ABM – Chapter 43

Translator(s): DCThanatos    Editor(s): Matty    Proofreader(s): DCThanatos    TLC(s): ShimizuA

One day – Morning

After making breakfast, Shizuru went towards Casca’s room to wake her up. And as usual, she looked to be dead at first glance. To be more precise, she was close to death. As for the cause, alcohol poisoning. As per usual, Casca had a hangover this morning.

“Shijuuu…p–  e-s-, H..~l……”

Lying down exhausted together with who knows how many bottles of liquor, Casca whined at him like a mosquito. By the way, her earlier words meant to say, “Shizu, please, help me.”


Such a view of Casca was unbearable. Although, depending on the person, the scenario might appear even comical, however, Shizuru let out a sigh. Why does one repeatedly make the same mistakes time and time again? He could not comprehend it. In other words, he was slightly dismayed.

“Hey, Cassy, I’m sure you have heard this before, but did you ever thought about waking up in the morning feeling refreshed?

“uah uoh……uii”

It was currently impossible for Shizuru to interpret anything thrown at her. It appeared that even spinning words of meaning turned out to be difficult. If it was already like this, she would become unreasonably enraged later on if he didn’t help her soon. So once again, Shizuru let out a sigh and hovered his hand over Casca.

“――Heed me, O White goddess”

Within one beat after beginning the chant, a pale light emanated and surged from Shizuru’s palm. It’s true identity was the white magic that he held.

When humans handle magic, they call the being who controls the color they align with among the 8 attributes; they generate and accumulate mana inside their body, before starting to release it.

If it’s red, the passionate and optimistic ruler of fire, the Crimson Lion.

If it’s blue, the lackadaisical and timid ruler of water, the Charitable Water Spirit.

If it’s green, the ferocious and short-tempered ruler of wind, the Dragon King of the Sky.

If it’s brown, the gentle and carefree ruler of soil, the Earth Giant.

If it’s yellow, the prudent and headstrong ruler of thunder, the Great Heavenly Raven.

If it’s purple, the ruthless and aloof ruler of ice, the Ice-Shelled Mysterious Turtle.

If it’s black, the severe and gloomy ruler of dark, the Pitch-Black Devil.

If it’s white, the pure and merciful ruler of light, the White goddess.

And then, the released Magic power would engrave a magic square upon one’s central area, namely the chest, to roughly determine the ‘system’s’[1] orientation. In the case of light, there are two types, Light based attacks and Healing. Of course, it was a Healing system magic square that was engraved on Shizuru.

“El Wol Yste”

Once the system was settled, magic could be invoked after giving the details through incantations. That being said, even if it was only those words, the fact was not quite as simple. One must first control the mana output strength from time to time, and the magic would fizzle out if riddled with error. Not to mention, low ranking magic that grants a single effect, intermediate magic onwards grants multiple effects, and so the learning curve soars.

Additionally, the amount of required magical aptitude varies by the type

It is a common story that it takes about 1-2 years to study and master a single magic type.

“――Cleansing (Wash)”

The three verses that Shizuru needed to chant were completed, and form was given to the magical power which had been freely flowing from his palm, which soon after began to activate.

A low-leveled healing magic that removed accumulated toxins within the body, Cleansing (Wash). Even if it was a Yellow Day where the efficiency of white magic plummeted, there wouldn’t be a problem, to a degree. This magic is also used for acetaldehyde, which is an intermediate in the substance of alcohol, and a hallmark cause of hangovers. In the blink of an eye, he finished removing the toxins from Casca’s body.


A small sigh signifying the end of the treatment resounded. Then, the light which had been flowing from Shizuru’s palms gradually began to shimmer and fade before long, in the end, it spirited away as if nothing had happened.

“―― YSHAAA!! Casca, back to life!!”

After (something) like this every morning, Casca had recovered from her hangover.


Shizuru cut a small watermelon in half, and vigorously pushed another rice bowl which looked neat in vain. Casca demanded a second cup of his famous pizza rice. Until a little while ago, she had been dying from a hangover, so it was hard to believe that she had such an appetite.

