Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : Shower and Indirect Kiss.

Translator: D0dz

Editor: Boomer


My brother has gone. In front of me. I inhale as though I’m about to sink to the bottom of a pool of water. Then I shout, however this voice certainly can’t reach my brother.

Wh-What should I doooo!!!!Exactly, let’s try thinking outside the box! Certainly, for him to disappear in front of my eyes…

Calm down, myself.

It’s important to calm down during these sorts of time.

For the time being, let’s drink something. Ah? There are two cups of coffee on the table top. Good! Pour in some milk, add some sugar, and heat for three minutes!

*… Ding!* Good, let’s warm up.

I think, and review the situation while holding the mug on one hand. What was that all about? As father wrote in his letter, did brother really go to another world? Are you safe, brother? Will you come back? Can we meet again?

I cannot help but to feel anxious.

Oh, this is the mug that my brother was using a while ago.

I-in-indirect kiss…

What am I thinking? I’m so stupid!

*Thump, thump, thump* *Clatter*



*Phhhhhph—-!!!* Sa-salty! I mistakenly added the salt!

Calm down.

Right now, I’m the only one who can save my brother. Th-that’s right! Mom’s confidential notes! Perhaps she left some hints in there! Let me see, her secret notebook is in the inner part of the cabinet, isn’t it. Ah, it’s there.

Now, let’s look at the first page. It’s a table of contents. What’s the hint…

Oh, this one! ‘Correspondence for an unexpected event, a manual~ For a first timer, please read here~

I flip through the pages immediately, and read the contents.

“If an unexpected situation happens, please obey the following orders.”

First, write on a sheet of paper “Temporarily closed for today” at the shop’s entrance to prevent invaders from the outside.

Secondly, lock everything, and leave the phone to automatically direct to the answering machine.

Third, close the curtains, and shut off the gas.

Fourth, take a hot bath, and change into easy-to-move clothes.

Fifth, until the end, in order to remain safe, make sure to bring “Hining” with you.

Sixth, go with the flow, and you should trust your instincts.

Mom, I can’t understand your meaning.

But since something unexpected has occurred, I’ll act according to the instructions! Put up the paper, lock the locks, leave the phone on the answering machine, shut the curtains, and shut off the gas.

With this, it won’t be suspicious, even if I was absent for several days. As expected of mom.

Then, next let’s take a shower. After this, I’ll go and rescue my brother, however, why is it necessary to take a shower?

Despite thinking such things, I wash my head, arms, stomach, and back.

Wait a minute, did I gain some weight? I pinch my stomach just a bit. Though it would be all good if the fat on the stomach went up to the chest. Although it may seem like this, they are C cup you know!

Brother, you’re stupid!

… Brother, I hope you’re alright.

I exit from the bathroom, dry myself off, and change into my clothes. What do I have that’s easy to move around in, I wonder?

For the time being, let’s just use gym clothes. Then the last thing I need is “Hining”, what is that?

 Hu-mph, does it have something to do with healing, I wonder? To heal my brother! I guess it has to be that, surely.

But what is something that is good for healing…

There is one! If you say you need something to recover, there is one! “MAX HEALTHY! MEDICINE DRINK!”

Certainly, I remember that sometimes before father goes to bed, he would say “Tonight is the night shift~” and would drink this.

 I’m done with the preparations. Now, I’m going for a rescue.

Brother, please wait for me!

At that moment, said brother is jumping around in another world, desperately avoiding knives.



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