World Strongest Rearguard – Chapter 09

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Shortly, after leaving the labyrinth, Leila, the mercenary guild’s associate director received me after I escorting Theresa back to the guild.

“That’s so brave of you to return from engaging a battle. It has only been over an hour. Theresa, bring those weapons you used to the blacksmith. Remove the blood stains on them. Those need proper maintenance.”

Theresa nods repeatedly, not moving an inch while she kept her eyes glued on me.

“Hmm… Typically, you would leave now without saying anything. Is there anything that you would like to tell me?”


“Even if you could say that there is, there’s no way I would be able to tell. Oh, how I wish you had a telepathy skill.”

Today, we’ve achieved a lot together. We fought side-by-side and defeated a formidable enemy. She fought in the frontline and I supported her. It makes a bit lonely now that I will have to part from her.

Fortunately, I can still hire her. I still have two remaining tickets. I wonder if there other ways to procure more tickets?

“Leila, I wish to hire Theresa again tomorrow. I have two tickets remaining. Do you know where I could get them?”

“Well, first of all, you can’t reserve the mercenaries you wish to hire. You only get to pick your mercenary when it’s time for you to hire them at the guild. This ensures that every seeker experiences fair treatment especially when employment opportunities are concerned. You can buy tickets at the seekers guild and you are only limited to 10 tickets per month. This ensures that seekers can grow and minimize their sole reliance on mercenaries. However, there are some rare instances that some seekers would frequent the reliance on them.”

(In other words… Even if I am able to fight alongside Theresa, it won’t be possible to make her a regular party member.)

Theresa had been watching us for the whole span of our conversation, but she finally heads towards the reception area.

Leila then looked at me with interest then gave out a faint smile.

“Ehh, this is rare. It seems that you’re growing fond of that lizardfolk.”

“E-erm… Is that so?”

“Originally, these jobs were only performed by monsters. I personally do not favor the use of demi-humans. To tell you the truth, there are a lot of mysteries involving their spiritual structures. Some people grow fond of demi-humans even if they lack communication skills like ‘Telepathy’ and they prefer them over the use of tamed monsters.”

Well, Maybe I do have a single reason as to why I’ve become fond of her. The logs on the license previously showed the “increase in the credibility” part.

Is this the effect of using “Support Defense 1” and “Support Attack 1” on her? Or just because we’re in a party? It might be better to ask Louisa about experience and credibility, just in case.

“Well, if you are interested in her, then that would mean a different story. We can rebrand Theresa’s slave crest and set you as her master, but you will have to pay a reasonable price. You will need to set aside one-hundred copper tickets to establish the contract.”

(One-hundred…? A payment for hiring Theresa a hundred times in exchange for letting me have her as a permanent companion? –That’s expensive.)

I can only obtain ten tickets monthly and I will have to wait ten full months without even hiring her. I guess I have no other option this time but to ask Louisa.

“I have just recently become a seeker and I can’t prepare the funds needed just yet. To acquire a mercenary also means to take care of her basic needs. Once I’ve gained enough experience as a seeker, allow me to take you up on your offer. I’ll persevere. Besides, based on my experiences with her, the possibility of other seekers buying her would be rather slim.”

Increasing “Credibility” might be difficult but it’s different if we’re compatible. I guess I can understand what Leila is trying to convey. That would likely compel me to hurry up and prepare one-hundred copper tickets at the soonest.

I would be needing at least two more party members since a party consists of a vanguard, middle-guard and a rearguard. Working with Theresa was a good experience even if it was only for a one-time adventure. I wouldn’t be able to make it without her.

“I understand. I’ll acquire those 100 copper tickets as soon as possible.”

“That’s good. I think it will be fine for you to take her tomorrow, but just in case, you have to come early. We open at eight in the morning.”

I bowed my head to Leila and left the mercenary guild. I passed by the dismantler’s shop but I thought it would be best if I show the Redface to Louisa first, since it was displayed that there was a bounty for it. The materials would be a good exhibit and it would show proof that it has been subdued.


Rival and his party was about to leave the Seeker’s Guild when I arrived. It seems that they were able to get the section chief to a healer and now returning to their post near the labyrinth entrance.

