World Strongest Rearguard – Chapter 25

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Seeker’s Habit

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When I arrived in Normal Heights, the lady manager from the administrative office approached to greet me.

“Atobe-san, Atobe-san. Today seems very lively and just now, the ladies have been playing a lot. How wonderful it is to be young.”

“I apologize for the racket. Three of my companions will return home soon.”

“Oh, is that so? Trying to get intimate with the party after explorations are over…? Is that it?”

The lady manager’s cheeks turn a little red. I wonder, is there a usual practice done by seekers when their explorations are over?

“I’m but a mere novice who was just reincarnated recently, so there are still a lot of things that I need to know. Do things like these happen often when explorations are over?”

“Oh dear, a novice you say…? Atobe-san, how old are you right now?”

“Uhm, I’m 29, but…”

When I got reincarnated, something in my body was refreshed. Or rather, I felt like something was reset. The occasional signs of aging that I have felt when I was a corporate slave seem to have been cured. It’s not that I have really become younger, but right now, I feel like I’m a high school student.

“Uhm, Atobe-san, about that, I can see that you’re already a working adult. But for a Japanese, you look way younger than your actual age. So that being the case, I’m rooting for you. Would you mind having something like a mixer with one of the daughters of my employees? That is if you want to.”

Uh…. Erm, Thank you. It’s been very busy so far, but I’d really love to hold conversations with different people. Regrettably, starting tomorrow, we might be transferring from our current lodgings.”

“Well, isn’t that amazing? You were able to come to our lodgings on your first day. “Atobe-san is a promising one.”, I’ll be sure to tell that to everyone. For sure, beginners too would be encouraged.”

“W-well about that, I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t spread it with garnishing. Please consider that every novice is trying their very best.”

“Yes, I know that too well. After all, I’ve been on these lodgings for the longest time.”

I have heard her request but I wonder if she’ll be able to somehow convey mine to her employees.  It would be unusual for a novice to move to a royal suite in just two days after reincarnation, so it would be all natural if it becomes a hot topic for conversation.

Although I cannot avoid what people might say, I would do any means to gain reputation if the situation calls for it. — At any rate, I’ll be leaving the 8th-district soon, so there would be no problems, even if we leave bits of rumors here.

Anyone can confirm their rank using the license, but there’s no way for you to know the others if you don’t go and ask them directly or if you don’t pick up information like what the rumors say. In other words, there is no such thing as automatically knowing the name of the person should there be any change in the rankings.


As I proceeded to ascend the staircase going up to the third floor, Theresa stood motionless next to the landing base of the stairs.

“Is something the matter?”


Silent as ever. I looked at the direction where I came from, then back to where I am.

“Is there anything ahead that makes it difficult for you to move?”

Are there any other guests? –I wonder.  For a moment, I thought that I heard something like the voice of a cat, but sooner, I came to realize that it was an outrageous voice.

“N-nooo… this is a business hotel. The walls are thin. Our voices can be easily heard… Seriously!?”

Now I realized what the lady manager has been indirectly trying to say.

There are parties composed of both sexes and there are members with mutual associations, affections and such. For a couple, it is also possible that after a day’s work, they also get into the mood. –Well, things like that are already a given.

It’s no longer strange for me, but this awkwardness is odd. Although Theresa couldn’t say anything, it seems that I have to properly end this odd mood.

“I-It seems that they are in the middle of something. Are they making that noise while their door is open? If so, I need to bring it to their attention.”


I proceeded and went to the second-floor corridor. From there, the door of the farthest room was opened a little.

(No, it’s intruding on another person’s privacy, so I shouldn’t close it. Everyone, I’m sorry if you get to hear their voices.)


“I-I’m sorry. I think that it has been at a wrong time that I brought you along. I was pretty sure that at this time, it should be all quiet.”

We left the place and proceeded to the upper floor. Upon reaching the third floor, I noticed that the walls were thicker. We wouldn’t be able to hear much of those noises any longer.

According to my observations, even though her demi-human lizard mask became part of her body, she can still show subtle expressions like blushing. I’ll never understood what an embarrassed lizard is, but because Theresa’s equipment doesn’t cover her entire body, it is visible when her skin turns red.

Compared to when we first met, she has been slowly opening herself up. From the time I continuously talked to her until we reached our room, it has never been awkward. Honestly, I hope that I could already find a peace of mind.

“Theresa, starting tomorrow, we’ll be moving to a different room. From now on, I’ll be bringing you along, so just think of it as part of the job.”

Theresa looks at me and as expected, her lips that peeked from her mask gave a flat expression. However, the face behind her mask was flushed not only from the lips, but also downwards her neck.


“Don’t worry. I just enlisted you in the party and it’s not like I bought you. The tickets were just used for the deal.”

When I said that, she paused then nodded in agreement but her blushing didn’t subside one bit. –Well, maybe the effect of alcohol is that great.

“I hope that I am not intruding while you’re talking about important matters, but can I tell you something?”

“Whoa there, for a moment you got me all surprised. Elysha and Suzuna too. Where have you two been?”

“We were enjoying the night breeze from over there when we suddenly heard this cat-like voice out of nowhere.”

“I-Is that so? W-well, it seems that there are cats that can also meow in a louder voice.”

They seem to have come from the veranda. Instead of worrying about the voice they heard from the second floor, I’m just glad that they weren’t able to realize what that actually was.

Surely, I did not think that I was going to worry about the acoustics of a room after my reincarnation. But in the next lodgings that I am transferring to, I hope that they used better quality building materials. I would appreciate it if they can show fine engineering here in a different world.

“So Elysha, what is it that you would like to tell me?”

