, but our schools are surprisingly close.
That’s why we usually walk to school together.

“Thank you as usual, Naru. Then, let’s eat quickly and go to school!”

“Even if we don’t particularly rush, there’s still time to eat.”

My fresh ordinary day today────


“By the way, Naru.”

“Yes? Nii-san.”

“Can you take out the eggplant?”





  1. The author is an idiot.
  2. Highschool starts in 10th grade in Japan.
  3. Baka=idiot

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