Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 16

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Lovey Dovey with Misha


I went and looked for the proprietress with Misha.

[Umm.. Hello ma’am. This child is my –.]

[Aah, a beastkin child…. Oh my, perhaps her circumstances forced her to be sold to a brothel-.]

[That’s not it!]

This person totally does not listen to what others are saying.

[In order to save her from prostitution, you desperately hunt the Golden Slime. Yes…yes! This is what true love is about!]

She just jumped to her own conclusion.

And this type of scenario will only occur in novels written in the Edo era.

[My name is Misha, and I am the cat that Master raised nya~.]

[Aah~? You used transformation magic on your cat and–.]

[No! I used that magic on myself nya~!]

It should be find revealing to the proprietress that Misha is an adventurer that possesses cheat-like powers.

Of course, we could continue to hide and treat Misha as a normal cat, but I felt it wouldn’t be good for her.

Furthermore, I felt that it’d be unfair if I continued paying rent for one person in the future.

Misha now belongs to the human race…thus it is only fair to be paying rent for two people, and we don’t have to be so stingy with the rent now because of the money we earned.

I told the proprietress about the power that Misha has and how hard she worked for my sake to become human.

[…Do you believe what I had just said?]

[Well, you don’t have any reason to lie so, why wouldn’t I believe you?]

Having said that, she sighed a bit sadly.

[…With someone caring for you so much, it is no wonder that my Lunaria got rejected….]


[I can feel that even if that child doesn’t say anything. Well, Lunaria? You were listening to it, right?]

Lunaria appears from the back of the room with an apologetic look.

Seems like she was eavesdropping earlier.


Lunaria smile faintly.

[I’m sorry, that I failed to notice that the two of you are in love with one another at that time….]

[I‘m also very sorry.]

Misha gently hugged Lunaria, who seemed like she was about to cry.

[I wouldn’t have caused you trouble if I was able to turn into a human sooner.]

[Don’t say that, Misha-san. Please…always live in happiness.]

I would feel awkward if I stayed longer.

I left my seat and returned back to my room.

Misha returned to the room not long after with a bitter smile.

[Lunaria is such a good child nya~.]

[I also think so.]

[If… if I couldn’t speak the human language, that child would’ve definitely stolen Master away from me.]

That is a highly possible scenario.


[…The only one I love is Misha.]

I need to properly convey my feelings.

I’ve already conveyed my thoughts many times before, but I will continue saying it no matter how many more times I need to do it.

[Of course I know this, Master.]

I could now properly hold Misha’s hand.

This girl has always supported me even in Japan.

I would not get tired even after hugging Misha the whole day.

[In this form, I can openly go on all kinds of adventures with Master.]

[…I might slow you down though…]

[You can always just gradually train up! Don’t worry.]

[…Speaking of which, what’s our next goal? Since we obtained the grimoire and you can now turn into a human.]

I remember Misha telling me her plan for us in this world.

[The next step is to obtain a place for us to live. I want a love nest with Master nya~.]

[It seems quite easy to achieve with the amount of money we’ve got on hand.]

[It doesn’t seem bad to not have a fixed place to live and travel around the world as an adventurer. However, I still prefer to have a lovey-dovey life with Master nya~!]

Compared to when I first came here, I am already a full-fledged adventurer so I have already gotten used to this lifestyle.

[Well…. No matter how strong I become, I would still not be comfortable travelling around the world. Furthermore–.]

I pushed Misha onto the bed.

It became a situation where I was on top of her.

Misha’s black hair is scattered messily on the surface of the bed.

The reason her hair is black, must be due to her being a black cat before.

Her face is white and has slender features.

…I felt that she would melt anytime from the heat coming from her face.

[I want to mess around a little with Misha.]

[…I have the same feeling, Master.]

I spent the time slowly and repeatedly loving Misha on this night.

I exchanged my feelings with Misha on the same bed.

[This…. This is how it feels to exchange love with the person you love.]

[Misha’s dream finally came true nya~.]

[Mmm…. I am extremely, extremely, happy.]

At the same time, Misha hugged me tightly.

Even though her nails caused some pain, I silently bore with it.

…Speaking of which, Misha occasionally crawled into my blanket and slept with me during the period of time when I was still a salaryman.

…No way…. was Misha already thinking of doing such a thing during that period? When I think about it, Misha is sure a dangerous fellow.…

The face of Misha, who is in human form, appears in front of me.

I felt as if I am looking at a dream that came true.

[I was still worried the first time when we came over here, but if I knew this was going to be my future. I would’ve definitely come over here sooner nya~….]

[Mmm, I think the same.]

I was so fortunate being able to reincarnate.

Also, to turn Misha into the strongest being instead of me, I would like to give my thanks to the goddess.

Furthermore, I am also thankful for letting Misha transform into such a cute young girl.

I would even believe it if you told me that it was my fate to die together with Misha and reincarnate into this world.

[Misha, can you continue living as a beastkin? Or would it be better to return back to your cat form?]

…This decision is extremely important, because I remembered from the general knowledge around that a talking cat would not have rights as a citizen of the city or country.

[I am who I am, so it does not matter whether I am in cat form or beastkin form nya~. –It doesn’t seem there’s a time limit to this magic from this first use of it. Also–.]

Misha extended her hand and reach out to my head.

[It’s better if I am able to touch Master’s head like this nya~.]

[It is definitely pleasant being touched by Misha this way.]

There are various things waiting for us in our future life.

[My wish now is… I want to stay by Master’s side for as long as possible from now on. Other things doesn’t matter to me now. So…I want to think carefully on how I’m going to achieve this.]

Misha thinks for a long period of time while her tail swings continuously.


It seems that Misha made a decision in her heart.

[I will also go register at the guild, challenge the dungeon with Master, and finally, travel the world with Master nya~!]


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