“The room rented out to one party has a restriction on the number of people who can stay. How high did you go up in the rankings in this district?”

“I’m up to 2nd place and I’m going to check a Royal Suite tomorrow so…”

“The maximum number that can stay and live on a royal suite is up to six people. The maximum people in a single party is limited to eight and the total number of people allowed to live together is also eight. There are two people in my room, me and Suzuna…”

“Elysha-san originally rented out a room in the 5th district, so the room she has here in the 8th-district is only but temporary. If I could raise my rank, I was also thinking about renting a better room.”

If it’s a twin room of Elysha and Suzuna, together with a royal suite of six persons, then I no longer find the need for additional rooms.

“If you choose a small room, the amenities would also be cut-rate, so you should consult with everybody about living together, if possible. If the resting place is uncomfortable, the recovery from fatigue will be affected.”’

I recall that only a small amount of health and mana could be recovered from the stables, and I think that’s expected since we are talking about resting in comfort.

However, I have considered that with this ends our cohabitation. Whenever I think that it will continue, I become quite embarrassed when I get to face Igarashi-san up close.

“Well then… would you decide on taking the room? Once you move to the 7th district, you will be starting from a small lodging once more. You can rent the room for a week, so you can use the Royal Suite as a base. If you want to permanently live in one place you have to buy the property, which comes at a hefty price. You can start to own a home once you get promoted to three-stars.”

I am currently two-stars and I think that three-stars is not that far from reach. For the time being, I’ll ask for the conditions on how to achieve it.

“How can I get promoted to three-stars?”

“First, you need to be in the 7th-district. From there, you need to collect a total of 10,000 contribution points. You will also be presented with quests. If you clear them, you’ll be promoted to three-stars.”

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. By the way, aren’t the both of you going home yet?”

When asked, Elysha and Suzuna looked at each other as their faces turned bitter.

“Misaki-chan borrowed your bed. Can we wait for a while until she gets up?”

Suddenly, the door opened and it was Louisa-san and Igarashi-san who came out.

“Atobe-sama, welcome home. Please pardon me for the intrusion.”

“We’ll go ahead and take a bath, so take care of the room, okay? Misaki-chan is sleeping on your bed. Just let her be until she wakes up.”

“I-I understand… That brat. Taking another person’s bed without permission….”

“Oh, Suzuna, we won’t be able to make it back in time for the bath if we head back first to our quarters.”

“Is there no other time when we can enter? W-what should we do? I’ve been perspiring, and we’ll be exploring again with Arihito-san tomorrow…”

–I sense that something big is coming. No, I might just be overthinking.

“Well then, can we just go altogether? Though there is a fee, we can always rent a change of clothes from the inn.”

“Y-Yes. It’s an emergency, so it can’t be helped. Suzuna are sure it’s okay?

“Ely-san, you wanted to take a bath, right? Let’s go.”

“It’s decided then. Atobe-sama, later!”

Louisa-san ended the chat then left with everyone as they headed towards the first floor baths. Theresa and I enter the room, then sat on the couch.

“Aaah… so tired. Theresa, just take a seat on anywhere you feel comfortable with.”


“Hmm? Or maybe… do you also want to take a bath?”

As she was wearing equipment, it never occurred to me that she may also need it. But if her equipment is unified with her, how will she even wash herself properly?

I felt like Theresa was supposed to say something, but she kept quiet. She inspects the inside of the room instead then returns at the back of my couch.


“W-Well, you can sit anywhere you want to. I was just curious if you’d like a bath.”

As I turn towards the back, she tilted her head and looked straight at me. The lizard head which was intimidating at first seems to be all-charming right now.

“O-Oh, my level went up today. Shall we check on my new skills?”


Understanding that skills are the lifeline for seekers, she sat on the couch and bothered not to stay behind me. It can be viewed separately, and I want her to be comfortable at least.

(Now then, will I be able to acquire new skills?)

◆Skills Acquired◆

Support Defense 1: Reduce the damage taken by a frontline member by 10 points.
Support Attack 1Increase the attack power of frontline members by 10 points.
Aid Recovery 1: Recover the health of frontline members by 5 points per 30 seconds

◆Available Skills◆

Enhanced Support 1: Increase the morale of frontline members by 10 points.
Behind the Frontlines: The field of vision extends to the rear for a certain period of time. Consumes 5 points of Mana.

Falcon’s Eye: Improve the ability to perceive a situation when you are positioned at the rear.
Backstand: Fix your position behind a target.
Backdraft: Automatically initiate a counter-attack when you get attacked from the rear.

Available Skill Points: 3

 (Oh! Now there are four skills that can be acquired… I should have checked properly that time when I became level 2.)

Apparently, the skill points obtained whenever the level goes up seems to be one or two each time. I should not waste precious points over the useless ones, however, looking at the description of the skills gives me a feeling of tension building up.

Among them, one skill that raises my concerns being a rearguard is the one that would likely compensate for the risk of a direct attack to some extent. “Backdraft”. When a flame that has been burning in a closed space suddenly gets a supply of oxygen from opening a door, an explosion occurs.

If I can only fight back against attacks from the back, then I can still be vulnerable from attacks from the flank. It may be a problem if the rearguard constantly faces the opposite direction. It’s not a perfect defense. It’s a powerful skill, but can I can see that it has its own shortcomings.

The other skills also contained interesting descriptions. The skills that are considered “Support” does not consume any mana, shall I take them? The problem is, I do not know if there would be some sort of penalty given that it is “Support”.

Theresa looked at me while  I was thinking about which skill to take. I would also like to check on her skills and hear from everybody as well. –I’m expecting a meeting either tonight or tomorrow.

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