Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Rice omelet messages

Translator: D0dz

Editor: Boomer


My parents have left. From this point on, the situation about living together with my sister begins.

After I sent off my parents outside, I went back to the living room with my sister.

Both of us sat in silence at our usual seats.

“Brother, there will only be us two from today onward, but what are we going to do now?” [Ai]

“We should only accept repair requests on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays should be an exception. Since there will only be you and I, we should rotate the work, don’t you think so?” [Yuki]

“That’s right, isn’t it. School starts next week, and it’ll be very busy then…” [Ai]

“By the way, I’m supposed to go to the same school as you, but what kind of high school is it?” [Ai]

Oh, I see. That reminds me that I’ll be going to the same school as she is for high school.

Until now, Ai has always been in middle school, but to think that she’s going to be a high schooler, huh.

Time flies, doesn’t it.

“The high school that Ai is going to go to is a school that is connected with a university, so after you graduate from high school you can go to the university which is also located on the campus.” [Yuki]

“I know that! That’s not it, I’m talking about classes and club activities!” [Ai]

“Uh-mm, there are no mandatory classes. There is no problem if the lesson requirements are fulfilled when you do go to school . Half of the day is a break, and there are no classes scheduled on the first day of the month! That’s why I’m able to do whatever I want to do!” [Yuki]

“I see, it’s pretty free, isn’t it.” [Ai]

“It’s quite free because their structure is based on the university system, even though it’s a high school. However, they do have their own uniform, while the university is just plain clothes. If you have a license, then you can commute to school using a bike or car, but I don’t have a car.” [Yuki]

“I see, therefore brother is going to go to school by bike.” [Ai]

“Then, your student ID card is able to be loaded with electronic money. It’s possible to use it for purchases at the school cafeteria, which is quite convenient in that it doesn’t require physical coins. Don’t waste it too much, alright? Since from today forward, father and mother won’t be around. Well, the school is that sort of place. There will be an opening ceremony, have you finished preparing?” [Yuki]

“Of course! I’m done with my preparations. Brother, have you finished preparing as well?” [Ai]

“I have yet to finish, actually I’m in the middle of it. Then, just to make sure, let’s change the business hours on the memo, and put it up on the usual poster in front of the shop!” [Yuki]

“Okaaay!! Then, I will be the one who will rewrite the memo and brother, you are in charge of the poster.” [Ai]

“Roger. Let’s hurry up and finish the preparation of the store!!” [Yuki]

Huh? One poster and a hundred postcards? Is this perhaps the hardest part of my new job?


It’s over.

At last, it’s over.

There is data from the profit lists, but this is too much!

There are a bunch of postcards.

I tried my best… especially with the printer.

“Brother~, have you finished yours already~? I’ve finished mine over here-” [Ai]

“Oh, everything over here has finished as well. Well then, we have both finished our tasks, how about we go and have lunch?” [Yuki]

“Is it your treat, brother?” [Ai]

“Oh yeah, I’ll treat you to something special! What would you like to eat?” [Yuki]

“Omurice! With soup and salad!” [Ai]

“You’ve really loved omurice since way back when. Then, let’s go to the usual place!” [Yuki]

I’m going to the restaurant that has delicious omurice that I always frequent with my parents. Today, they aren’t here. There’s only Ai and myself. That reminds me, since when did only the two of us go to that store?

As the key is in the bike’s ignition and our two helmets are ready, we set off. I straddle the bike as I start the engine smoothly. Then, my sister gets on my back.

“Brother, please be careful, alright!” [Ai]

“It’s alright! I’ve gotten used to it! Please hold onto me tightly!” [Yuki]

I ride the bike as usual, and head to the usual restaurant. I stopped at the traffic light. Since I’m a bit worried, and to pass the time, I peeked at Ai through the side mirror. What are you grinning for?

Ai kept both her hands wrapped around my body, and her grip became tighter.

“It’s always safe to ride it with you, brother!” [Ai]

“That’s good! That seat is only reserved for you!” [Yuki]

The traffic light changed. Simultaneously, all the cars started moving.

I started to move as well. Ai’s long hair sways in the wind.

She really likes her hair to be that long.

In just a few minutes, we arrived at the restaurant.

It’s inevitable that a bike is really convenient, especially when there is no traffic jam.

