Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 3

Translator(s): Konko    Editor(s): KaiTheKuma, Sage Yomeiri

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The Talking House Cat


As the dead adventurers’ body parts were scattered all along the pathway, I collected the debris from the golem, and built a makeshift grave marker.

If I at least had a shovel, I would like to dig a proper grave.

Those items that were contained in their bags – found in the dungeon or dropped by enemies – can be kept by the finder.

Although some people might blame me for robbing dead people, this world is different from my original safe world.

I do not even have a home to live in, so it is better to have some items on hand. The dead adventurers will surely understand.

I walked towards the exit of the dungeon.


On the way, we naturally met some monsters, but Misha demolished all of them.

I picked up the sword from a destroyed skeleton warrior, and my equipment slightly improved.

I also picked up the items that the enemies messily left behind.

There is a magic stone that looks like a gem inside the body of monsters, which is the source of energy for the monsters to move.

Hence, I collected all of these as they could give me a source of income.

[—and that’s how it is. I made it to the 15th floor. The proof is the fragment from the golem.]

I returned to the carriage and reported the situation, but the official’s facial expression changed immediately.

[Ah…? You? Lv 1 was it…? But…. It’s true that a golem will only appear on the 15th floor….]

I didn’t know if I should explain the situation regarding Misha, but I decided to remain silent.

What if Misha is recruited to be a soldier, my time together with Misha will only decrease.

[All the other party members were killed by the golem. I am the only one who managed to survive.]

I did not tell a single lie.

[I see…. I can only admit that you managed to reach the 15th floor….]

I properly received 15,000 coins.

I also sold the magic stone that I picked up to a shop, and received another 7000 coins.

So in total I earned 22,000 coins (T.L. 220,000 Yen/ $1800 USD/ $2750 SGD)

The money will allow me to stay at an inn. Although this apparently is the capital, there are also some cheap inns around.

Other thing worth mentioning was that I did not accept the invitation to join the military.

Well because Lv 1 is a bit….


I found an inn that costs 500 coins per night on that day, and decided to stay there.

The place is a bit small but I was attracted by the rice-like meal they offered.

[Hahaha, you’re an otherworldly adventurer, eh? It’s troublesome, but do your best!]

The inn owner encourages me, and my spirit is lifted up by a bit.

[Umm…. Can I bring in my pet companion?]

The inn owner looked at Misha.

Misha gave a friendly [Nya~] out.

[Of course there is no problem at all!]

Phew…. In Japan, the hygiene requirement will be very strict.


The room is not wide, but the facilities are still alright. Then again I did not intend to live here for long.

First of all, let’s try the bed! Alright!

Misha is also very curious of the room; jumping onto the bed, or crawling under the bed to investigate.

After that, I sat on the chair next to a table and Misha jumped onto my lap.

[Misha, what should we do from now on?]

My bad habit of talking to Misha started again.


[I will earn the income for both of us, since you are only Lv 1 nya~. If you don’t mind, we could also enter the dungeon together and hunt monsters, nya~?] (T.L. I added the nya~ since its first time Misha is speaking)

[Of course. I have to earn my own living expenses.]

[I am very happy if that’s how you think. Of course I will help you. Goshujinsama is only Lv 1; it’s a fact that we can’t change right now nya~. You can slowly level up, no need to worry nya~.]

[Aaa, I am so happy that I own such a good cat….]






Wait a minute…. There’s something strange going on.

Who on earth am I talking to?

[What is it nya~? You suddenly became silent. Was Goshujinsama touched nya~?]

[W-wait…. That was you, Misha?]

Misha who is on my lap turned her face and look at me.

[Goshujinsama is the one who gave Misha her name. Please take responsibility and remember my name properly nya~.]

[No! N-no! Th-that’s not what I meant! How come you can suddenly speak, Misha!?]

[Mmm. It will be extremely troublesome if other people found out, so I kept saying “nya~”. However, there are no other people in this room nya~.]

It’s true that Misha is moving her mouth when speaking.

[You could speak all along….]

[Ah, it is because of the goddess nya~.]

She is able to interact without any difficulties.

[Goshujinsama, do you have any paper you can write on? We need to discuss what we need to do later on nya~.]

…Honestly speaking, I felt that the way Misha’s speaking is quite arrogant. Well, that’s how a cat usually is. Because of this, some of my subordinates back in Japan that felt keeping a dog is better.

[Hmm…. I remembered one of the items I found in the dungeon included some paper….]

There were 20 pieces of paper, a quill and a bottle of ink found in a set.

It is not made of animal hide. It seems the technology in this world was advanced enough to make paper. It’s quite troublesome, but I was used to using a fountain pen.

[Well then, let’s start! So then first of all, the most important thing is to earn money nya~.]

[Yeah, that’s about right.]

Even after arriving in the other world, the importance of having money did not change.

[We can’t just get by with this amount we’ve got now nya~. However, I don’t know how much time it will take, but it’s quite easy to earn money in this world nya~.]

[Does Misha intend to enter the dungeon again?]

Defeat the monsters and collect their magic stones.

[That’s the plan~. We can get stable income if we keep on doing this. However, I don’t want other people to know my cheat-like power if possible… so it is better if we can hide it nya~]

[…What do you mean?]

[I saw a flyer at the shop selling magic stones. There is a guild in this world. Therefore, Goshujinsama? You must join the adventurer’s guild!]

Misha used a commanding tone and ordered me.

[It will be strange if a civilian brings a cat to the dungeon every single day nya~. Whether it is the guild or the military, as long as they feel something is strange about it, I might get exposed nya~.]


[What? Is there any part you don’t understand, Goshujinsama nya~?]

[H-How do you know so much?!]

No matter how you look at it, the information is too detailed!

[Goshujinsama, don’t you always read these types of novels on your computer nya~? The ones about travelling to another world? I also saw it when I was behind you nya~. Although when I climbed up your desk I was disturbing you mostly those times nya~.]

[Y-you… You could read since then….]

[Although half of it might seem to be a lie nya~. Using the power of the goddess, not only is my physical ability enhanced, but my memory and understanding capability also greatly increased.]

[I understand the reason now….]

Maa, the power of the goddess, it’s equivalent to a really big cheat.

[Back to the topic. Go join the guild nya~. An adventurer entering the dungeon is quite the natural thing. Although it is still eye-catching to carry a cat and enter the dungeon, sailors kept cats on his ship to catch mice so this much might be acceptable.]

I wrote down [money], [guild] on the piece of paper.


Although I intended to write it down in Japanese, I realized that all the words were in this world’s language.

Which reminds me, I haven’t tried reading any words of this world yet.

[I also want a house to stay in. However, that will be somewhere in the future nya~. It costs 500 coins to stay for a night here, so we must earn at least that much money daily nya~.]

As I was talking to a cat sitting on my lap, I could not calm down.

Anyway, I also wrote down [a house to live in].

[After this, we should purchase some magic books nya~. Well, let’s just window shop for now… but sooner or later we will have the money.]

[Do you intend to teach me magic?]

Why, that should be something we do further in the future.

[I have already decided~!]

Misha said as if she was stating a fact.

[U-umm… if there’s transformation magic…. I want to become a human….]

Is Misha embarrassed? She turned her face over to the other side.


[No matter what, I want to become a human and make out with Goshujinsama!]

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