“Ue…… How can you eat something like that straight in the morning……”

The ingredients of pizza are placed in large quantity upon a mound of cooked rice. It’s definitely a dish for heavy eaters. While Casca had a calm appearance while requesting for a refill in the morning, Ludmilla murmured and looked like she was in a sour mood.

Contrary to Casca who had a voracious appetite, Ludmilla had low blood pressure and was cold, and only had a small sandwich and coffee at breakfast. Since it was a small meal in the first place, in order to replace the intake of calories for one day, just now, a tablespoon was put inside the cup.

“Hahahahah! I’m different from a thin bean sprout like you!”

“Who’s as thin as a bean sprout……”

As one would expect, it was inexcusable. However, inside of the pupils of her purple eyes there were swaying flames, reminiscent of a demon’s eyes, glaring at her suspiciously.

And the place she was staring at were her huge breasts, so swollen that they couldn’t be grabbed with a single pair of hands.


Furthermore, the impression they gave was that her muscularity was particularly bad, but that wasn’t truly the case for her inner muscular system. If you were to compare it to the physique of an animal, it’d be close to that of a leopard.

“……I’m not a bean sprout. I’m average sized .”

“Haha, the grumblings of a loser. It’s nice to hear.”

After a brief observation,  Ludmilla replied with her best rebuttal.

However, Casca found herself carrying a self-triumphant look directed at her, and her stress reached its climax.

Honestly, she wanted to knock her out with one shot if she could. But it was clear as day that she could withstand such a blow that would’ve normally left someone half dead. By all means, her strength was really unreasonable. Now that she acted as she pleased, only someone who equaled or trumped her could oppose her.

“I want that power…….”

“Ahaha…… Cassie, you shouldn’t tease Ludmilla too much.”

“Aah? I didn’t particularly tease her. It would be a big deal if you let me tease you, hey.”

For Casca, it was a mild expression even if it was aggravating to others, since any abusive phrase was colloquial for her. However, when she was on the receiving end, she would imprudently make her opponent half dead just because of a trivial slip of the tongue; an unreasonable queen indeed.

“You don’t have to worry about what Casca says, Ludmilla. She was just saying whatever  was on her mind.”

Lady changed into her human form and advised Ludmilla, whose frustration was accumulating. Black hair, golden eyes, except for her suit, which was white, she and Richelieu, the leader of Black Maria, looked as alike as two identical melons; she had mimicked her appearance. If one had not known that she was originally an evil beast, they’d think that she was related to Richelieu.

By the way, Lady carefully ate grilled fish and Miso soup with her chopsticks. Dark Wolf, a high ranking evil beast which can manipulate black magic, in other words, she’s a wolf, but, unprecedentedly, her favorite food is actually fish.

“Besides, Cassy’s not in a bad mood, so forgive her. Yes Cassy, have another serving.”


He leaned over and tilted the bowl, and Casca went back to eating Pizza Rice again. Half of Black Maria’s 3rd squad’s food supply was consumed because of her. Anyone who watched this spectacle would be thoroughly convinced of that idea.


And at such a sight, Shizuru sat next to the figure of Mary who was happily eating Omurice.

The fluffy eggs were delicious. The contents of the chicken and rice were delicious, too. It was dream like.

“Is it delicious, Mary?”


With a smile that corresponded with her age directed at him, naturally, a broad smile came to his face.

With a napkin, he wiped the ketchup off her mouth.

“Mother, will you teach me how to write today?”


While Shizuru was thinking of going to fetch some pudding for dessert,

Mary fixated her gaze up at him and asked him such a thing…

“Yeah… Let’s study after we clear out our dishes.”

“Yes! I’ll help tidy up!”

――What a good girl you are.

For someone as inhuman as myself, I truly don’t deserve a daughter.

While thinking such of Mary’s adorable smile,

Shizuru felt pride deep from within his chest, and he gently stroked her head.

1. TL: So, here it uses 系統(Keitou), which by dictionary definition means “system; family line; geological formation; lineage; ancestry”. Because the use of system is pretty vague, I just went off the basis that the author has created another body system like the respiratory or digestive system. If you can think of something better, feel free to correct me.



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