ABM – Chapter 39

Translator(s): DCThanatos    Editor(s): Yuzuha    Proofreader(s): Merp-merp

Vague Dream

――When you wake up, you occasionally forget your dreams.

Perhaps, it’s the memory from just before I came to this world.

In my dream, I was on some hill.

Although on the other side of the handrail should have been a place I had never seen before, the scenery there felt strange and nostalgic.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you if the town was large or small, but rather it was beautiful.

I don’t remember, but I guess I lived in that town.

I was on the hill but not alone, rather I was there with someone else.

It was a girl who was around my age and had a face similar to mine.[1]

The girl was calling me Shizu.

The me of the dream also called her name.


Although I shouldn’t have been able to remember it at all, the sound I heard was truly nostalgic.

A possible older sister, or maybe younger? She and I must have had that type of relationship.

Eventually, a small noise began to flicker within the scene of the memory.

Color then disappeared, the light fell, and it became extremely difficult to see as it became dark.

And from there on, everything that happened beforehand was decided.

I lost my footing on the hill――and fell headfirst.

I then felt a slightly bad sensation as my body lightly rose.

I had fallen head first, so the world was upside down.

Although the sound of the wind was blowing sharply in my ears at random, it was excessively realistic for a dream.

I may have screamed when I fell.

Or perhaps, maybe fear had paralyzed my throat so that a scream wasn’t even released.

Anyway, I don’t know the details, because as the dream progressed, the noise increased, and it became harder to see.

Even though I woke up, I always forget that I had even been dreaming.

――And at the very end of the dream…

Just as I’m on the verge of colliding with the ground, everything around me disappeared.

The sky, the ground, the town. Everything disappeared, and nothing could be seen.

It should have been like falling off a cliff, but there was only darkness all around.

Even in such darkness, I kept falling for what seemed like forever.

Before long, I began to think that I would continue to fall forever.

However from below the darkness, somehow, Starlight came into view.

Then, I finally noticed.

I wasn’t falling into the darkness, but rather, being pulled from it.

The number of starry lights began to grow more and more, as the pace of acceleration steadily increased.

Among them, one of the countless myriad stars became a shooting star and came inside of me. (TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))

The dream always ended there.


  1. 1. (TN: I assume that this is referring to when he was younger, a.k.a, prior to him coming to this world.)(ED: I’m pretty sure the author-san described her like that to let us know she might be related to him)(Merp:IMOUTO-CHAN KITAAA)

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