“Ah, Arihito, we’ve entrusted the lady seeker to a healer. She will be transferred to an infirmary later. Please try to visit and talk to her soon.”

“Thanks, Rival. I owe you one.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s our job after all. We could have teleported back using a scroll of return, but it’s rather expensive. Moreover, we would like to avoid a hundred demerits on our contribution. We had no other choice than to rescue and carry her by feet.”

“That much for using a scroll of return? So Budwick’s party, by using that scroll…”

“It probably cost them demerits and their rank may have fallen. But given the situation of encountering a “NAMED” … it’s matter of life and death. If I were them, I’ll have to reconsider exploring again. They are fond of being guides. It’s nice to have a job waiting for you.”

Some older seekers were convinced that it would be better to guide novice seekers. They might have considered that, but even if they have the means, there is still a risk of encountering demons like the Redface. This should serve me as a reminder.

“Arihito, will you explore the “Plains of Dawn” again tomorrow? Or are you planning on diving on a different labyrinth?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but I guess I’ll have to dive in the same labyrinth.”

“Okay, then if possible, please invite that lady seeker to your party. It seems that she isn’t in any party because she doesn’t specialize in being a vanguard or a rearguard. Maybe there was just an issue in her personality. It’s really dangerous diving solo when you’re Level 1.”

Novice seekers with more specialized jobs easily flock together. That’s what the common sense of many seekers dictate. But just like a Rouge job, Valkyries grow significantly stronger as their level rises. Their situation might only be a handicap being Level 1.

Now, can the section chief get along with me? If it turns out that I get to keep her overbearing attitude in check, having been reincarnated in this labyrinth country might have just lost all meaning.

(No, no, no. I should do away with this kind of thinking. Besides, in the worst case scenario, she truly reveals her good side.)

The section chief did not even flee given her predicament and she tried to face the danger head-on. She was actually prepared to risk life and limb even though she can command others to do her bidding.

However, I still find it difficult to forgive her. I’ll listen to what she has to say and if our interests coincide, then we can organize the party.

“Was it some bad relationship you’ve shared with her in your previous life? There are a lot of people who speak their honest feelings too, once they get reincarnated. Are you sure you can handle her?” –Rival then stares at me with an intrigued face while I was drawing up my decision.

“I hope so, but at least I don’t want her to nag about things.”

“Oh, hands down already? Well, listen to this old man. I don’t even think that she will come to hate the guy who saved her. Ha ha ha, see you! Hang in there, lad…”

Rival has gone and done it now. I won’t deny what he said, but it was just necessary that I protected the section chief during that time.

Call it difficult to near impossible, but I just can’t imagine the section chief acting friendly or trusting towards me. Much more, to be in the same party and teaming up together. One thing that’s questionable though are the logs on the license that firmly displayed that Kyouka’s credibility has increased.

“Atobe-sama! Were you injured? Were you poisoned? Oh! Thank god you’re okay.”

Louisa rushed over frantically, looking at me with a tearful face. She seems to have been worried about my safety because the section chief was unconscious when they rushed her over.

“As you can see, I’m safe and sound. All thanks to Louisa’s ticket.”

“Well… that kind of… Uhm… All I did was give you directions to get some help from the mercenary guild. That’s all. Forget that… what I’m actually talking about is…”

–Louisa spoke with a face that was flushed from all the running she did.

I’m probably going to keep surprising her from this point onwards, but first, I need to let her know of the situation and if possible, share confidential information in the future.

“Can I whisper something to you for a bit, Louisa?”

“Uhm, yes! Is it something confidential?”

“I defeated the Redface, can you verify it?”

She was in for a big surprise. Her eyes enlarged, lips trembled and her knees lost all their strength.

I showed her the leather knapsack containing the yield. At first, she was not able to grasp it but later came into a realization just by paying attention to her surroundings.

“C-Certainly, please proceed to the private room at the back.”

She’s pretended to be calm as much as possible but her voice trembled. Well, I was expecting that would be the case, so I followed Louisa while carrying the knapsack on my shoulder.

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