Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Ring and Tray

Translator: d0dz

Editor: Boomer


“I’m home- brother~, are you there~?” [Ai]

“Oh, I’m right here in the shop-.” [Yuki]

“I have a question about the school.” [Ai]

“What is it?” [Yuki]

“Wait a minute! I’m going to change my clothes right now!” [Ai]

(Later) ….

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I would like to hear about a class. Is it necessary to take the physical education course?” [Ai]

“P.E is okay either way. If I remember correctly, it’s an elective class, right? The school just accepts whoever wants to exercise. By the, you will pass any class at the end of the term if you pass the exams with more than 75 points.” [Yuki]

“The requirement is quite high, isn’t it. There’s less time to study, and a lot of work to do… But, let’s go to school together every morning, alright?” [Ai]

“Yes, yes. I’ll do it for you.” [Yuki]

“What’s this? The key is a pendant top! It’s so cute! Will you give it to me?” [Ai]

“Oh, that’s good (that you like it). Then, please hold your hair up. I’ll put it on for you.” [Yuki]

“Wait a minute… I-is it fine like this?” [Ai]

“Okaaay-. Look! How is it?” [Yuki]

“It’s really cute, isn’t it. Ah… D-don’t tell me that it’s paired with yours?” [Ai]

“Well, speaking of pairs, I wonder if it matches? There are three more.” [Yuki]

“Huuuuuh!? Three? What sort of thing is that? Will you explain the situation a little? Depending on the situation…” [Ai]

“Pl… please calm down, Ai. Look at this.” [Yuki]

“I see, it’s from father. Then, what about the one from mother?” [Ai]

“I haven’t opened it, do you want to open it up together?” [Yuki]

(Later) …

“Brother, what is this?” [Ai]

“Well, it looks sort of like a crown used by an African tribe. There’s also a straw raincoat and a flute. I think this is meant as a set for an ethnic group.” [Yuki]

“To send this kind of thing, what does she want us to do?” [Ai]

“… Go to a dance competition equipped with the straw raincoat and the crown?” [Yuki]

“Brother. For the time being, let’s seal it back up first. Eh? There’s an envelope.” [Ai]

“Aah, it’s a letter from father, isn’t it? I haven’t read it yet.” [Yuki]

“Brother, I want to read the letter first. Can I read it now?” [Ai]

“Sure, you can read it first. I’ll make some coffee, wait a minute.” [Yuki]

As expected of drip coffee! The taste is different from instant coffee!

“B-broth-er!!! Read this!” [Ai]

“What’s wrong? Is there anything wonderful written in the letter?” [Yuki]

“If what’s written here is the truth, then it’s not wonderful, not even a little bit!” [Ai]

“Okay… let’s see…” [Yuki]

I had trouble believing it.

“Brother, what do you think about this? Is that true? I have a bad feeling about this.” [Ai]

“Calm down first. For the moment, let’s put the information we know in order.” [Yuki]

The content of the letter is as follows:

By no means are you to use this lock. When you read this letter, I want you to keep it without doing anything. The locks and keys are in a set, and can’t be damaged in any way. I can’t figure out how this was made, even using our current technology. It was in a treasure box of an aristocrat. I have no idea how long it’s been there. In the records left behind by that aristocrat, the power of the platinum key is the strongest. Do not attach the lock while wearing the key. The person who is holding the key will then disappear to another world. There seems to be an unexplained sort of place, and the details are unknown. Don’t ever use the lock. Never put on the key. Because it will go to another world.

“Could there possibly even be something like this? This isn’t like we’re in a young-adult fiction story that you can go to another world so easily!” [Yuki]

“Brother… This is father’s joke, right? I wonder if it’ll be okay?” [Ai]

“It’s going to be okay! Actually, I’ve used it to lock the cleaning equipment shed, but I’m still here though.” [Yuki]

“Eeeh!? You used the lock?! Why did you do that without reading the letter first… Brother, you are stupid!” [Ai]

“Well, let’s prove that nothing happened. Let’s go and check on the lock. I just put it on a little while ago.” [Yuki]

Both Ai and I go to the shed together. I came to see that the lock is still attached to the cleaning shed as usual. There are no changes at all.

