Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 25

Translator(s): Konko    Editor(s): KaiTheKuma, Sage Yomeiri    Proofreader(s): ?    TLC(s): ?

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Misha, Leaving for Training

Once I entered the dining room, I saw Reina with a troubled expression.

[I did not know that the Boss would cook! I tried to stop her….]

[We-well! I can do something as simple as cooking! I just did not reveal my true power until now…. Master, please eat!]

Even though you told me to eat….

On the table, there is:

A quarter of a cabbage.

One piece of carrot.

A piece of shimeji-like mushroom.

The above-mentioned items were placed on my plate.

[Misha…? How can you consider this as cooking?]

[Th-there’s is no problem at all! Just add some salt and it will taste just like a salad!]

This situation of someone being that bad in cooking seemed like something out of a manga. No…. Misha’s cooking even transcends manga.

This is not even considered cooking.

[I know. Misha, you try and eat it first.]

10 minutes later.

[I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…]

Misha apologized to me.

[I-I didn’t expect it to taste that bad….]

[It’s good that you understand. How about learning to cook from Reina?]

Reina then puffed her chest with confident and said:

[Boss. I will teach you everything you want to know!]

[N-No…. I’d hate learning from you…. I won’t be able to be better than you if I did that….]

Before talking about exceeding her, you don’t possess the basic skill.

[I respect Boss’s wishes. Well then, it’s time for me to clean the house.]

[Reina really is diligent.]

[Because I really like to move my body. Besides, this also serves to change my mood.]

[Since I’m not going to the dungeon today, I’ll help you out.]

[Th-that…. Cleaning! I will also do it! Nya~!]

Misha pumped her fist and said [Alright, alright!]

We are cleaning and not running for election.

…Honestly speaking, I have a bad feeling about this.

[Misha, go mop the floor instead of cleaning the windows.]

At this rate, Misha would surely break the window.

In addition, mopping the floor should be considered like a cat playing around.

However, I’m too naïve

3 minutes later, there is a water bucket on top of Misha’s head.

[Cleaning is so difficult….]

Instead of a drowned rat, the drowned nekomimi beastkin Misha appeared and said such a thing.

That’s wrong. You are just that bad at cleaning.

Although I believe that Misha did not do it on purpose, she knocked into another water bucket 15 minutes later and got drenched. It seemed she is still working seriously.

During lunch break.

Misha is in a crestfallen state.

She doesn’t even have the mental strength to maintain her beastkin form so she turned back into a cat and sat on the chair.

[Well, everyone has different strength and weaknesses….]

[Isn’t Boss strong point her exceptional strength? There is no problem with not knowing how to do housework Boss!]

Our voices did not even register in her brain.

[It’s a fact that I can’t cook or clean…. This is not good nya….]

The cat form Misha seemed to be on the verge of crying.

[At this rate, Master! Master! Master will be definitely, definitely! Master will be stolen by Reina!!]

Reina appeared to be more shocked than me.

[Boss, I will not do things like break apart a family.]

[I don’t want your help! Furthermore, even if you have such good intentions but…. Master will definitely have a change of heart…. My animal instinct is tingling….]

I wanted to say that should be a woman’s intuition, but using animal’s instinct suit her better….

[Misha, you’re worrying over nothing. I really love you. I will never cheat on you.]

I looked straight into her eyes and said it.

[I understand…]

Misha nodded.

[Good. You finally understood.]

[I…. I will go out and train.]

I don’t understand what she is talking about.

[Training to do housework, and to prevent Master from being stolen by this thieving dog. I will definitely come back after becoming good at housework.]

[Where are you going to train? The dungeon is out of the question.]

[Of course! I have a plan!]

Misha finally smiled.

[It’s the inn that we stayed previously! I will ask that landlady and Lunaria to train me!]

It seemed that she is serious.

It’s bad to pour cold water on this since she is so motivation. Let’s not stop her.

[…You should properly pay tuition fee to the inn.]

If it’s the proprietress, she might not accept any tuition fee. We are really going to trouble her.

[I know. I, will definitely come back after I become a girl that is better at doing housework than Reina!]

Hence, Misha departed towards the inn.

…Well, the inn is still in the same city.

[Boss is an interesting cat desu ne.]

Reina said without bad intention.



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