World Strongest Rearguard – Chapter 21

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On our way towards the 1st-floor entrance, we found a party on the verge of being defeated by fluffs and bees, so we rescued them.

Elysha’s physical recovery was almost complete; however, it’s still too early for her to engage in battle, so all the members gave a hand. For the first time, I got to witness Suzuna while she uses her bow. I frequent the use of a sling myself, and there seems to be a better chance that I may also get better accuracy as long as I am to equip it.

“When my arrows hit, I get this strange feeling…”

“Keep in mind that there’s always an attack bonus when you’re in front of me.”

“Oh, is that so? That’s amazing Arihito-san… you already grasp how your skills work in this world.”

“That’s because you guys are here. I couldn’t figure it out if I worked alone.”

It’s not that I’m being humble, but I must never forget. I am only a rearguard. I am only capable when kept in formation.

The lad who seems to lead the party we rescued, was a little younger and it looks to me that he’s taken the job of a swordsman.

“Thank you… Those guys suddenly appeared from our flanks.”

“Were you routed despite being in formation? That’s quite serious.”

“Wow, a beautiful onee-san… Wait, this party is… An all-ladies party?!”

“It’s a harem… Is this your first time to see this in real life?”

(Coming to this different world is real. It’s a strange feeling, but nevertheless, it’s real.)

 This young party of boys was quite vocal about their thoughts. I never used the word ‘Harem’ even in my previous life, so it’s embarrassingly awkward when I said it. It’s a good thing that the ladies weren’t paying attention.

Igarashi-san seems to be the type of an older sister being yearned for by younger boys. She is younger than me, and if I were a high school student, then maybe I would make similar reactions like them.

“H…Hey! Ain’t that Misaki?! What the heck? We were worried about you!”

That’s right. — I immediately noticed it when I saw their faces. These guys were the four-man party Misaki sent off earlier.

I thought that the pretty-boy leader would give an awkward reaction when he saw Misaki bolting out from my back and saying “Thank you!” in a clear voice. It also looks like she has been conscious for a while now.

“A ha ha… I felt like I should be going with you after all, but then~, I got caught in some sort of a trap. It was a disaster, but you see~, these people came to my rescue.”

“My god, that was dangerous. Without life, there is nothing, don’t waste your life, so you should be more careful.”

“What if you let us help you? Seriously, that bee is super dangerous ya know? Get hit, and you be poisoned.

“I was really in trouble~. But I will also be in a lot of trouble if I go on like this, so I’ll try my best to get stronger on my own. I think it will be useless if I leave it to Junpei and the others.”

“Misaki… hey, how ‘bout coming along with us…?”

It seems like the name of the young party leader was Junpei. But Misaki just shook her head.

“It seems that my job only depends on luck. I only amount to that much.~ Junpei probably needs a monk or someone who can use magic. You know, I am also trying to find out what I really am, what I will be, and where will I belong.”

“…I see. That’s regrettable, and we’re muscle brains anyway, so…”

“So that you won’t be easily defeated like before, how about getting a thief? You won’t be flanked that easily if you can invite a vigilant guard, right?”

These guys will work hard, so as not to show Misaki their pathetic side.  –They called off the conversation then resumed on hunting watadama.

“They’re good people. They’re important to you, right? The number of parties out there are as numerous as the stars. Have you decided where to go?”

“That’s right. Even though you only got to join them for a while, they seem to be happy.”

“Oh, please don’t say that. I’d rather stick with you. I have been thinking for a while now, you know? Yes, I can work them like bees as their queen, but I have already reflected on that. I really need to get stronger, so I wouldn’t be targeted by crooks.”

“Misaki-chan… then from now on… with us…?”

“Uhm… about that, I guess that it would be quite difficult. Erm… Who are you by the way?”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Arihito.”

Apparently, the job called Gambler possesses skills that can raise the drop rate of treasure boxes. We would surely benefit from it, but somehow, I get this feeling that she wouldn’t be going along with us.

“I may have fainted, yet for some reason, I can tell you’re an outrageous party. If you are somewhat hesitant just like me and think that my decision might be too soon; the thing about how careless I was, I’m already reflecting on that.”

“I also do not want to conquer labyrinths stoically. I want to raise rank and I don’t plan to stay in the 8th-district forever.”

“It would be amazing to get out of the 8th-district, but experience points seem to go down if you don’t earn anything in a day. That’s the reason why most people who are left in the 8th district are stuck at levels 1 and 2. There are around 3000 seekers in the 8th-district, right?”

— That would be right if you ask me. We can defeat an enemy if I get to use my ‘Rearguard’ skills, and I did not think that it was that difficult to raise our ranks and earn for a living.

If you happen to come across a ‘Named’, you have no choice but to retreat, especially if the party has insufficient strength –- In numerous occasions, parties come to think twice. The world will change if they can be defeated that easily, and it is natural to flee if you know you can’t win.

“If the party leader is ranked first in the 8th-district, there is an examination to be taken in order to proceed to the 7th-district. However, many ignore that opportunity because they can always choose to settle in the 8th-district….”

Elysha’s words were substantial and relevant. I’m guessing she already has seen these sorts of people.

“I will try my very best as well. Oh, But I want you to put me in your party tomorrow, even if it’s just for once~… or am I just a big burden?~”

“No, not at all… By the way, when Misaki was caught by the treasure trap, what happened to the box?”

“Oh, I put it inside a bag and gave it to those scary ojii-sans.”

So we ought to retrieve it. Although I could say that it would be difficult for everyone to go back, Elysha just shrugged her shoulders and took off using ‘Sonic Raid’ like it was just an errand. I’m sorry for letting you use the skill of a higher ranked seeker for such a thing.