“Look, Ai. There’s nothing here, don’t you think so?” [Yuki]

“Certainly, there is nothing. But, the pattern inscribed on the lock is so amazing.” [Ai]

“Yeah, the pattern on the key is too. It’s stylish, isn’t it?” [Yuki]

“Yep. Well, but… I think… to send a letter together with it, there must be something about it…” [Ai]

“It’s fine. Then, I’m going to take a bucket and some rags from inside, are you going back to the store?” [Yuki]

“That’s right. I have to do some cleaning.” [Ai]

Using the platinum key, I opened the lock.

There is no sound- and the lock opens. I feel like I have tinnitus (a ringing or grating sound where there is no sound) right now, but I don’t care about it. The door opens, and just like usual, I stretched my right hand to pick up the bucket. Then my fingers disappear.

My palm, wrist, and arm are being sucked, like they were being absorbed into water. It’s gone up to my right shoulder, I can’t turn away. I seem to be pulled into… something.

This is bad. I’m being pulled.

The content of that letter was true.

Why did my father send me such a thing? That thought disappeared, I was now thinking about something else. About father. About mother. And right now, Ai is crying in front of my eyes.

I can’t hear your voice. What are you trying to say?

I’m sorry.

It’s okay, I’ll make sure to come back quickly. I’m Ai’s only brother, therefore…

Where is this? Where….?

It’s cold and dark.

But, I’m breathing. The letter said that this was a different world, but is this a foreign country? Eh?

I’m not wearing any clothes? And barefoot too.

Naked. I just have that necklace with me, nothing else.

This… is a serious matter!

If someone sees me like this, it’ll be bad, no matter if this is Japan or a foreign country!

*Gatan* *kaka* *thud thud*

“xxx? xxxxxxx” [????]

What are you saying, I don’t understand it at all!

Fo-for the time being, let’s hide first!


The door opens, and a girl with a candle came in.

This is bad!

I immediately hid my d**k with a tray that is close at hand. It’s better than standing out completely!

[tn:noted here that お盆 in romaji can be read as Bon which is translated as O-bon festival or tray, well I thought he was doing some kind of dance, you know the one at O-bon festival while hiding his d**k =P]

I meet with the girl’s eyes.

Her lovely hair extends to her shoulder. Pointy ears. Green pupils. Is she in the middle of her teenage years? She has very well ordered features. Yeah, she’s beautiful!

“Aa… I-I’m not a suspicious person! My name is Yuki, I’m a student…” [Yuki]

“Xxx! Xx! Xxxxxx!!!” [Girl]

She said something! What are you saying! She looks surprised.

She shouted something.

This is bad. What should I do?

“I’m not going to do anything! I’m safe! I won’t harm you!” [Yuki]

While I was saying that, I put my hands up.

“Xxxx! Xxxx! Xxxxxxxx!” [Girl]

This is bad, she keeps on screaming. Maybe it’s even worse than before. Should I force my way through?

No, it’s not a good idea to go outside the house without any knowledge of what’s going on. I have to break out of this situation somehow! That’s right!

Song! I have to sing! Songs are a common thing in any world!

I inevitably sang. From children’s songs to J-POP, even school songs and traditional melodies. Of course, I hid my d**k with the tray. No matter how actively I moved while singing, I held it up for sure.

The girl seems to be at a loss, and is looking over here while at the verge of tears. And as I thought about that, she left the room. Singing naked in front of a woman who I just met.

Is that bullying? It is.

*tatta* *ta*

The girl came back.

Something was thrown at me. It hit my head and fell down. The girl gestures as if to say “put it on your finger”.

Hah, I have a tray in one hand.

I pick up the ring to put it on. This is good, I think!

I will pick up the ring with one hand, while covering my d**k with the tray!

Haaaa… Hoooo! Not yet, aaaaaah!!!

*shaaa* “Haaa!!” [Yuki]

I pick up the ring at the speed of light while keeping the tray positioned, and put on the ring. Looks good.

Right now, I’m sparkling.

I did it, father. I did my best.

After I put it on, a moment later, I had tinnitus again. There’s a gem embedded on the ring. Wha… what is this strange feeling?

“My words, do you understand them?” [Girl]

“Aah, I understand them. Are my words able to get through too?” [Yuki]

“Yeah. Can I ask you one question?” [Girl]

“Please say it, I’ll listen to your question. I’ll answer it to the best of my knowledge.” [Yuki]


“Are you a pervert?” [Girl]



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