New Novel Project Collaboration With Ebisu Translations!

Flowingcloud: According to my Patreon description (if anyone has noticed), I will be translating a new light novel: Remake Our Life! This time I will be collaborating with Ebisu Translations and posting chapters on their site. Please read the novels on Ebisu and join their Discord if you like them. Hopefully Ebisu readers will come read novels on Yado, and vice versa. Ebisu is currently translating My Pet is a Holy Maiden, No Fatigue, I Bought a Girl, and more! Check out their novels if you have time or in search of new reads.

You can receive updates of this novel if you follow Ebisu Translations or through our site’s Discord Server in order to not spam Yado Inn’s Novel Updates group page. We will NOT be posting releases on our site, so please read at Ebisu.

I have adjusted my rewards from instead of chapters to characters. I figured that it’s pretty unfair to translate them by chapters, parts, etc. since each one is just different length unlike MLW that I translate, so I decided to just make it a set length calculated by Japanese characters. I will be chugging down the MLW queue this month so don’t worry about this affect MLW.

This novel placed 6th on Kono Light Novel wa Sugoi 2018 and I assure you this novel is a worth read.


Kyouya Hashiba, who worked at a game company, had his dream shattered and decided to return to his parents’ home, but once he woke up after a nap, he woke up ten years back in the past For some reason, he wound up attending the arts college that he was supposed to have given up on. Furthermore, the creators that he admired in the future were his classmates!?

With Patreon the amount of chapters being released will be 18,000 characters. According to this list of characters (rounded DOWN to the nearest hundred). If you want to know if I’m lying, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy the source material. In a way, this is my method to help support the author. xD

Schedule for March
Prologue: 9.2k characters
Chapter 1 Part 1: 4k characters
Chapter 1 Part 2: 2.5k characters
Chapter 1 Part 3: 700 characters
Chapter 1 Part 4: 4.4k characters
Total: 20.8k characters
Schedule: 18k characters
Excess: 2.8k characters*

*Excess characters will be added towards next month’s schedule.




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