When I tried to report to Rival-san about Bergen and his group, they just entered the labyrinth in high spirits. It would be inexcusable if I bother them.

Bergen’s group can hide their presence. That skill of theirs have caused various problems and gained notoriety. Up until now, evidence was hard to come by. This time was different though as we were able to grab hold of some useful clues.

Rival’s group disappeared from our sights as they descended the stairs. Igarashi-san conversed to me soon after.

“Rivals group, are they are doing something like protecting the order of these vicinities? Although it’s imposing to call them as private police, it somehow gives me the feeling that they are.”

“That’s right. I think that many are saved thanks to them.”

Although they’re in the beginner’s labyrinth, they seem to find fulfillment when they safeguard the development of their juniors — To see them this lively gives me that sort of impression.

I wonder if I could make it to the top of the rankings. We gained more experience and attained a higher level compared to what we’ve had previously at the first level of the labyrinth. Moreover, it looks to me that there’s still a long way to go before I can truly explore the labyrinth of the highest difficulty in the 1st-district.

“Elysha, the seekers in the 5th district, are they around level 8?”

“No, think they’re about level 10. My level is rather low for some reasons.”

It’s not just me, but the rest of the party looked at Elysha. Igarashi-san and Suzuna, both of them were watching her with lively concern.

“…I’ll talk later. Well, when I see you like that, I think that you’ll feel dreadful if I wouldn’t say anything. I’m sorry for keeping it from you, Suzuna.”

“No, I also want to know more of you Elysha, even if it’s just a little. Ever since we’ve met, I have sensed that you were tormenting yourself over something.”

It’s just the second day that these girls have met, but it looks like they’re already in a good relationship and I can already see them as friends. Misaki then tugged her arms around the back shoulders of Elysha and Suzuna. Was she holding the same thoughts as well?

 “Kyaah… W…What are you…?”

“Somehow being intimate with Suzu-chan more than me~, you’re making me jealous. Me and Suzu-chan have known each other since we were kids~.”

“Even if Misaki invited Suzuna, she’s going to come with me”

“No, once every year, we have the habit to go skiing together … she didn’t have to invite me.”

Suzuna amended it, maybe it’s because of the accident, and probably because of their reincarnation. Since neither got invited, it doesn’t mean that their circumstances are involved. –That is what I understood.

“…Labyrinths among other things~, I don’t find meaning in exploring them. However, I will change the way I think and I’ll give it my all. So please~… don’t misjudge me.”

“I think that’s a good vision, you go tread that direction. Atobe-kun, shall we directly report to the guild and have a meal? Let’s visit the market some other time.”

“I understand. Theresa, Let me send you to the mercenary guild.”

Theresa –didn’t nod. Is this a reaction of her will?

“Atobe kun, why don’t you ask Leila-san on how long we can bring along Theresa-san?”

“Wow, I was thinking about it a while ago, but this lizard hat is so cute~. Wow~, it’s smooth and chilly.”

Misaki repeatedly touched Theresa’s Lizard hat. — Or rather, she touched the lizard’s full face.

Even though her mouth is peeking through, it seems that she is delicately embarrassed while Misaki examined her.

When she described her nice and chilly, I got curious on what the sensation was. But since it might be sexual harassment if a man like me touches them, I have to stay prudent.


When we returned to the Guild, but Louisa had already felt a premonition. I felt so nervous when I came to greet her.

“Elysha-san and Suzuna-san also accompanied me today. Igarashi-san contributed great efforts, too.”

“Thank you. However, we were just following Atobe-kun’s party.”

“I also… couldn’t do anything, I merely spectated. But, I’ll work harder next time.”

Louisa-san beckons me while assessing our lineup. Then, she whispered so only the both of us can hear.

“At first, you were alone, but now, it seems that there are five new members … You curiously invited women only. What is Atobe-sama’s intention?”

“N… No, it’s not like that. That young lady… Misaki has only been rescued. She will probably separate from us and do something else. She has the freedom to do so.”

“The other four people will continue to work together, right? Because Elysha is level 8, and soon Atobe-sama will move out from the 8th-district…“

“Will it be possible to ask Louisa-san to remain as my officer-in-charge? But if the district changes, it is impossible after all……”

“N-No, because individual guilds can transit to all the districts … Atobe-sama, if it would be fine for you, then I could be in charge of you for a long time. “

“Then that’s good. I got used to it already and it would be lonely if my officer-in-charge changes…right?”

I felt something nudge my arms. When I looked back, it was Elysha.

“Arihito, it is the leader’s job to report the results. We also need a change of clothes, so we need to get back to the inn at once.”

“Oh, I understand. Then just leave it to me.”

“Kyouka is going to accompany Theresa at the inn, so please rest easy. Let’s meet at the tavern near your accommodations later.”

We can take mercenaries until 8:00 in the evening, so we still have time. If we leave at 7:30 in the evening, then we can make it back to the mercenary guild.

After parting with everyone, Louisa-san asked a question.

“Oh, by the way, did you perhaps encounter a ‘Named’ today…?”

“Yes, we defeated the Juggernaut fellow on the 2nd-level and I’ve entrusted the recovery to the couriers. They will report to the guild later after their task is finished… L-Louisa-san?!”


To Louisa, who even got surprised with the Redface, the ‘Juggernaut’ word was too much and excessive.

In this hallway, I supported her because she fainted without warning. While I felt her body’s softness, it made me think. How old is she anyway? I haven’t asked her yet, but — No, I would rather think of a way to cure her fainting.

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