*Ring ring*

“Welcome! Table for two people, I guess?” [Host]

“Ah. There isn’t a third person, right?” [Yuki]


“I’m sorry. It’s two people.” [Yuki]

“Ai, don’t just suddenly knock my head. It hurts, okay?” [Yuki]

“Brother. It’s embarrassing. Just behave like you usually do. If you would just keep quiet, then you would be such a good man.” [Ai]

“What are you saying. I’m speaking like a good man, I think?” [Yuki]

Then the host guided us to our seat.

The matter of what we would order was already decided, but for the time being, we opened the menus.

Ai wants the omurice set. For me, the Neapolitan set would be good.

“Ai, what would you like to drink? It’s coffee for me.” [Yuki]

“Uh. Iced tea.” [Ai]

I pressed the button to call the staff.

“Will it be the usual?” [Waitress]

“This and this. Then, coffee and iced tea” [Yuki]

“Certainly. When would you like to have your drinks?” [Waitress]

“After the meal.” [Yuki]

“Certainly. Then, please wait for a moment.” [Waitress]

The waitress returned to the kitchen.

This shop has become pretty old.

The shop where my parents came and went.

Will it remain like this until we become adults?

“Brother…? What are you thinking about?” [Ai]

“Just about the theory of special relativity and fusion.” [Yuki]

“Ahh. Please come back to Earth! The omurice is going to be here soon.” [Ai]

Ai spoke to me while smiling.

It’s good to retort to her more.

“Ai, is it fun to come and eat with me?” [Yuki]

“It’s ext-remely~ fun. I love omurice very much.” [Ai]

“Is it more fun to come here with your boyfriend?” [Yuki]

“No! There is no boyfriend! I’m probably not going to get one!” [Ai]

Okay, my daughter has no color in her love story.

“D-don’t tell me that you like girls?” [Yuki]


Ai began to spit out the water that she was drinking.

Ai, this is a mess.

“Sorry, I spat it. It’s alright, since I like boys like normal. Please be relieved.” [Ai]

“I see. I’m glad to hear that.” [Yuki]

Then Ai’s face became a little bit red. I look at her straight in the eyes.

What? Did I say something strange?

The conversation between brother and sister may have become a little bit strange.

And as I was thinking, our orders reached the table.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Waitress]

The food arrived. Looks delicious.

“Let’s eat!” [Siblings]

Two people ate silently. Which reminds me, our family has always ate in silence during meals.

I ate the meal without speaking about anything. Ai is smiling as she put the omurice in her mouth. There is no conversation. It’s common to see this sort of thing in general, right?

Right after we finished eating, the shop assistant came and then removes the plates.

“Uhn, that was splendid.” [Yuki]

“It was very delicious!! I want to eat it again!” [Ai]

The the coffee came out after the meal. It’s surprisingly good.

After I took a sip, the shop assistant comes to us while carrying something.

Huh? I’ve already got the whole order, right? Did I order anything else?

“Excuse me. Customer, have this one please.” [Waitress]

On the shortcake plate, there is a message, and something is written on it.

“Happy Birthday! Please get along with me from now on!”

“Brother, are you surprised? You are surprised, aren’t you!” [Ai]

“Aaa, I’m surprised. How did you get it done? I only decided to come here just now, didn’t I?” [Yuki]

“Fufufu. That’s a se-cr-et. Then, let’s eat it together.” [Yuki]

“Hey, sister. You have become more of a mystery, haven’t you. Well then, let’s eat the dessert!” [Yuki]

After we happily ate the cake, we left the shop.

I returned home, cleaned the store and spread out the postcards. It became night in the blink of an eye during our preparations for tomorrow.

“Alright! I’m going to bed! I already took my bath, and brushed my teeth. The door is locked.” [Yuki]

“Then, brother. Give it your best from tomorrow onwards, alright? Good night.” [Ai]

“Goodnight. Oh, Ai, thanks for today’s message. I’m so happy. Let’s get along together.” [Yuki]

“Wha-What’s with that suddenly!! You are too honest, brother!! I-I’m going to my room!” [Ai]


Don’t shut the door like that. It’ll break you know…

Well, please take care of me from tomorrow onwards.

I hear a faint whisper across the next door over.

“Brother. Thank you. My brother is really nice. Good night…” [Ai]



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