ABM – Chapter 30

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一 Making A Plan

“Honestly, I don’t think that the latch will open even if we continue doing this.”

Shizuru murmured when arranging dinner at the table.

With a denim apron atop his suit, he wore a bizarre combination that somehow pleased the eye. His overall appearance was good looking, with slightly droopy eyes as his distinctive feature. Below his right eye there are 3 moles lined up, which Casca once said are ‘erotic’.

“I can’t believe that a week has passed and we still haven’t caught him. It has been a long time since I felt such trouble.”

“My beloved, you haven’t done anything wrong. In the first place, it’s the fault of those two idiots that ruined half the plan.”

“Oi, Ludmilla, Elizabeth. Could you at least answer when asked?”
“It wasn’t my fault though……”
“―― Ha. Same here, it really sucks. And also, could you not lump me with that idiot Eliza? It’s making me want to kill you.”

Lady tried to reassuring Shizuru who started to show a self-depreciated smile. Casca was acting like this was someone else’s problem, Ludmilla was still massaging her temples because of hypotension even though it’s already time for dinner, and Beth who sneered with her odd eyes half closed.

The 3rd squad members held discussion while having dinner at the hideout. The agenda was the progress of Chopper investigation.

“That reminds me Beth, what’s wrong with Eliza?”
“She’s holed up inside. That child is running away ’cause she doesn’t want to get yelled at, makes me sick.”

She smirked at Shizuru’s question and poked at her chest with her finger.

The one who could choose to do the personality change was Eliza. So, if she holes up inside, Beth can’t do anything.

She sometimes behaves like this ever since they barely escaped from the guards few days ago. Perhaps she was thinking that she would be scolded because of that.

“I’m not really mad about that…… well, she will come out eventually, so give her time.”
“Huh. I wish I could be as easygoing as you Shizuru-kun. What nonsense.”

She sneered, threw tantrums, even ridiculed him, and yet she still glanced at him passionately. Seeing Beth like that, Shizuru smiled wryly and pet her head to calm her.

She shivered a bit when he did that, and shook him off.

“Wha――St, stop it. Don’t touch me, do you have a death wish?”

“Of course I don’t…… sorry, I didn’t meant to make you upset.”
“ …… Well, it’s not like I hate it.”

It seems that Beth wanted to say something but it turned into a murmur. Shizuru tilted his head in a questioning posture, but Beth just turned away and didn’t clarify.

When he turned his back, he noticed a sweet aroma coming from Beth.  It was mint, the same perfume that was used by Casca.

“ …… Really, it’s the worst.”

She muttered so quietly, that even Ludmilla beside her couldn’t hear it, and clicked her tongue. Beth cut her meat pie, and bit the lumpy meat.

“So let’s discuss how to proceed with the plan.”

Shizuru tried to suggest that while scooping his corn potage. Certainly, they had to change their approach since they still haven’t come across any clues.


“ …… So, how exactly?”
“Hahaha. That’s the problem. I don’t have any ideas.”

Shizuru answered while smiling troublingly to Ludmilla’s question, who was eating slowly with her fork. If he had a good plan, he would have executed it a long time ago. But because he didn’t have any good plans, he gathered everyone to do a brainstorming session.

“How troublesome…… How about we beat up all guys around here ‘til we get the right one?”
“That’s really foolish, Casca. What if they thought that the random attacker was us? You know that security is stricter now.”
“In the first place, rather than helping, what you do is always hinder us…… ”

Lady and Ludmilla each gave a retort to Casca’s words, who tilted her chair with amazing balance while eating her meal. She did not have a shred of dignity as commanding officer.

“…… I have been wondering, Why is Casca our captain and not Shizuru?”
“Oiya Ludmilla, ‘ya wanna pick a fight with me huh?”
“―― Ha. If it was Boss, even with your hand and feet restrained you would still win anyway. Acting with that savage outlaw pride, how retarded.”
“Ya’re dead to me! I will really beat ya all. Kneel right now to me with money in your hand!”

Casca spoke so loudly that her blood was boiling. She was angry at no one and was just throwing a tantrum as two people hung their heads and continued rhythmically eating as an apologetic gesture. Just like that they were forgiven, she was really a simple woman.

“Really, I’m the Captain ya know…… Yosh, if it’s like this, beating the town’s people is the best right? Let’s torment them one by one!”
“You’re more dangerous than Chopper!!”

They just ignored Casca’s idea. Shizuru tried to ask the others again, but they had really ran out of ideas.

“Maybe requesting help from the other squad is a good idea. But since there are less requests at the Eastern district, I don’t want to add more strain to Black Maria’s management. Also, adding more personnel when the security is reinforced is already a big risk itself.”
“Well…… But, It’s impossible to cover all the back alleys in Eastern district with just 3 people. My ‘Demon eyes’ cannot see the temperature behind a wall, so in complex back alleys it will be less effective.”
“In short, it is useless right?”
“…… Can you be quiet for a sec, Captain?”

Casca casually butted in- she never helped, but she always disturbed the search. Ludmilla was so pissed at Casca’s blatant remark, yet somehow she able to reply calmly. She used formal words that she usually wouldn’t use while her mouth was twitching.

“Hm…… It seems we only could search for him directly huh. If their belongings were left at the scene, Lady could follow them with a scent…… but since there were only corpses left at the scene. The smell of blood was so strong that it erased other smells.”
“I’m sorry dear…… I couldn’t do anything”
“What, so the dog is also useless huh?”

The bell of the fight rang when Casca fired another remark. While sparks were flying between the person and the beast, Shizuru cleared the table and spread a huge paper. Their fights were everyday occurrence, so no one batted an eye.

“Isn’t that…… the Eastern district map? What’s up with that Shizuru-kun?”
“I think we can predict where Chopper would act somewhat. I was gathering intel until this morning, and can point out accurate locations of the crime scenes until now.”

Shizuru took out a notebook from from his pocket, compared it and mark x’s on the map. When he finished, the number of x marks were over 40. Despite the large number, it had only been 2 months since Chopper had appeared. That was why night curfew was issued.

“ …… If you draw it out like this, they are really scattered huh,” murmured Ludmilla

There was no connection between the places or the order. Sometimes it took place at the same place for 3 consecutive days, sometimes he moves from end to end of the district. There’s also nothing common with the victims, it was truly an indiscriminate massacre.

With this, predicting the next place would be impossible. Ludmilla could only give up, while Beth smacked her lips.

They were considering accepting Casca’s proposal seriously. Being in a stalemate, a weird thought began appearing in the air.

“ …… Well it can’t be helped.”

Shizuru whispered suddenly. Ludmilla looking at Shizuru as if he really gonna do the hunt… of course he wasn’t.

“I will try to set a trap. I don’t know if it will work, so don’t have too much hope in it.”